Inconsistencies Are Good!

Very few Women are ever going to ask if you want them to talk naughty or send erotic pictures to you. For this kind of stuff you’re gonna have to learn to beg.

Speaking of the above I recently received several messages on Facebook from Women who were looking for a long term relationship with a kind and honest Man. I soon became suspicious when these Women next used very graphic language to describe the kind of loving they had in mind for me. As I suspected shortly after erotic pictures started arriving the request for emergency money also showed up. After a little research I soon discovered these so called Women were really guys using fake pictures and fake prose to attract lonely Men. Thank God I’m not that lonely yet.

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated my Daughter Cami’s 17th Birthday. I figure the next big events in her life will be her graduation from High School and College but the major event I’m looking forward to is when I get to dance with her at her Wedding. I have no plans though to make anymore Flower Girls.(Cami was the Flower Girl at her Sister Candis’ wedding)

R I P Big John Gillis. Live stream of the service Saturday Nov 17 at 2 pm EST

Can you imagine if we could vote on line. It’s easy to safeguard the banks did it long ago. People who don’t vote now would probably do it then which would change everything because there is no research in on them. The Politicians would be flying blind. Very exciting!

Jim Davis added an addendum to my claim that the the 3 words Women yearn to hear are “You Were Right” Jim’s got it down to 2. “I’m Wrong” and “I’m Sorry” Now if we could get it down to one word Jim we could all get back to watching football a little quicker.

I got hacked recently and a request must have gone out asking people to endorse me. I receive a few messages everyday from folks claiming they have endorsed me. I want thank all the nice people who went out of their way to do this but what the hell does one do with all these endorsements?

I’ve always felt we have a way too many choices in America except in the Presidential Race. Surely those two weren’t the best we’ve got!

Only two types of people tell you the truth about yourself … Dear Friends and Angry Enemies.

Almost everyday we hear about another high paid executive being fired because he ruined the business he was running but was paid millions of dollars in severance anyway. I wonder if the reason Mitt didn’t fare well in the election had anything to do with the fact that maybe the folks didn’t buy his act because he looks too much like one of them. Regular folks don’t get those sweet deals like that when they get fired.

While hanging with Ron Chapman for the weekend in Chicago at the Hall Of Fame ceremonies we did a little reminiscing about the early days at KVIL when we launched America’s very first AC station in Dallas. Ron told me he didn’t buy into the project at first but being a pro he would give it a fair shot. When the rating book came out he said he “Got It” completely and the rest as they say was history.

If you were born to stand out its going to be awfully tough to blend in.

I have heard the term “sales friendly” used in a lot of programming meetings but I don’t ever remember hearing the term “programming friendly” used in a sales meeting.

When I first met Jim Hilliard I was a kid. Jim was this older guy with a Wife and 2 kids so consequently he was like a father figure to me. When ever I was thinking of buying something expensive I would be a little nervous about it so I would ask Jim if he thought I should buy it. You know things like a new Corvette or a Larger house or maybe even a trip to Hawaii or Paris etc. Jim would always say … Step up there Man, you deserve it you work hard. It was almost like my Dad saying go ahead son. Dads always knew what was right for you. I don’t know what the hell happened but Jim and I seem to be the same age now and he doesn’t think I should buy anything.

The Hunny Bunny thankfully has a vicious attack dog named Rico guarding her.(see picture above) Rico’s presence makes me feel a whole lot better seeing as she lives too far away in South Miami for me to get there quickly.

It’s very dangerous to play it safe.

There is nothing better than double digit ratings.

My favorite celebration of course is a ratings party see above.

I think I could be best described as a reluctant romantic.

Have you ever noticed that the people who are not funny backstage all tell jokes when they go on the air.

The only way you make big money in Radio is to make management afraid you’re going to leave.

All Radio stations eventually sound like the PD.

There’s really only 2 tempos in music. It’s either up or it’s not.

The Walt Disney style of Management was done from the bottom up. Walt simply supported what all the people above him in the inverted pyramid wanted to do. This put enormas pressure on the troops to come up with something for Walt to support.

As Lee Masters remembers, the attitude in the hallways always manages to get on the air.

Have you ever noticed there aren’t a lot of songs written about Mr. Businessman.

If your not talented your only other hope is … Get yourself famous!

No matter how good you think your Radio station sounds a sales person will soon straighten you out.

Women with children or plans to have them hate 3 things on the radio. Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll.

The hundred dollar bill wrapped around a commercial or tune doesn’t make it sound any better.

For me the only good show on a Radio station is the one that produces a great promo.

The only thing a listener remembers about a Radio station is it’s inconsistencies.

9 thoughts on “Inconsistencies Are Good!

  1. No, there aren’t a lot of songs written about Mr. Businessman…but the one that was, by Ray Stevens, was pretty good. Wonder who remembers it?

  2. Good gosh George….”Mr. Businessman” true was not a kind song….kind of applies to our beloved industry today though. Don’t mean to be an “I told you so,” but I predicted what is happening today back when Mel bought KVIL at that price….what was it…$82M? Radio can not support that kind of price. Radio is NOT a wall street business. Was never meant to be. The assest value is NOT there….we used to call it the “blue sky value.” What you and Ron provided.

    True, I made the transition to sales and mgt….ended up owning a few stations, Never lost my programming values though, just ask the PDs I’ve worked with, some of the greats. I actually used the phrase, “programming friendly.” NEVER told them I had a programming (my love) background. Did not want them to think I would second guess their decisions. I am afraid we are a lost breed today, the days we enjoyed in radio, and I’ve been doing it almost as long as our friend Ron are gone forever. I hope I’m wrong there. Just rest assured, you and Ron have influenced many. I was just lucky to be closer than most. For what I have been blessed with, many lessons learned, I hope to never forget. Just wish there were left someone to teach.

    • Mr. Businessman generally was not a kind man John thus the song. Back in the day when Ron and I worked together our owner Mr. Fairbanks was frightened. He was scared to death he was going to lose everything, he had no idea how to do Radio he just owned it. Thats why he hired Jim Hilliard because Jim knew how to do great Radio that produced huge revenue and ratings. At WRMF we were doing well over a million a month in revenue consistently before Jim sold it. Now they are doing half of that and are still the top biller. At Fairbanks the “Idea” was king! Today the folks running Radio aren’t afraid they all have their golden parachutes in place. What’s to be afraid of. The banks understand expense cutting not chasing ratings and revenue, so thats what they do.

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