I HAVE AN OPINION. #7 of my most read Blogs in 2014

A couple of years ago Roger Vergne my wing man at Duffys met Georgina a gorgeous blonde creature from Wales. They are both fun people and I enjoy hanging out with with them a whole bunch especially after Georgina claimed that if anything went wrong between Rog and her I was next in line. On Monday February 3rd Roger and Georgina were married so it now appears as if things may be going rather badly for me.(-:
Unfortunately with the good comes the bad and the bad news today was learning that my long time friend and teammate from the Transcona Nationals Ermanno Barone died unexpectedly this morning. Ermanno after leaving Transcono and the teaching profession went on to produce a few movies, build a couple of resorts, and was right in the middle of drawing up some plans to build a huge movie studio back in Winnipeg which I was to be involved with. Tonight my old friend Jim Quail who is vacationing in Ermanno’s winter home of Palm Springs is drinking some Canadian Club Whisky along with me and Bob Christy as we toast Ermanno and the rest of the fallen Nationals. May they R. I. P.

Hope is the best motivator of all time.

Why do we sugarcoat the world for our Daughters but try try to scare the s**t out of our sons about the same topic.

It may be true that it’s better to give than receive but I do get bored with it occasionally.

Before terrorists what the hell did the FBI and CIA do all day.

The best teachers in the world are the people who are great role models.

If somebody is following you it’s usually not a good thing unless maybe it’s on twitter.

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not chasing you.

Out with the old in with the new. Bye Jay!

It is said that Heroin and Cocaine feel better than sex so I ain’t touchin’ either of them. Hell I’m even sorry I tried sex, look at all the trouble that’s caused me over the years, I can only imagine what drugs would do.

I know a lot about a little and a little about a lot but like most folks I have an opinion about everything.

50 years ago there used to be 3 or 4 top 40 stations doing very well in every market but then the Beatles invaded America and took it down to one.

My Grandson Nathaniel who is a Seahawks fan is all over me to come up with the large Hawaiian pizza we had bet on the Superbowl. Now he is starting to sound like he is getting ready to send over “Louie The Lip” or some of the guys from the Bada Bing club to collect.

The definition of diplomacy is having the ability to tell someone to go to hell and have them they actually look forward to the trip.

The more praise you hand out the more it tends to circle back to you.

The mere passage of time doesn’t change much if anything at all but it’s a great healer.

How many Government workers could get a job at Starbucks do you suppose.

Hey I’m just trying to write some wrongs here.

The way I figure it if Clay Aikens really runs for Congress in North Carolina it will take more than the 7% he represents to elect him.

In order to overcome something you can’t change one must change themselves.

Recently I was asked if I got to sit on a bench overlooking the Ocean for an hour with anyone of my choosing who would it be. After thinking about it for awhile I chose my Father Sandy Johns. We didn’t get along that well while I was growing up but I understand him a lot better now and have a ton of questions for him.

I just love South Florida this time of year because Mother Nature helps me cool my condo off which resulted in me only having an electrical bill of 40 dollars last month.

Wow Scott Shannon retired but one would have to think in this Radio climate that it has a hell of a lot more to do with an accountants numbers than it has to do with Scott’s age or ratings numbers.

Wow The Beatles special on CBS … 50 Years Ago Today, was wonderful. Everubody stayed true to the music except Stevie Wonder who felt compelled to funk up “We Can Work It Out”.



8 thoughts on “I HAVE AN OPINION. #7 of my most read Blogs in 2014

  1. I could be wrong, but I believe Stevie Wonder was the only singer on the Sunday night Beatle tribute who actually had a HIT doing a Beatle song. The rest were trying to do each song exactly as the Beatles originally recorded it, but didn’t record the song themselves. Being born with “North Philadelphia Soul,” Stevie’s version is one of my favorite Beatle covers, and peaked at #13 on Billboard in ’71, and I remember playing it lots on the West Coast. But I know my friend George and his tastes….if I ever did put it on one of our playlists, you probably snuck into the studio and pulled it. Probably told me, “It wasn’t top ten.” 🙂

  2. You are right about one thing Bill it didn’t make top ten and you know how my brain works. I start at # 11 in and go down from there and erase my memory to make room for all the big hits. Also in 71 I was in Toronto trying to create AC radio. So I would have dumped Stevie’s tune on two parts, not top 10 and too loud. Conclusion … It didn’t exist. (-:

  3. Scott Shannon is alive and well and kicking ass in the mornings (#1) in New York on CBS FM. I know because I voice his promos and his National syndicated weekend show. 🙂

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