The Ladies Are Always Welcome But… (new for Jan 18/16) #10 of my 12 most read Blogs in 2016.


Two of my all time favorite midday jocks in the world are Bill Gardner who quacked his way to the Billboard personality of the year award from high atop his perch at KVIL in Dallas and the man pictured here, Ken LeMann.
I Recently told Ken that I would never forget a great line that I heard him say on WRMF … “If you get up on your tippie toes you can see the weekend from here”. He responded with, I gave you 20 straight years of great shows and #1 books and all you f**king remember is that!
Even though my Blogs are intended for men, ladies are always welcome but they may need to buckle up.
I would love to see a list of all the pro athletes who helped out the communities that they came from.
There are very few nice guys at the top.
The early stages of a relationship are so addictive but the rest not so much.
The trouble with May – December relationships is that your not welcome in her world and she’s not welcome in yours.
I was reading somewhere that only 50% of women understand a man dating someone 20 years younger than himself whereas a 100% of men get it.
Except for my daughters Candis and Cami I find that women generally are not as innocent as they appear.
Why does married life seem to resemble the life your bride was already living.
Most women understand the need for alimony and child support until you have to send it to your ex.
When John Lennon said … The Beatles were just a band but Yoko’s my life, I understood what he meant but I still wonder when he last had his glasses checked.
I like the fool I am still believe that I’m only the “right woman” away from happiness.
Most men are not making love as often as they would like to where as most women are making love more often than they would like to and God just keeps on chucklin’.
When you hang out with folks smarter than you good things usually start happening.
Who cancelled the coffee break.
The way to avoid sexual harassment charges is just don’t do it … Or simply be attractive.
The only way to make commercials palatable is by embedding them or do them like they do them on the Super Bowl.
The rich are just another minority that is under government protection which leaves the rest of us on our own,
Seeing as both the Democrats and the Republicans are afraid of Pharmaceutical, Banks, and Oil Companies maybe we should have another political party like they do in Canada.
To me radio is just like a restaurant, you research what kind of food the folks who live in the neighborhood mostly like to eat then you serve that up most of the time.
Whatever happened to the person who used to take the minutes at every meeting or are we just not saying anything worth writing down anymore.
If you’re good enough at gross billing the expenses just can’t keep up.
To become any good at anything you have to spend a lotta time in uncharted waters.
Success is just as stressful and life ruining as going through a divorce or losing a loved one.
The upside of a project must at least match the downside to make it worth doing.
What people think of you will last a hell of a lot longer than you will.

In the good times your friends know who you are but its only during your bad times that you learn who your friends are.

I love the line in the new Dodge commercial that says … Most men’s favorite car until it comes for their daughter.

All the words before the word “but” mean nothing as in, I don’t know anything about programming but…

Successful people are not very normal, they like a lot of entertainers also came from the dark side.

Only by failing a few times did I finally figure out what I should have done in the first place.
Who you know is a way overrated, it’s who knows you that really counts.
Jack McCoy was the only guy I ever knew who could sell something then go back to the office and invent what he sold.

Well it looks like two old legends Brady and Manning go at it again next weekend but this time they do it by joining the mile high club.

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6 thoughts on “The Ladies Are Always Welcome But… (new for Jan 18/16) #10 of my 12 most read Blogs in 2016.

  1. George, since you mentioned Bill Gardner and me in the same breath, here’s a small world item: Bill – one of my favorites too – actually sat in front of that same board (pictured) doing morning drive while I was on the afternoon shift in Dallas. But, as is Bill’s way, he didn’t hang around long. I think 3 or 4 months was about his limit those days, especially having to answer to the McClendons. Somehow, he and I also wound up being considered for the same position at a station in Detroit, I was told. Had I used that tippie toes line, my audition tape surely would have been thrown into the trash can immediately and I never would have gotten the job!

    • Thanks for the read and your comments Ken, I’m sure I’ll hear from Bill next. The thing though is I’ll put your’s and Bill’s work at Fairbanks against what you may have done at any other stations which of course includes your tippy toes line along with a 1000 others I enjoyed hearing you say over the many years we worked together.

  2. Quacked my way? You sure you’re not thinking of Crazy Bob “Quack Quack” Mcclain? 🙂

    I remember the excellent sounding Ken LA Mann starring as Jake Roberts on KNUS! I kind of remember being the first guy to say Jake Roberts to be working for US! As I recall, you lured me back from KNUS to KVIL after my KNUS morning show started getting a little local street buzz.

    Thanks to you AND Ken for the nice words.

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