I Think I Have A Thinking Problem!!

Laura is one of those very special Women who can make a $20.00 dress look like a Million bucks (see picture)

The bad news so far this month is I lost two women one was pretty the other beautiful. The good news is the pretty one is still gone and the better news is the beautiful one came back. But as I have learned when something seems to be too good to be true it usually isn’t.(see picture)

I cant figure out why being for everything is OK but you being against something makes some people crazy.

If liberal radio doesn’t work why does anybody think liberal TV does.

I’ve been way over thinking things lately which makes me think I may have a thinking problem.

When I tell the time to Cami I keep forgetting she has no idea what a quarter to 5 means. That’s the real generation gap!

My Father told me … If you use my money to buy clothes with you’ll buy the clothes I want you to wear. He also said while you’re living in my house I have a few rules I will need you to follow with no exceptions. First thing I did was get a part time job, there was no way I was going to school wearing the clothes my Father chose for me to wear. It was great motivation for me and I’ve been working ever since. The only thing I changed was I finally found some work I like to do.

I am very trustworthy and loyal until I am taken for granted or lied to.

It is so much easier to piss people off than please them.

I think they should fire the long time users of food stamps and give them to some new people who may appreciate them instead of giving them to the people who think they are entitled to them.

Do any Tropical Storms or Hurricanes ever miss Cuba.

Taking a chance with your life is very scary thing but regretting you didn’t is even scarier.

I wonder what’s more important what Mitt does with his money or what Obama does with mine?

If you don’t ask for excellence I guarantee you wont get it.

Marvin Hamlisch recently passed away and I remembered meeting him once at the studios of KKOB in Albuquerque. In a meeting I was attending the promotion person was telling us all that Marvin was going to be coming around in the early morning to do an interview promoting his upcoming concert. He would of course be going to all the radio stations but his first stop was to be KKOB. I broke into conversation by saying nobody wants to hear him talk and you couldn’t sell a ticket if he decided to talk instead of play at his concert. The GM instantly said to me … So what would you do smart ass! I told him I would put a piano in the studio with a mic on it. The GM said you cant ask a great artist like Marvin Hamlisch to play for free on the radio. Of course you can’t I said but I guarantee he will play without us having to ask. The GM said I’m calling you on this one and the next morning when Marvin walked into the studio there was a brand new piano sitting there waiting. Marvin immediately said to the morning man … May I sit at the piano I feel most comfortable there. He had a blast all morning, he played the news intro, the weather intro, take me out to the ball game under the sports and of course all of his hits. He had such a good time he forgot to go to the rest of the Radio Stations in town. It was one of the finest shows I have ever heard on radio, thank you Marvin R.I.P

6 thoughts on “I Think I Have A Thinking Problem!!

  1. So then, Dad would not have paid for those Jim Morrison snake pants you wear? All you need now is the Coat of Many Colors and a cane… God, I miss Chess King!

  2. First of all. The minute you say “I do”, that $20 dress does cost a million bucks!

    Second. What worries me, is what Mitt Romney will do with my money once he gets his hands on it!

    What has me really pissed off is that one lousy oil refinery fire in California suddenly jumps the price of gas by 25 cents a gallon overnight? Why aren’t those worthless, ass kissing, politicians jumping all over that bullshit??? OOPS…I forgot…it would be a conflict of interest.

    • The quest is never put yourself in the position of having to say “I Do” but then again I dont think we Men are in charge of it. I said it once and almost said it again and didn’t remember ever wanting to say it the first time Paul.

  3. Hey George -Sounds like everything is going well for you & as your friend, I am so happy for you. All the best…go for it – life is fleeting.

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