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It was bad enough when I heard that Stephen Hawking, shortly before his death said, “I’ve peered far and wide into the universe and have also done the math, but I couldn’t find any heaven.” Then when the Pope said that there’s no hell, I knew it was time for me to go back to Church and find out what the hell was going on.
Thankfully my daughter Cami (shown with me above) was home from college and being that it was Easter Sunday, she agreed to come along. Even though we’d arrived at the church early, we still had to wait in line and before being seated they handed us some small religious flags. As we were being led into a dimly lit auditorium with about a thousand other folks, I asked what the flags were for and was told, “Don’t worry you’ll know when to wave them.” As we sat there looking around suddenly a rock band featuring a chorus of whiskey-voiced singers exploded onto the stage. The group consisted of six singers, a couple of electric guitars, drums, keyboards, and two bass players. Whew, they were rockin’ man! The words were all up on giant screens above the stage and as everybody sang along, I noticed that they were not the words to “Bringing In The Sheaves.” The whole while colored spotlights flashed on and off us and I couldn’t help but wonder what the hell had happened to the Church I used to know? Then if that wasn’t enough, all of a sudden there was a loud explosion and hundreds of shiny colored streamers showered down us and of course, that was the moment when the folks waved their flags.

At one point during his sermon, the preacher who appeared to have a sense of humor shouted, “Don’t tell me about all the bad things you’ve done in your life, tell it to Jesus, I don’t wanna hear it.”Sitting there listening to him talk about Jesus for most of the service, I was reminded of once hearing that hidden deep in the bowels of the Vatican were some ancient scrolls supposedly written by Jesus. On those sacred scrolls, it is said that Jesus wrote, “It’s not about me it’s about my Father.”


Speaking of religion, what did you think of the updated version of “Jesus Christ Superstar?”

And speaking of Jesus, ponder this grasshopper, what if he’d been married?

Whatever happened to all those red light cameras?
I think it’s now gone full circle from, “Never trust anybody over thirty to never trust anybody under thirty.”
Knowledge is not a skill; it’s a never-ending learning thing.
Success and failure are kissin’ cousins. 
I think a lot of people go to therapy just to learn how to deal with people who need therapy.
Me and most of my friends are against guns until we hear a 1%er utter the words, “This isn’t personal it’s business.”
When you finally have enough money what then?
Why does there seem to be more gay characters in TV sitcoms and dramas than there are in real life?
Thinking about things for a minute is much more productive than talking about them for an hour.
Steve Jobs didn’t need to do any research to give us what we wanted.
I wonder what the athletes in the National Senior Games in 2019 will think if Caitlyn Jenner once named the world’s best athlete, shows up to compete in the woman’s division?
With the rating success of the rebooted Rosanne except in New York and LA means to me that either New York and LA are out of step or the rest of America is?
No matter how quiet a street looks in LA, there is no way you can make your way down it without having to get out of the way of an oncoming car.

Most successful on-air folks are not only talented, they’re also very coachable.

How much money do you suppose rich people would give to charity if they couldn’t deduct it?

All white cops are not bad, and all black men are not good.

I think the extreme right and the far left cancel each other out which puts all the power in the hands of the people in between. Are you listening, candidates?

I read somewhere that somebody is proposing that college athletes who leave early for the draft should be able to return to college with their scholarship intact if they don’t make it. Isn’t that like getting your money back if you don’t win the lottery?

Speaking of sports, now that college hoops are over, what the hell do we do until the NBA and NHL playoffs?

Most people who claim they know, don’t.

Maybe if the government stopped handing out welfare like candy, they could afford to pay the teachers a little more.

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