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So far, I’ve had some very memorable years but none compare to 1964. I married my childhood sweetheart, saw the Beatles, signed a recording contract,  and began my radio career.

However, before all this began to happen, I was still living at home and even though I was making decent money playing with my band, my father insisted that I get a real job. As he said to me, “Son, the Johns men don’t play guitar for a living we work.”
Unfortunately, I wasn’t very good at finding something that I liked to do so he found most of my jobs for me because he didn’t care if I liked it or not.

His finding me jobs resulted in my working in a bunch of different industries including my becoming the Assistant Manager of a bowling alley. What was so unique about this job was that I didn’t really know anything about bowling.

Being an enterprising kind of guy though, I decided to see how far my assistant manager’s title would take me so I applied for the GM’s job at a brand new bowling alley.
It was still under construction and what made this particular bowling alley so cool was that it was also going to have a pool room. As I said, I didn’t know squat about Bowling but pool I knew after being educated at a pool room on my way home from school every day.

My interview with the new owners went very well, but they said that they couldn’t consider me until I was a certified bowling instructor.
So I had no choice but to go to bowling school where I crushed the course and got certified. (see below and above)

However, seeing as the bowling alley was still under construction, it would be a while before I would know whether or not they were going to offer me the job. As I said earlier though, I wasn’t hurting for money so I was in no rush but I loved the part where my folks were finally off my back about my finding a real job. Early on I’d figured out that in a lot of cases fame leads to fortune. So with that in mind, I would always suggest that the venue who booked us also hire a dee-jay from CKY as the MC. This, of course, resulted in our getting an enormous amount of on-air publicity.
The way it worked was, the dee-jays would kick the evening off by throwing out a bunch of records, introduce us, and be gone before we finished our first song. they’d be gone.
63503_10151827117384307_192927957_n-1Come Monday, as usual, I was at CKY delivering the Dee-Jay who was with us over the weekend, his fee and on this particular Monday, I was there to give Mark Parr his. (pictured above)
Embree McDermid, who was at the front desk that day, told me that Mark was expecting me in the FM studio so I should go right in.

Mark was filling in for the FM board op on his lunch break and once we got the business part out of the way, he asked if I’d ever run a radio board? When I said that I hadn’t, he put me in the chair and proceeded to show me how it worked.
It all seemed simple enough and was going well until he spotted Deno Corrie in the production studio that was two studios away and said, “I’ll be right back.”

Can you spell PANIC? Everything was running at once and I was frantically waving at Mark but he was too busy yucking it up with Deno to notice me. To make matters worse, several “suits” walked into the studio and later I was told that one of them was the owner.
He was in the studio proudly showing off his brand new 360,000-watt radio station to all his old cronies. I bet he would have freaked out had he known that the kid piloting his new flame thrower, only had about ten minutes of radio experience?

When they finally left, I took a deep breath and began sorting things out and by the time Mark finally got back, everything was running smoothly. All he said was, “See, I knew you wouldn’t have any problems kid; you’re a natural.”

I’m forever grateful to Mark because from that day forward, he pestered everybody until they finally hired me as a part-time board op. It didn’t pay diddly but I loved it and had no idea that I’d be doing it for the rest of my life.
My good news wasn’t good news for my Mom because she cried when she heard me tell the Bowling Alley owners who called to hire me, “Thanks but no thanks, I’m a radio guy now.” (pictured below)


When and who was it that decided that the rich people on the losing side of a war, never lost anything? Oh, and how come Cuba and Israel didn’t buy into that concept?

How long do you suppose it will be until the overused word, “racist” finally burns out?

When you stumble, just make it part of your act and keep on dancin’.

Is it just me or do the folks who are in charge of how much everybody makes, tend to overpay themselves?

What successful company bought out by someone ever become better?

Women used to know their place, but I never had to tell my daughters that they deserved to be up in front .

Does anybody know in days hours or minutes how long coming soon is?

For the last decade or so, we’ve been fighting the war in the desert door to door, yet the military still wants more money from congress to build faster airplanes and bigger warships. What are they for?


Bob Christy: On December 30th, 1994, I was driving to a meeting with our station’s attorneys in Wellesley, MA. I was on the Mass Pike and had dialed around the radio checking things out, KISS, EEI, WBZ regular programming on the air. I turned on WBUR, Boston University’s NPR station and they are doing wall to wall coverage of a shooting at an abortion clinic in Brookline. I listened for a few minutes and turned back to WBZ, nothing. I called Len Malo at our station and told him what was going on, he checked it out and broke in on the air with a bulletin. I went back to WBZ, still nothing…I knew at that moment the clock was ticking on the number one radio news outlet in Boston. It took WBZ a half hour to catch up. The funny thing or maybe not so funny is at the time WBZ was in the same building as WBZ TV who was all over the story. WBUR is the top radio news station in Boston today. They are on top of breaking news and do brilliant deep-dive coverage of stories as well. The long-form stories they did on the Whitey Bulger trial were excellent Today in LA If KPCC in Pasadena had a better signal, they’d be on top on radio news in LA in short order. The thing that all these NPR news operations have in common is a total commitment to news, and they get great demographics by doing it. Fred Heckman once told me, “if there is a column of smoke in the sky and you can’t tell them why it’s there, you’re finished.” it’s still true today and always will be. (Write The Wrongs)

Doug Chapelle: George, Funny thing between Canada and the USA many Canadians think it is wrong for Trump to want to have the Southern border secure from Latinos crossing illegally into the USA BUT they are also pissed that Trudeau is allowing/encouraging illegal immigrants flowing across the border at Champlain NY into Quebec “OTTAWA – Canadian officials in Nigeria are working with the U.S. on developing tools to flag Nigerians applying for U.S. visas who may be at “high risk” of crossing illegally into Canada across the U.S. border.
So far this year, the majority of illegal migrants arriving in Canada are Nigerians who have recently been issued U.S. travel visas.”
Canada has become the Nation of double standards. (Classy)

Jim Harper: Regarding your idea of Radio doing “product placements” instead of just spots…we did that at Magic in Detroit and with great success. It’s tricky…it makes the lawyers very nervous (we did disclaimers at the end of every hour to indicate we’d been paid for mentions), but it CAN be done! The salespeople created a whole new item on the rate card for it, and it appeared on the log as a unit (we called them Poz-Mens for positive mentions) and the morning show figured out a way to bring a product or service up in natural conversation. Just like on TV shows or movies, but it’s more challenging since it can’t have been seen sitting on a desk or in someone’s hand. Be glad to explain it in detail if anyone’s interested. Clients loved it, and it was added revenue. It did NOT impact the spot load per hour. So once again George, you’re onto another great idea. Close-minded/nothing should impact the product-people/ won’t get it. But it’s as old as showbiz itself. And it makes the talent very sharp. (Radio Royalty)

Earl Mann: Excellent article, George. It is appalling to see the media’s continual attempts to castrate and crucify this man! Trump has actually done an amazing job, especially considering the slings and arrows the Left has thrown at him. The economy is booming! More people have more money in their 401K’s than they ever have before! The stock market is higher than it has ever been thanks to Trump’s deregulation and his cutting of corporate taxes! “Yuge” amounts of money are now flowing back into the U.S from overseas; creating jobs and improving infrastructure! Illegal immigrants are no longer flooding into the U.S because they know Trump means business! And, finally, instead of ‘leading from behind’ as Obama did, Trump is telling the world two things: “America first” and “Don’t fuck with us”! Btw, getting China to begin to pressure North Korea seriously is the result of Trump’s leadership no less. Gone are the “Kumbaya” days of a feckless and impotent globalist – Obama! (Unthinkable Trump)

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