Politically Incorrect Again. (new geo Blog for May 30/17)

A couple of Sundays ago “Big Bob Thomas” and I put the top down and headed to a funky bar we like on Singer Island called “Two Drunken Goats.” The reason we like this place is because it’s on the beach and usually has live music.
However, a lot of folks must have had the same idea as we did,  ’cause when we got there, the joint was jammed. As luck will have it, two stools at the bar opened up, so we grabbed them and ordered up a couple of Bloody Marys. As we sat there shooting the shit, we soon found out that we were a couple of hours early for the band, so we decided to have one more Mary and move on.
As we were finishing up, I couldn’t help but notice this boisterous black dude wearing a cowboy hat down at the end of the bar who was having a great time. He was laughing and hitting on all the ladies who were nearby and not only was he the only non-white in the whole place he was also the loudest. I couldn’t help but ask Bob how long he thought we’d last if the circumstances were reversed. Bob claimed that my question was politically incorrect so it couldn’t be answered in public.
You can only become as successful as you think you can.
It is very difficult to make yourself happy but almost impossible for others to do it for you. 
I wonder how many people would still want to come to America if they couldn’t get on welfare?
It only took us 66 years from our first take off to our first landing on the moon.

In the early 80’s more than half of the people on earth lived in absolute poverty, but now only about 20% do.

Here’s how I think it should work. If women have the ability to do something better then a man they, of course, should be paid more as men should if the reverse were true. If both sexes are equal to the task, then there is no doubt that they should be paid equally.

Criticizing another’s work doesn’t improve yours the slightest.
It is said that one of the most pleasurable things you can ever do is forgive an enemy. I’m not ready for that kind of pleasure yet so I’ll just stick with sex thank you.
Even if you’re a self-made man you still owe somebody somewhere something.
I don’t think there should be any language disputes. It’s simple, if you’re after someone else’s money then I suggest that you should learn their language.
A pessimist immediately recognizes how difficult some opportunities are whereas an optimist realizes that the only reason there is an opportunity is only because it’s difficult.
The more money people have, the less likely they are to give any of it away.
At what point do you decide if you should try harder or just walk away?
Seeing as most of “show business” is about the product I’m confused why radio still thinks that there’s another way?
You earn trust, you’re given respect, and loyalty is best demonstrated. However, at the mere hint of betrayal all three are wiped out instantly.
Just ’cause you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
What idiot came up with the plan that a president can only serve two terms where the rest of those clowns can serve forever. Oh yeah, and the word “serve” is also outdated.
If what you’re doing doesn’t frighten you you’re not living up to your full potential.
Worrying about missed opportunities prevents you from taking advantage of the ones that you didn’t miss.
The monopolies are still having a rough time figuring out how to monopolize music.
It amazes me how humble and polite most of the truly gifted are.
If it doesn’t come with jail time my advice, is just do it!
When you’re done changing you’re done.
The intent of the law doesn’t mean anything anymore.
Absolutely  is deductible until the IRS says it ain’t.
No professional athlete is as good as he claims to be.
It’s impossible to do a decent Boston accent without swearing.

You always lose if you’re accused.

Why is it that the moment an actor achieves any kind of success they immediately become an expert on life in general and especially about politics?

Wow did you see Scott Dixon’s crash in the Indy 500? At 220 mph his car goes airborne, flips over and crashes on top of the retaining wall, rips a hole in the iron fence and explodes as it bounces its way back onto the track. Scott crawls out of it with a bit of a sore ankle. Maybe the NFL should consider racing helmets?

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2 thoughts on “Politically Incorrect Again. (new geo Blog for May 30/17)

  1. George: The problem is one of timing. When the federal and the state constitutions were written, when a man was elected to a “big” office (President, congressman, senator, governor, etc.) he was only a handful of years away from his death. Even in 1935, male life expectancy was 58 and female expectancy was 61. Now the ruling class and serve as long as they can be “propped-up” and a voice thrown in his or her direction. (Remember the sad last year or so of Senators Thurmond and Byrd ?) You make another compelling argument for term limits !

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