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The sweetest and kindest person that I’ve ever been around is my niece, Christina Johns, and what better time is there to tell you about her than on her birthday? Happy Birthday, “STEENS.”

Christina was always referred to as the miracle baby because when my brother Reg and his wife Savvy made the decision to become parents, things didn’t go as planned. Even with help from medical experts, still nothing, and at this point, they almost gave up but decided to give the experts one more shot.
However, as the specialist was examining the hopeful Mom before beginning the new program, he shocked her by saying, “Well, this is certainly a waste of time, you’re already pregnant.”

Christina, as you can see in some of the photos above, has somewhat of an exotic look about her. (Top picture, a very hungry Christina, next, 4 of the 5 Cee-Jays, Christina, Curt, Candis, and Carmel, cousin Cami was still a few years away. Next, having a bath with cousin Cami and then hanging with Grandma Betty and Cami in BC. Next, Cami, Candis, and Christina, at Candis’ wedding and then underneath that, Cami, Christina, and me, at “Steens” graduation time. Finally, Christina, striking “The Pose” with my Grandson Nathaniel, and my daughter Cami)

If you ever get to see Christina with her Mother, you’ll better understand her unique look. Like me, My Brother Reg is English and Scotch, so when you put that together with her Mother who is Italian and Korean, you get the beautiful young lady pictured at the bottom of this piece.

I’ll never forget shortly after her birth, dining out at with her and her folks at the Lowes Anatole on Coronado Island. When she began to fuss, I asked if it would be ok for me to walk her? 

As I walked and made soothing noises, she quieted down, and that’s when our unbreakable bond began. As my pal, Reid Reker said about her birth, “Congratulations, you’re an Uncle.” However, when I told him that I’ve been an uncle many times over, he said, “Yeah, but this one’s blood, Man!”

Christina and I have had many fun adventures over the years, but I think my proudest moment was when I attended her soccer team’s wind up banquet where she made her coach cry.

Reg was reorganizing his company at the time and had moved his family into the house we’d purchased in BC to be close to our Mom. She didn’t have much room at her place so no matter how many of the family was visiting there was plenty of room. (see above)

Christina, who is smart as a whip adjusted quickly to the very different Canadian education system and lifestyle. Once in Canada, she finally met some folks who were almost as polite as her. Not only is she very smart, but she’s also very athletic, so upon arrival in Canada, she immediately joined the local soccer team.

When the team had its wind up banquet at the end of the season, her coach with tears in his eyes, made the announcement that Christina wouldn’t be returning to the team next year because her family was moving back to San Diego.
When asked how he managed to go from worst to first in just one season, he replied, “Well, when Christina Johns showed up, I knew right away that my job was to just get the hell out of her way.”

Action erases all doubt. 

These days a lot of people no longer respect the badge, but everybody still respects the gun that comes with it. 

The only good thing about being old is you can do anything you want to those who hurt someone you love. What the hell are they gonna do about it? 

If you’re stuck in the past, you’ll miss tomorrow. 

Creation + Persistance = Recognition. 

There are too many Yokos in the world and too few John Lennon’s. 

The only way you make dreams come true is by pursuing them. Dreams usually don’t deliver. 

Ideas aren’t worth much because everybody has them. Now good ideas, well, that’s a different story. 

Radio like the rest of showbusiness is built on talent. Without talent, what’ve you got to sell?

How is it that some people with high IQs are stupid? 

Truth Cures. 

When I mentioned to my daughter Cami that I get these notices all the time that say I can get a concealed weapon permit online, she said, “Daddy, you’re the last person who should ever carry a gun.” 

How come Amazon can deliver everything within a couple of days, but it takes everybody else forever? 

Follow a man’s money, and you’ll find his heart. 

The thing about running is, take a day off once a week and you’ll get faster, but if you take two days off, you’ll be four days behind. 

I’ve never been a big fan of big business, which is mostly what the Republican Party is made up of. On the other hand, the Democrats are mostly lawyers, and as Shakespeare said, “Ya gotta kill all the lawyers.” What’s a guy to do?

The difference between a song and a novel is that you can listen to a tune more than once. But then again, a book costs more, and sometimes they make movies out of them.

The gifted usually end up working for the creative.


Bruce Walker: Whew, it’s a good thing that the stock market is only a graph of rich people’s feelings, and not the economy, or many could be in big trouble. (Another Fking Day In Paradise)
Geo: The stock market is much like Vegas, Bruce, unless of course you’re a politician and have inside information.

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