Memorable Things I’ve Been Told. (new for Feb 15/16)


Hugh Heller told me that when he finally got to live his dream by leaving the loud busy world of LA behind for a remote location in Arkansas he unfortunately discovered that he had also left all his friends behind too.

I was told by Mario Andretti that if you feel like you’ve got everything under control you’re definitely not going fast enough.

Mr. Fairbanks taught me that continuing your pitch after getting a yes could only lead to a no.

Jim Hilliard warned me to never get into a fight with a guy who buys ink by the barrel. Hey I wonder how much ink there is in this old lap top ’cause I’m ready to rock!

Frank Osborn told me that every PD gets two books and every GM gets two PD’s.

Jan Hall claims that I’d never last more than two minutes with her.

My Father Sandy Johns told me that I needed to get a job because in the Johns family we don’t play guitar for a living, we work.

Mark Hubbard taught me that in order to be successful you have to be First Best or Different.

Rich Stevens told me that nobody was better than him at self promotion.

When Terry Keilty gave me hell for hiring Roger Klein claiming he was too good for Ottawa and would just leave. I made his prediction come true by taking Roger with me when I left for Toronto.

Tim Moore showed me that I’m just a story teller, he’s the writer.

Bobby Cole claims it’s impossible to have 3 affairs going on at the same time because just when you think you’ve got it done, all 3 will be waiting for your arrival for a romantic lunch.

Al Ham told me that when someone steals all your “Music Of Your Life” tapes to create their own format you steal his wife.

My uncle Jack claimed that all women were exactly the same, they just looked different.

Jack McCoy advised me to never to tell him anything I didn’t want him to use.

Bob Christy claimed the way he marketed himself was to sit at a bar and wait for the ladies to drag him out to their cars.

Roger Snowdon claimed that nobody ever moved to Florida to work harder.

Whe I asked the Hunny Bunny what the hell were all the cars were honking at as we walked down a Miami street together. My ass was her reply.

Garth Brooks told me that he was wild in High School but not near as wild as he wanted to be because he was too afraid to be.

My Grandpa Ben Vince told me as I will tell Nathaniel … Life is really about faster cars older whiskey younger women and more money. He neglected to tell me though that any one of them can also ruin your life.

Dick Dresner taught me that the way you get new listeners is just like you track the big horned sheep. You don’t, you simply figure out where they’re going and be there waiting for them with some fine product.

Brent Farris claims that when George Johns starts talking sales radio is really over.

David Manning showed me that can ruin a $2000.00 suit simply by wearing a matching pair of $200.00 shoes.

Martin Milner informed me that there never could be a route 66 reunion TV show ’cause the people in all those little towns across America that they shot the series were just waiting for Martin’s co-star George Maharis to show up again.

Rick Moranis told me the the main reason “Ghost Busters” was so big was because most of the cast were writers so you never knew what your co-stars were going to say to you when the camera was rolling. The fear of that kept everything tense but also created the magic.

Cat Simon said that no bit he did was ever too long as if he made me laugh.

When I told Joe Amaturo that I went to the Manitoba Institute Of Technology he said the name was a way too long and that I should just shorten it to MIT.

Tom Cochran said he was so excited about getting a shot at becoming a news guy at WIBC in Indy that he cut off his long hair for the interview with Fred Heckman. He got the job but as he was leaving Fred said … Oh yeah and don’t forget to get a haircut.

When I asked Reid Reker why he was living with the Woman he was divorced from he said it was because you couldn’t be married to a Woman that wild but she was sure fun to live with.

Ralph Connor told me that people don’t listen to TV they watch it.

Ann McMartin told me that Women only remember 5 affairs and absolutely no one night stands.

Delilah told me she gave away all the homes she owned in Seattle to her staff when she got her big new deal.

Bill Gardner said he didn’t think I ever lied to him but there was a possibility that I may have left out some of the truth occasionally.

Russ Morley told me if the subject of sex ever came up at dinner there would be none for dessert.

Tom Skinner asked me if I’d ever heard of “Client Run”.

Jan Jefferies told Robin Garrett after she had rejected some of the tunes he was picking out for Valentine’s Day that she didn’t speak for all Women. That may be true she responded but you don’t speak for any.

Robin Barrach told me that money is an aphrodisiac.

Ed Shadek told manager Jack Collins that if George Johns or any of his people didn’t like something neither did the Shadeks.

Jarl Mohn claimed that I taught him that “If it’s Happening In The Halls It Will Happen On The Air” with which he started “E” Entertainment.

Al Mair said that the reason he came all the way to Saskatoon to buy me dinner was because he didn’t think I’d be there long.

Ivan Braiker claimed that it was what I didn’t do that made my stations great.

Cris Conner told me he kept a clip board in his ride because his whole show showed up on the streets of Indy while he was driving to work so all he had to do was write it down.

Jamie Gold told me that I should forget about where I came from and get on with where I should be.

Vic Gold taught me that you have to make the folks see what you’re trying to say.

Mike Vance told me that it was Aristotle who said that truth is truth not what we may perceive it to be.

Barbara Hilliard scolded me by saying that there’s much more to a relationship than sex.

George Derenchuk said that if I would give him my undivided attention the first 20 minutes of his class we could talk about football for the next 20 and I would also get an “A”.

Upon hearing a talk show host talk about me in the middle of the night Jim Quail said … Holy s**t you really are somebody.

When Hal Ross of London Records heard the Jury’s tape of “Until You Do” he said … Hell I’ll release that!

When my first radio hire Gary Russell arrived in Saskatoon and heard CKOM he asked … What the f**k is this!

Ron Chapman admitted that in the early days he wasn’t really paying attention to what I was saying but when our first good book showed up he asked if I would mind repeating myself.

Reg Johns asked for the name of the person who taught me how to e mail so he could kill him.

Betsy Cameron claimed that I was the only person who could make her laugh but because she was a lawyer she didn’t want to.

Chuck Riley warned me to never ever let them wear me down.

J Robert Wood told me that nobody will ever offer you a “piece of the rock” you have to ask for it.

Randy Bachman told me that when he and Neil Young were talking about the early days in Winnipeg Neil said that I had one of the early cool guitars in Winnipeg.

Our friend Daryl B used to say that he was taking care of business on the radio all the time so Randy Bachman recorded a song about it.

Tim Reever says that selling without ratings builds character.

Candis told me on her honeymoon that I was gonna be a grandpa.

When I asked Curtis if he had thought about what he wanted to do in the future he said … Yeah I just wanna hang out!

Cami asked me if I was hanging out with any of the people who lived in my condo yet and when I told her I wasn’t because they were too old she said … Well you’re old too daddy, Ouch!

Ted Rogers told me that in order to become even more successful a leader may have to leave behind the people who made them successful. Gordon Zlot disagrees claiming you stick with the folks that brung ya!

Lana Sharon Linda Jamie Kari and Laura said a lotta things which can’t be repeated in order to keep my Blog office friendly.




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  1. The legend is much bigger than the reality, but it was a lucky night for you that rainy night in Boston when the Dragon Lady and her German real estate lady friend dragged us both out to her car and we all somehow jammed into a 560 SL and beat the rain.

  2. Good Blog George, but you should know that, back before the middle ages, they invented a thing called the “comma”. I suppose that was in the second twenty minutes of the class and you missed it. Heh, heh.

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