geo-ronIt is said that a movie as great as “The Godfather” will never be shot again. One of the reasons being that no modern director will ever let the amount of time go by without action as Coppolla did. In God Father II he showed Michael arriving home one night and while still dressed in his coat and hat he stood quietly in the doorway just watching his wife sleep. Suddenly he pulled her to the floor only moments before bullets riddled the room.
That scene reminded me of one of my favorite listens to Ron Chapman, the Godfather of Morning Radio.(They actually pay me to do this sort of thing.) On this particular still dark out morning Ron says … OK get yourself a fresh cup of coffee and I’ll meet you after the break from high a top KVIL. He actually crawled up a ladder and went through a small trap door which led to the roof while dragging an extended microphone cord behind him. After the commercial break Ron came back on the air and said, Alright lets enjoy a little coffee as we watch this beautiful sunrise together. He then spent about 12 minutes describing in intimate detail just how magnificent that sunrise really was and also explained how lucky we were to be living in Dallas Texas where this kind of thing happens all the time. It was a breathtaking performance which is also unlikely to ever be heard again. Sorry you missed it!

As you may know I’m writing a book about my somewhat unusual life mostly because it’s therapeutic. A lot of it features my mentor Jim Hilliard who claims my memory of certain events is a lot different than his. Next he’ll have forgotten I introduced him to Mr. Fairbanks.

Fear is a great motivator. I remember the chill that swept through my body when my Father informed me that if he bought my clothes he was going to buy me the clothes he wanted me to wear. I became part of the work force very early on.

Making love is very serious fun.
Speaking of love, I’m still looking for a replacement for the hunny bunny which is turning out be a very difficult task. 

Women don’t realize that the special night they gave us as a reward is not special anymore, it’s now on the menu!

Why does the far left and the far right both call their opinions balanced.

Most of the terrible things that happen to us only occur in our head.
If Women thinks it’s tough being a Woman they should try being a Man whose trying to deal with a Woman.
It takes a perfect balance between optimists and pessimists to make things work. The optimist invents all the new stuff and the pessimist comes up with the safety devices for it.

I’ve been asked if I’m a Womanizer. I don’t think so, but if I am, I’m not very good at it.

I learn more from what Women don’t respond to than what they do.

A great Man accomplishes a lot more great things when he has a great Woman in his corner.

Well I guess another old wives tale just bit the dust. ” So goes Wall Street so goes the economy.” 
Have you ever noticed that the words you can’t use in public take on a whole new meaning when said privately.

What if the Hokey Pokey ain’t what it’s all about!

My relationship with sales began with a guy by the name Cy Brownstone in Winnipeg when I was a production board op at CKY. Occasionally when I helped him out of a bind he would reward me with one movie pass. Surely I’ve let that go by now.

I still remember all the things that used to get my attention when I was just a listener to Radio and they still work till this day.

The real you is the person who does what he does when he thinks no one is watching.

When Candis was in the 5th grade her first male teacher took her from a C student to an A student which lasted all the way through college. So when Cami hit the 5th grade I asked her she had any male teachers and she said no, they only teach the ungifted.
We tend to like people who like us.
I think America is still in the middle of a financial crisis but unfortunately the people working on it ain’t.

Becoming successful is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever go through.

The three things a man will most regret on his death bed is (1) Not having spent enough time with his family. (2) Not making love as often he could have. (3) Wasting time with acquaintances instead of spending more quality time with his real friends.
In novels written by females it usually ends with at least a full chapter about the wedding. If written by a man the wedding is in the middle somewhere and gets no more than a page.
Bill Finginshu once told me when he handed out GM stripes to SMs they turned into Art Directors and immediately started designing new station logos.
I remember when the rich used to actually be afraid of the government, but things are much better now. NOT!











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  1. Talk about Fear – listening to today’s music radio leads me to believe the Herkey Jerkey is what it’s really all about… I mean, seriously – WTH!?!

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