I Write The Wrongs!

IMAG0015My favorite author Marnie Howard and I are shown here celebrating her new position as the licensed real estate broker for “The Donald” at Trump International Reality in Miami. Marnie specializes in ocean front property but who the hell would ever want to live there.
Maybe it would be better if we had to earn all our rights. People seldom respect anything they get for free.

So far Peyton Manning so far has only lost to Luck, but I hate it when the good guys have to beat up on each other!

How ’bout dem Sawx!

Those who know the most achieve the most!

You either believe life is good or you believe it’s is bad. If you believe life is good the bad news is time flies but the good news is you are in charge ’cause you’re the pilot and the navigator.

When you’re on top the only press you get is the press designed to bring you down.

If you can’t even beat the Giants it’s time for a new coaching staff!

Earl Man claims I “Write Wrongs”

My Father once told me that it cost Gillette millions of dollars to figure out how to get hair to dull steel.

Very few “Honey Do” lists contain the words … Honey would you please make sure you hook up the surround sound this weekend.

What does the Wo in Woman and Fe in Female stand for do you suppose.

The only truth most Women want to hear is you confessing how bad you’ve been.

Most Men including me need a Woman who is soft and warm but I’m just not very attracted to them.

Out of all the reasons some new idea wont work winners only need to find one reason why it may work to give it a shot.

No matter how many times you lose you only need to win once to become a winner.

Why is it when you first crawl into bed you finally remember all the things you forgot to do.

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall if you’re the “Last Man Standing” that’s who you are.

The “Out Line” is everything.

I’m gonna use the, “If a tree falls down in the forest” theory to go out on a limb and say … If I didn’t hear it, obviously it didn’t happen!

Where is the line that separates a Woman from being called Worldly or a Slut?

If you could make a buck being politically correct I would be all over it.

Isn’t marching for anything a little “Old School”.

You cannot make anybody do what they don’t want to do, you have to inspire them to do so.

As important as the details are supposed to be you would think taking care of them would pay a hell of a lot more than it does.

Sociology is much more important than technology.

If you require your PD to spend at least one day a week listening to your Radio Station I guarantee you the ratings will go up.

I can not understand why Radio folks aren’t more upset about the fact that the PPM device misses at least 30 minutes of Radio listening every morning.

A recent survey claims that Women look at other Women’s bodies almost as much as Men do. Unlike Men though they are merely checking out the competition.

Somebody mentioning to you that you missed one belt loop has the power to ruin your whole day.

If a wife gets some credit for her husband’s successes shouldn’t she also share some of the blame.

Most successful ventures all start with a cause but you making a buck ain’t one of them.

My Canadian kissin’ cousin Dana Foster states you can’t fight racism with racism and I totally agree with her but I may need her to come down here and repeat it. In any case it’s always good to hear another family member speak out.


4 thoughts on “I Write The Wrongs!

  1. Those who know the most sometimes achieve the most, except where there’s creativity and talent.

    The “Out Line” is everything, maybe. But, like humor, everything is subjective. Would you yell ‘cut’ after Charlie Chaplin dead pans to the camera or let it roll until he gets hit in the face with a pie? Would you cut after Ed McMahon delivers the best quip of his life or after Johnny Carson’s dead pan reaction? Cut after a dramatic response by the NCIS agent or after the slap to the back of the head by the other NCIS guy? Leave George Harrison’s Wah Wah song as is or add distortion to the whole thing? One opinion doesn’t mean it’s the one and only opinion. Especially if you know the others involved may be at least as creative and talented as you.

  2. Ken the “Dead Pan Look” is the “OUT” but unfortunately it doesn’t work well on Radio other than when you say something strong then pause and count to 2 then hit the spot which allows the listener to think about what you said! You always had the best “OUT ” lines I ever heard. You spoiled me, now I demand them from everybody.

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