Geo’s Media Blog. (The Times They Are A-Changin’) 5/06/19

Boy, when Bob Dylan wrote, “The Times They Are A-Changin’,” was he ever right. Recently I had dinner here in West Palm Beach at The Breakers with my nephew Jamie, (shown above with me and on Wall Street) his beautiful wife Lindsay, and three of his precious daughters. Jamie, like me, hails from Transcona, a suburb of Winnipeg, now lives in Jacksonville where he is the SVP of CSX Railway.

After catching up about all the folks back home, Jamie asked if I knew Burton Cummings who was also from our area? When I told him that I known Burton long before he was even in The Guess Who, he asked about how he would go about getting him to play at his upcoming birthday party? I told him that I would try to find out and because Burton does a one-man show, the fee should be reasonable because we won’t need his band. (shown above)

First I got in touch with my friend Gary Bachman (pictured with me in the last picture above) who used to manage his brother Randy’s band, BTO, to see if I could get a contact number. Gary, who now is a real estate mogul back in Winnipeg, told me that he had an old phone number in LA for Burton’s manager, Lorne Saifer, but I should text him first because he never answers the phone.
After doing so, sure enough, Lorne called me back, and after finding out that he was also from Winnipeg and remembered my band, The Jury, we got down to business.
I told Lorne that my nephew wanted to know what it would take to have Burton to play at his birthday party? He then asked what kind of budget did we have in mind? When I told him that we didn’t have one, he said, “The best I can do is seventy-five grand and expenses. Ouch! Hell, even Elvis only got fifty, and he brought a band.

Why don’t they do news the way Walter Cronkite did it? He’d kick their ass today.
The things we count the least are what we should count the most, our blessings. 
If only politics were important enough to be worthy of lifelong friends coming apart.
You’re either running from or towards something.


Isn’t reverse sexism still sexism?
I don’t think I’m racist although those who accuse me of it may be? 
Who are nastier human beings, rich men or their wives? Talk about privileged! 
What the hell happened to home advantage? 
I remember when killing Commies was the craze. What is it now?
So Liberals, do I have this right? If a Jewish father forbids his daughter to date a man who is not Jewish, it’s ok, but the Father who won’t let his Daughter go with a black man is a racist? 
Why is the left so quiet whenever the Arabs do something nasty? 
Jim Hilliard once said to me in Indy, “George if I call out your name and you can hear me, know this, I already have all the money.” I took him seriously and moved to California. 
I think a lot of folks are confusing racism with prejudice which is a whole different thing. 
The thing that Elvis had that no other artist had was his charisma. He didn’t even need to perform, all he had to do was walk into the room, and nobody could take their eyes off him. 
The only thing on earth more powerful than God is a beautiful woman. Just ask David. 
The thing I like most about vigilantes is that they don’t bother reading folks their Miranda Rights. 
Just because you can’t prove, it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. 
Your memories come from life, not books. 
Walt Disney created the last business designed for the customers instead of the stockholders. 
Most surprises are not pleasant, so I’ll pass. 
Nobody wants to hear bad news so of course the messenger must be killed. 
Sitting here in the middle of the political scene, I can’t help but sing, “Clowns to the left of me jokers to the right.”
When I used to run in races, the person in front ran wherever they wanted. I guess that’s not true in the Kentucky Derby.
Wow, 29 years after attending my oldest daughter’s graduation from UCLA, I just attended my youngest’s at USF. Whew! 
Men do stupid things for the women they love.
Sex is not that serious until you do it with someone you adore. 
I don’t listen to much advice from women except maybe from Barbara, Jan, Linda, and my Daughters. But then again perhaps not. 
I find it weird that accepting presents for sex is ok but taking cash will put you in jail.
College players are much easier to coach than the pros because college guys want to make the bigs. The professionals only wish to extend their career which unfortunately includes laying down. 
Once again no Canadian Team will be in the Stanley Cup final. Hey maybe if Victoria, Regina, Saskatoon, Hamilton, Quebec City, and Halifax had teams at least, they’d up the odds. 
Isn’t it weird that all the NHL front runners didn’t do well in the playoffs? 
Is it just me or has the NBA cooled off?
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  1. Geo. Love that Steelers Wheel song. So true. Always thought provoking and entertaining to read your mind.

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