Hallelujah ! (new Blog for Nov 28/16)


With the recent passing of Leonard Cohen I was reminded that he actually wrote one of my favorite songs which is called “Hallelujah.” The song is about King David who even though he was one of God’s favorites and was even strong enough to defeat Goliath he was no match for Bathsheba. One evening while gazing out upon his domain from the roof of his palace there in the moonlight he noticed Bathsheba bathing on the roof of the next building. Unable to resist her charms he rushed over to join her. lord knows what happened next except to say that soon thereafter this almost perfect man in thought and deed sent her husband to the front lines where he perished in battle. David then took Bathsheba as his wife in battle which probably produced the wisest king of all, Soloman.
My point in all of this is that no matter how strong, powerful, nor how connected a man may be, there’s probably a beautiful woman out there somewhere thinking that it may be time to bring him to his knees. Just ask Sampson! (hear Leonard’s story as told in song by clicking on the link below)


Nothing’s changed at all, it’s still like Socrates said, “it’s what’s above the bottom line that causes the bottom line.”

The more I know now the more I now realise how little I really know.
Unfortunately you will do many more things out of anger than you’ll do out of love.
Trying to get even may end up throwing your whole life out of ballance.
No sense learing something new if you ain’t using what you already know.
Should we really trust all the rich guys in congress to decide what they should tax rich people?
You’re usually pretty good at doing the things that you love to do.
You are measured by how much more you did after completing what you were expected to do.
There is no such thing as a quiet drunk.
There are two types of people, those who make promises and those who keep them.
When things get real bad the only thing you can count on is that they could get a lot worse.
I’ve been a grandfather now for almost 12 years and both of my daughters are still wondering when I’m gonna start acting like it.
One of the scariest things you’ll ever hear is “we need to talk right now!”
When in doubt of the authenticity of a legendary story always go with the legend.
Swapping “U” for “I” usually results in increased ratings.
Speaking of ratings, they consist of the listening habits of mostly passive people whereas radio is programmed and sold by “alpha” types. I wonder how that’s working out for everybody?
Seeing as most comedians are left handed maybe I should give up on this radio thing and just tell jokes.
The more you desire the more thou shall reap.
The more people you like will result in more people liking you.
You are who you talk and hang out with.
In the 60’s a fully loaded car cost less than 1/3 your yearly salary but now a stripped down one costs more than you make.
You need to start dreaming today what you want tomorrow to look like.
If voting really changed anything I’m sure it would be illegal.
It should be as difficult to get a welfare check as it is a paycheck.
What channel is news without an agenda on?
It’s senseless to try and solve problems of situations you don’t control.
Being afraid to make a mistake is the biggest mistake of all. 
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