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Meanwhile back in the Motherland, J Robert Wood whom I’ve known for a very long time just received a well deserved lifetime achievement award in Toronto. Bob and I actually go way back to the the time when he was John Wood the dance promoter from Teulon and I was a band leader from Transcona. Unbeknownst to us we both got into radio around the same time and even ended up working at CKY together.
J Robert later went on to do some outstanding work for the CHUM organisation while I moved to America to join Jim Hilliard at Fairbanks. Since working against each other in Toronto we haven’t communicated much over the years so I was anxious to read the interview he gave after receiving his award. During the interview he said a lot of interesting stuff but he also said some puzzling things like when talked at length about his on going battle with CFTR. He claimed that CHUM won most of the battles because of its programming expertise and never once mention CHUM’s superior signal at the time. However when my brother Reg showed up as the new PD of CFTR and kicked CHUM’s ass so hard it ended the war, Wood claimed it was because CFTR had the superior signal then. Color me confused but I’m sure Warren Cosford will clear it all up for me in his usual unbiased manner.
However though when J Robert started to hand out accolades to some of my favorite people like Jim Hilliard, Dougie Thompson, Duke Roberts, Keith Dancy, Ted Randal, Bill McDonald, Chuck McCoy, and Mark Parr … That I did understand. Then when he raved about all the great writers, board ops, jocks and news folks he worked with over the years I finally remembered just how huge Chum’s staff was back then. I can only wonder if guys like Jim Hilliard, Buzz Bennett, Jack McCoy, Tracy Johnson, Jim Harper, Bobby Cole or even Bill Drake had big staffs like his, what their stations would have sounded like.
It matters not what you’re looking at but what you see.
Without sperm there is nothing, nothing at all, so where the hell is our government funding!

Imperfections not only make a person interesting but also perfect.

If I received a dollar beginning each morning at dawn from every woman who found me unappealing, by sunset I’d become very attractive.

Everybody understands positive stuff it’s the negatives that confuse folks.
My folks weren’t much into philosophy but I sure am and can only hope my kids are too. Cami though complains that our philosophical chats just gives her a headache.
Why is it than whenever you read something on Facebook that you totally agree with automatically makes it the absolute truth.
What did Adam and Eve use their belly buttons for.
When I’m asked why I date younger women I say it’s because I believe I can. When I looked around one day and saw a bunch of them on the arms of short fat bald guys, I asked why not me!
Women will give up “eye candy” in a nano second for an intellectual man. Men on the other hand aren’t so smart.
Falling in love will be the best and worse thing you’ll ever do.
Husbands never brag about their wives prowess in bed in fact it’s quite the opposite.
I don’t know many men who are looking for wives.
It is said that if you treat a lady like a whore and a whore like a lady you’ll do real well with women. The trick is knowing which is which.
There’s no sense learning something new if you ain’t using what you learned.
The DMV and the Post Office prove that great benefits don’t work.
People who have a financial interest in something always seem to be the last to know that it was evil all along.
My father never told me what kind of a man he was he just showed me. I pale in comparison.
The reason there are so many malpractice suits is because most Most Doctors never graduated anywhere near the near the top of their class.
Politicians must agree with our opinions of them because they never seem insulted by them.
A ton of lawyers need to be investigated but seeing as most politicians are lawyers, ain’t gonna happen.
How can you trust the rich folk in congress to come up with a fair tax plan for the rich.
You’re usually real good at doing the things that you love.
Until all the geeks get our computers to run as well as our cars there is no need for new stuff.
He who controls the language controls the budget. For example we don’t bing or yahoo it.
If you wanna make money in radio you’ve got to get the folks to listen to it, not just hear it.
If you can dream it you can do it … But the dreaming part is the hard part.
Bummer ending to the 500 as rookie Alexander Rossi kinda just peddled his way to the finish
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