Primal Emotions. (new geo Blog for May 22/17)

Seeing as women like my friend Marnie who is pictured above control 81% of the spendable income in America, you need to get them to listen to your show.  It’s your only hope of ever becoming successful.
Can you spell show prep? The very first thing you’ll need to prepare is a killer close for each and everything you do on the radio. If you didn’t have time to come up with a good one, don’t worry about it, just roll another tune ’cause you don’t want to embarrass yourself by talking. Once you’re happy with your punch out, it’s time to create a very short attention-getting open. (you lose 20% of your audience in the first 5-10 seconds of your quacking. ) After your big bang open, it’s time to have a little fun as you wander around the drama of it all. Keep in mind though, you still have to hold her interest as you take her ever so gently to your killer close.
How you keep her attention, of course, is by talking about one or more of her five favorite topics while keeping as many of her six primal emotions involved as possible
If you can do the above each and every day, the only money worries you’ll have is whether or not your radio station can afford you.
I wonder if the history books will look kindly on America’s two invasions of Iraq not to mention our continued involvement.
Speaking of Iraq, do you think there would be an Isis if Sadam Husain were still in power?
An on-air sales promotion will be ten times more successful if it sounds like the program department created it.
We need some new radio, the old stuff is very tired sounding.
The loneliest job in the world has to be the GM’s at a radio station. They’re responsible for motivating and inspiring the people above and below them without getting any of it in return.
You can’t learn from your experiences if you don’t have any.
Getting your staff to care about your radio station requires getting them involved, keeping them informed, and then above all, inspiring them.
You need to control your destiny before someone else does.
Most projects could use a little more sex, passion, and desire.
There is more than one way to die in fact there are four:
(a) You stop learning.
(b) You stop making love.
(c) The child in you dies.
(d) You stop breathing.
Every seven years a new generation is born, and though they may find our history interesting, I rather doubt that they want to repeat it.
According to Walt Disney, the definition of creativity is the making of the new or rearranging the old in a new way.
No matter how much folks like what you’re doing on the radio today, they still want it to be better tomorrow.
There needs to be a balance between what you’ve always wanted to do, what you like doing, and what needs to be done.
To be rich one just has to pay the price.
The most powerful women on earth are daughters.
Sexual harassment is not a political issue.
Those who are talented have a way of making the things they deal with everyday sound interesting when they talk about them on the radio.The way they do this is by adding a little exaggeration and a lot of emotion to the telling.
I now think that the only people who want to immigrate to America are the rich and poor. The poor for all the free stuff and the rich for the tax breaks.
I’m a man, so I’m mostly for men except when it comes to my daughters.
Over the years I’ve been told that many of the things that never made any sense were only done for the greater good. However now I think that the “greater good” must be things rich folks like because so far nothing’s hit my jeans. How about you?
Ladies unless you look like an Angel (I’m talking about the ones at Victoria’s Secret) I would suggest you keep your man real close. Have you seen how they dress out here?
Had we known “our place” back in the day there would be no such thing as Rock&Roll.
At one time every genius was just a student
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10 thoughts on “Primal Emotions. (new geo Blog for May 22/17)

  1. Another outstanding Blog, my Friend.
    Especially “The Science of Winning” you lay out at the beginning of your piece.
    Anyone who doesn’t understand that theory, is just a lucky placeholder.
    Keep up the great work. Einstein was the George Johns of Physics.

  2. Great post Geo … i’m all about the beginning and the end … the ‘in between” stuff never interested me (i hate maintenance) … i’m either Building or Destroying … to make way for new beginnings!
    Now … if most ‘talent’ could “get in … get out … and get on with life” i’d probably “listen” more to radio rather than background it …

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