Only Dying Makes Life Worth Living! (new for week of Feb 09/15)


If a woman is not talking to you she is no longer interested in you. 

The only thing that makes life worth living is the fact that you are going to die.

Karma is international.

The Democrats and Republicans have incompatible versions of the same truth.

Each year of the 60’s seemed to stand for something and provoke a special memory where now it’s the decades.

Sometimes happiness means just looking beyond all that is wrong.

Man is the only species on earth who not only measures time but is also paranoid about it slipping away.

It’s always better when you owe the lady not the reverse.

Henry Miller claimed that the only way to forget about a woman is to turn her into literature.

Speaking of women as Bob Marley said … Ya just gotta find one worth suffering for.

On the positive side the hunny bunny did teach me about trains, on demand, and some naughty things, but…

Was it not Russell Wilson who threw the interception in the Superbowl. How does he get a pass.

What you have accomplished and what you could have accomplished is the measurement that needs to be taken.

Why do you need a license, I rather doubt that Henry Ford or the Wright Brothers had one.

Have you ever noticed the young don’t wear watches, they simply look at their phone.

It is said that history is written by the winners but I believe it’s written mostly by the people who simply write it down whomever that may be.

Eventually the product you are advertising must be purchased by the consumer or there is no product left to advertise.

According to the advertising agencies no radio station ever has the demos it’s looking for.

Does anybody have a list of all the sales friendly stations who also do well in Neilson.

Why do all presidents think we were electing Santa Clause.

The rich over value risk.

Competition amongst the media has allowed us to instantly peek at the uglier side of life whether we want to or not.

Do any recording artists have a good story about a record company.

The folks who don’t accept no as an answer are much happier than those who do.

I wonder if Mother nature planned on how things are or are we just all on our own now.

Music is 85% 0f the reason someone turns on a FM radio but it’s still only 25% of why they come and go.

The sound that sticks out on the radio the most is the sound that doesn’t sound like your sound.

The toughest role a woman may have is living up to what we males think they are.

Because you don’t want it to be true doesn’t change a thing.

300 years from now there will be an entirely new way of delivering music to the consumer but I believe there will still be some Lennon and McCartney tunes in that delivery.

Muslims have one big flaw in their quest for world domination, nobody is going to live like they did several centuries ago. Hell most people don’t want to live like they did last year.

Is it still bad luck if you don’t forward one of those special e mails to your friends when it comes around for the second time.

I figure it will take “Lyin’ Brian” at least a couple of years to get his career back in order enough to even attempt a comeback.

How come when you read an obituary it never tells you how the person died.

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2 thoughts on “Only Dying Makes Life Worth Living! (new for week of Feb 09/15)

  1. The only God is death, all you can do is to say “Not today”

    can’t remember who said that, one of the French philosophers I think.

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