My Dad Was A Criminal. (new for march 21/16)


When I was but a lad me and my family lived in Australia for a couple of years and in fact my sister Sandra was born there.
Being from Canada though the thing I remember the most about Australia was getting to go to the beach at Christmas time.(pictured with my folks aboard ship and with my Dad at the beach on Xmas day)
12728888_10154564622244307_1953335136602520775_n-1Shortly before Christmas my Dad surprised us all one day with a Christmas tree hanging out of the trunk of his car. It seems that while driving down some back road he came upon a forest of spruce trees so he cut one down and brought it home which made us the only people in the whole neighborhood with a tree.
Unfortunately the very next day the local Newspaper reported that some criminal had vandalized the experimental tree farm where they were trying to grow spruce trees which were not indigenous to Australia.
So far they have discovered that some humans have up to 7 intellectual gifts but unfortunately the SAT’s are still only based on the three R’s. 
It’s not good to seek revenge but it sure feels good.  
It’s easy to be skinny just have skinny parents.
Most women want sensitive men until they’re in danger.
For some reason good lookin’ women tend to hang with those that are not so good lookin’.
I love it when women pray … Oh, Oh God, Oh My God, Ohhhhhh!
When men begin to lose weight they are usually sick or there’s a new woman in his life.
The most noble thing a man can do for a woman is to ask her to marry him. The most noble thing a woman can do in return is to turn him down if she doesn’t love him.
For some reason the women I want are not the ones I need.
Just because you didn’t hear about it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
So John Scott who was the fans choice to play in the NHL all star game where he won the MVP has been regulated to the minors. I wonder what the fans think about that.
Lest we forget “absolute power absolutely corrupts”.
We are all gifted at something but what that is sometimes a complete mystery.
Being gifted is not enough it’s still gonna take a hell of a lot of work to become successful.
It’s never convenient to do great things.
The most important ingredient in becoming really great is really wanting to.
If you’re not workin’ on your own plan chances are you’re working on someone else’s.
Limitations exist only in our minds but through the power of your imagination the possibilities become limitless.
Dreams are  illogical.
If birds didn’t exist would airplanes.
In Showbiz product is King. The record industry is looking for a hit record, Broadway is looking for a great play, Hollywood is looking for a star and TV is looking for a phenomenal series but radio is only looking for good sales people.
I’m amazed that some radio folks think that playing the same old tunes in a different order is some kind of a new format.
Everything you do on the radio should be designed for people who don’t give a damn about what you do on the radio.
Radio currently sounds like we are doing it in black and white. 
People in a small market will sometimes listen to radio in a large market but unfortunately the reverse is not true.
As bad as your local newspaper may be it’s still bigger than USA Today. 
Remember when you needed written detailed directions on how to get somewhere new, now you just need a phone.
Very few of the all time biggest hits were really rock & roll.
It really doesn’t matter how many people you know, it’s who knows you.
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