A Taste Of Honey! (new for Jan 09/16) First New Blog Of 2017.


I was reading an article recently about Herb Alpert which reminded me of when Charlie Minor set up a meeting with him for me. Herb who was a musician was alsp one of the co-owners of A&M Records where his office was located out back of the Charlie Chaplin studios in a Quonset Hut.
Once inside that steel building though something else was going on because it looked like you’d entered an old castle and you were in Camelot.
At home in Transcona I heard Herb and the Tijuana Brass all the time because my father owned every one of their records. As I sat there discussing a business proposition with Herb I couldn’t help but wish that my Dad was still alive so I could tell him how nice his favorite artist was to his son.

Love doesn’t need to be perfect it just needs to be true.
As long as you always keep in mind that Mr. Businessman will cheat you if he can I think you’ll be alright.
The first time you ever wonder if the woman you’re dating is sleeping with anybody else will be the last chance you’ll have to run.
Most ladies go through a “bad girl” phase and one can only pray that he is nearby when that occurs.
It is said that on their death bed men only have two regrets, not spending enough time with their family and not sleeping with all of the women they could have.
If you need your woman to always live in your world you might consider treating her like she’s living in heaven.
In order to be successful, you have to focus on all the things that you control. In order to do that, though you may have to give up concentrating on women so much and they don’t take too kindly to that.
Even though I’m more spiritual than I am religious I often dream about Angels which gives me a nice warm feeling especially if they’re the Victoria’s Secret variety. 
When we launched the first ever Adult Contemporary radio station in America at KVIL in Dallas, we started with a hundred tunes that most represented the musical sound that I was chasing. When we finally added the variety, the music never sounded as good again.
I doubt very much if today’s radio leaders are greedy enough to ever make radio great again.
Speaking of greed, is the left greedy enough to move right in order to gain power.
Why do we think that if a person in a foreign country burns an American flag it’s hate but if an American does it in America it’s freedom of speech?
The definition of a good coach is a person who tells you what you don’t want to hear, makes you see what you don’t wanna see, and insists that you do what you don’t wanna do in order for you to become the person you want to be.
Being afraid to make a mistake is the biggest mistake you’ll ever make.
Is there any newscast on any network that doesn’t have an agenda?
Today is the perfect day to start dreaming about what you want tomorrow to look like.
The method used to harvest ratings determines who’s #1 a lot more than how many are listening.
It amazes me how much stuff I must miss on the radio. Whenever I get a new client and offer up some suggestions on what I think will get them bigger ratings the PD always claims that they’re already doing it.
Great air talent talk about the city they live in and the people who live there talk about them.
You can get away with playing any tune on the radio as long as you serve up to your listeners a good explanation of why you’re doing so.
The true measure of a man is all the stuff you know about him that’s not written down.
Anyone who ended up changing the world was regarded as a crackpot first until eventually being called a genius when proved right.

Well you can always count on the Dolphins to do a one and done and they didn’t dissapoint.

When all the signs show that something terrible is about to happen it usually does.

Doesn’t the US mess with elections all over the world all the time.

It’s real easy to come up with a reason to walk away but it’s tough to come up with one that will make you stay.
Nothing ever goes right until the philosophy is right.

How come the media never investigates how much of the money collected for a charity actually goes to the people who it was collected for ?

As I write this Blog I’m watching the coverage of a shooting at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport where 5 people have been killed and 9 others wounded but the strange thing about all this is that it appears that news has gone full circle because the media is getting their news updates from the people via social media.

Turns out that the shooter has a Muslim name, what a surprise huh!

Whenever you see a group of men together they always seem to be laughing whereas a group of women always seem to be upset about something. Why is that?

I think Trump’s legacy will be that he wasn’t as bad as a lot of folks thought he was gonna be.

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4 thoughts on “A Taste Of Honey! (new for Jan 09/16) First New Blog Of 2017.

  1. George, Good Read. I loved those cover hits we played at WIBC!
    I used a formula many years ago that helped me Program as well as WIN with any business. C.B.A. witch stood for Conceive, Believe, Achieve…

    Always enjoyed working with you man.

    Best Regards,
    Jerry Robert Mason

  2. George: Your article on Herb Alpert brought to mind a story in my past. A good long time ago I was working at an Agency called Handley and Miller. Former Indiana Governor Harold Handley was in charge of lining up music for the 500 Ball. He wanted Pete Fountain from New Orleans, but Pete wasn’t available. Someone suggest Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. He wanted to know if any of us young guys had ever heard
    of Mexican group. We couldn’t contain the laughter. The Brass played for the event. Norm Wilkens

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