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Upon hearing that comedian Jerry Lewis had died, it got me thinking about a couple of odd things that I’d heard about him. Who knows what happened with the telethon, but I did hear that the reason he and Dean Martin had broken up was that in those days the straight man got 60% of the take Jerry wanted the arrangement changed but Dean wouldn’t budge, so that was the end of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. The other thing I did hear was that after feeling pretty f**ked up for a long time, Jerry finally made an appointment with a psychiatrist. After their first session, the Doctor asked him if there was anything else he could do to earn a living. Jerry explained that he literally had been born in a trunk backstage and show business was all he knew. The Doc went on to explain that he thought he could fix him but he might not be funny anymore. With that, Jerry stood up and walked out.


Before starting your career, first figure what it is that you really like to do and then go out and find somebody who’ll pay you to do it.

It’s much easier to be a gracious winner than a gracious loser.
OK, I admit it, “Men lie.” The truth is we really don’t want to sleep with every woman we see, in fact, we don’t want to sleep with most of them.
Why is it so hard to resist telling a woman that she has a great rear end even when you’re pretty sure that she already knows it.
How come policemen who accept money for favors called “dirty cops” but politicians who do the same come away from it unscathed? 
Why does it take 7 – 10 business days for a refund to be credited to your account but only minutes to take it out on any given day?

The way life works is, when you go through the door of your office building your rights end. I do believe the stadium is the football player’s office building.

It’s pretty tough to do theater of the mind radio when you’re on remote at a tire store.

Unfortunately, the instructions on how to think out of the box are written on the outside of the lid.

Most people die before doing what they were born to do.

If you can’t be a good example, you could still be useful as a warning.

Have you ever noticed that unless he’s posing for pictures, you seldom see Mr. Businessman smile?

How come it’s hard to find a hurricane tracking map until the cone puts cross-hairs on the US?

The time to start worrying about the things that you don’t control is immediately after fixing that which you do.

If you already know how to achieve your goal you definitely didn’t aim high enough.

Being a Centrist, I cast a suspicious eye on both the left and right. Not surprisingly, I see a lot to be suspicious about.

Have you noticed that since radio started doing what the researchers wanted them to do that there are no double-digit radio stations around anymore?

I think the government should force the phone companies to put an FM chip in the phones that they manufacture or get out of the business.The folks who are going through a disaster need to hear what’s going on. I just went through Irma and had no power for five days so the only thing that worked was my phone which I could charge up in my car.
I’m not sure who should govern the United States but it sure as hell ain’t the Democrats or Republicans.
Unfortunately, most great humor comes from great pain.
Who is it that counts all the calories in food products?
If sex comes up on a date at dinner, it definitely won’t be dessert.
Most of us are prepared for the worst but have no plan for success.
I love the things money can buy not the money.
When the woman in your life tires of your great stories you have three choices.
(a) Stop telling the stories.
(b) Tell new stories.
(c) Get a new woman.
Most women go through a bad girl phase, and you can only pray that you’re close by when it happens.
Nobody in radio “gets” a new format until it gets ratings. Then everyone claims that they knew it was gonna be big the first time they heard it.

Why does the service go to hell the moment a company becomes successful.


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