Yeah But! (new for March 14/16)


I’ve never imagined being part of a group so consequently I’ve always thought of myself as an individual. Occasionally though I am labeled as being part of some group called whites. I also don’t believe anybody represents or speaks for me so I’m also neither a Democrat or a Republican.
I’m an expert on little but have an opinion about everything. I believe in the intent of most laws but not necessarily the languaging they used to write it with. The laws appear to be written in a manner to make sure the lawyers had something they argue about so they could make some money. I’m not a very religious man but I am spiritual.
My grandmother (pictured with me and my cousin)who was the matriarch of our family, always called me “yeah but”. I’m told that it was because no matter what was said to me that was always my response. Also whenever she would gather me and all my cousins around her each morning to give us our daily instructions she would always end them with … And that goes for you too George. There’s always an exception to everything though and I’m a proud to say that I am a member of a family that are the only thing worth dying for.
The best and worse day of your life occurs the day you become more successful than your father.
I know exactly what’s wrong with me, I just don’t know how to fix it.
The beauty of being a Centrist is that you don’t have to buy into the bullshit of either the Republicans or the Democrats.
Wisdom is wasted on the old, they don’t know what the hell to do with it and nobody wants to hear about it.
To become wise one must go through the young and stupid part first.
Preconceived notions prevent wisdom.
A lot of people want tomorrow today.
A great host always sets his partner or guest up with provoking questions, he/she then needs to have a killer line standing by with which to end the segment.

Lest we forget, radio is just part of show business and should be treated as such.

Everyone wants the truth but very few can handle honesty. 
Trumps popularity would lead one to believe that a lot of Americans may be done with “Politically Correct”.
Mr. Business Man is known for a lot of things but I doubt kindness is one of them.
In Canada most of the animosity is between French and English and like in England blacks are not a factor. I wonder how they feel about that.
Speaking of Canada even the conservatives there are a little bit left of center.
Doing what you love to do is important but making it happen needs to be your quest.
An appreciated person always exceeds expectations.
No matter where you came from and how tough it was to get where you are, nothing changes you’re still gonna have to fight for everything.
My oldest daughter Candis claimed that for years she was confused about whether or not I was sexist until she finally figured out that I was but just not with her.
The only women worth dying for are my daughters, the rest seem to come and go.
I’m not in love at the moment so most women bewilder me.
As good as Tom Brady is there are still more people on the planet that can do what he does than what his wife does.
I’m the worst at hearing bad news but one of the best at fixing it.
Adele has once again proved that some artists are bigger than their record companies even though they still don’t get paid as much.
A good plan executed right now is much better than a perfect one put into action later.
By simply adding a timeline to your dreams you turn them into goals.
The Italians and Brits don’t have much in common but both build beautiful cars. The Ferrari and the Aston Martin come to mind.
What’s the sense of having a f**k you account if you never say f**k you!
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4 thoughts on “Yeah But! (new for March 14/16)

  1. Jess Cain and I were talking about radio and show business one day while sailing. Jess’ theory was there are only two rungs for radio on the long ladder of show business, the bottom or the top.

  2. As good as it feels to heap importance upon ourselves, let’s be honest. Radio may be part of show business but it’s somewhere on the very outskirts – maybe just beyond community theater! Seems like a lot of it is getting farther away every year.

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