Geo’s Media Blog (Let’s Hear It From The Girls) Part 1

I think it’s pretty obvious that Geo’s Media Blog is written for men, but not only do some women read it, they also leave fun comments too.
I think it’s also pretty obvious that I love the ladies, so in that spirit, may I present a four-part series entitled, “Let’s Hear It From The Girls.”  Here’s Part 1
Amanda Martinez: You are such a stud, George.
Geo: Don’t I wish that were true, Amanda.
Kelley Mitchell: I just finished a workshop with a former CBC guy. You, Canadian radio people, are funny and pretty good at what you do.
Geo: We Canadian guys needed to be funny, Kelley, we never had any money.

Delilah: George, I hope you and your family are all doing well. Sonny is “Officer Harris” now and the leader of his Swat Team…He and his wife have four kids and are now in the process of adopting one…Take care.
Geo: Wow, I still remember when we worked at WVBF in Boston, and while you were on the air, Sonny would be fast asleep in the conference room.

WIBC Indy Girls: Georgie, when are you coming out to the track?
Geo: There’s no way I’m coming anyway near you ladies; you look much too fast for me.

Greta Sellitti: I love this! You have some very beautiful women in your life; thank you for adding me in. Always a pleasure to see you, and thanks for getting a new haircut for me!  See you soon!
Geo: I can hardly wait to see you again, Greta, you’re not only beautiful, but you’re also fun.

Panther Girls: Loved meeting you at the Panthers Jets game, Geo; we hope you return.
Geo: You can count on it, ladies.

Crista: Hey Geo, you seem to be a nice enough guy but do you know how to line dance?
Geo: No, I don’t, Christa, but I never tire of watching you dosey-doe in those tight fittin’ jeans.

Robin Marshall: “I know more sex is always the answer, but sometimes I forget what the question was.” Puleeze! You’ve never known even what the question was, and I’m pretty sure that you never will! 🙂
Geo: I’m more than willing to learn, Robin. Do you give private lessons?

Hunny Bunny: I really love your blog this week; it finally shows everyone just how smart your mind is.
Geo: And I love when you “pillow-talk” me, but if I were half as smart as you claim, you’d still be hanging out at my place on weekends.
Lorraine Marshall Rey: Honey – you must know that I fantasize about you all the time! I bet that that blows your little fantasy theory that women only fantasize about men they don’t know all to hell, huh?
Geo: You don’t want to know what kind of stuff I was fantasizing about you while I was reading your comment, Lorraine. Whew!
Linda Stein: While the Tri-Rail story was riveting, the advice at the end of your blog was BRILLIANT!!! Clearly, you are upgrading your Blog!
Geo: The truth be known, I just rant, Linda

Jennifer Sunal Randall: Good morning, Sir Geo Johns… I’ve got to tell you this, you always manage to bring a smile to my face. You’ve got a great personality, and you’re such a doll even though you talk naughty to me. Hey, I can handle it. Seriously, you’re a dear friend who gets dearer to me all the time. Hugs, Kisses, and much love!
Geo: Jenn Jenn, you tell Kenny that if he ever does you wrong, you’ve got a place to go, and it comes with a million-dollar view.

Robin Garrett: George, the SUV guy died, so it’s now a traffic homicide investigation. This usually closes the tracks for hours, but why don’t you let us know why you were on that train in the first place?
Geo: I was on the train because a beautiful blonde, “booty called” me, and when she was done with me, she dropped me off at the train station.
Nurse Brea: Time for you to leave BJ’s and come home to Duffy’s, Geo.
Geo: Yes, ma’am!
Linda: Tell Brea to buzz off; BJ’s your new home now; we take better care of you.
You sure do, Linda.
Sharon Henwood: What a magical time it was when we worked together at CFTR in Toronto.
Geo: Yes, it was Sharon, we created some great radio.
Heather Emrick: George, sorry to hear about your break up with the hunny bunny. Could it possibly be because you referred to her as hunny bunny? Eeewwwww………..just a thought………..
Geo: Actually, it was her who came up with that, Heather. Her Great Grandfather was one of the Younger Brothers who rode with Jesse James. Maybe she had the same tendencies and is hiding?.
However, enough about the Hunny Bunny, let’s talk about when you arranged dinner for the Chapman’s and the Johns’s at the Fairmont to see Glenn Yarbrough, and I’ll never forget how beautiful you looked when you came over to check on us. When you left, my wife said to me, “You can leave me for her.”
Joasia Holotka: I’m still waiting for the beauty and brains to pay off simultaneously??? I’m available right now to be part of a team doing mornings on the radio – lol!
Geo: As beautiful as you are, Joasia, I can’t imagine why you’d want to hide all your charms on the radio? In fact, let’s name a couple of them the Jo Jo Twins.
Maureen: Thanks for taking me to California to run the La Jolla Half Marathon with you and Candis.
Geo: Wow, that Torrey Pines hill was a killer, wasn’t it? Whew!

Raijanna Rose Morrow: I was so busy at work yesterday that I didn’t get a chance to write to you… I’ve missed our bantering!
Geo: It’s all good Raijanna, I was growing weary of all the cold showers I had to take after our bantering was done. RIP, pretty lady

Sherry: So Geo, am I going to be a story or just part of your blog?
Geo: Well, so far, Sherry, you’re just part of my Blog, but the night is still young.
Jennifer Nicole: Geo, When are you going to get me a record deal
Geo: I’m sorry, Jennifer, but most of the record guys I used to know, are dead now. However, I’m still up for continuing our rehearsals.
Nancy Gregory: George, I’m doing a new musical called “Chapel Of Love.” It’s about Brill Building songwriter Jeff Barry, which will open up in Vegas, and then I’m taking it to Broadway; I think you should be involved.
Geo: Sounds like fun, but I ain’t a song and dance kind of guy, Nancy, but I must admit that I still do the old soft shoe pretty well.
Carrie Law: Geo, our time together in Boston was almost too much fun.
Geo: Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end.

“Let’s Hear It From The Girls” continues next week with (Part Deux)

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  1. Nice pic of Jennifer Suna “J J” Randall, George. With you perenially hovering over my girlfriend and co-host, I really HAVE to take good care of her. That Lamborghini behind her was one of the gifts she wanted. Look, you could help me to afford her, so let’s talk. She wants a world-cruise now and that new Maserati MC20 sportscar that’s coming out. I know you’ll help out a friend, George, so thanks! Kenny

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