Guitars & Radio & Wild Wild Women (Do You Wanna Know A Secret?) Chapter L 2/24/20 Under Construction

Things began to heat up
and they got a little crazy
Before you knew it
she was having my baby

A few years ago, when Frank Osborn invited me to speak at his management conference in the Carolinas, I was honored to do so.

I’ve known Frank since the mid-’80s when he hired me to help with K101 in San Francisco. However, even though we also worked on a few other projects, I never saw very much of him, which I guess was a good thing. Because, as Frank told me early on, “The only time I visit the stations is to deliver bad news.” 

Unfortunately, my plane didn’t arrive until the middle of the night, so Frank thankfully moved me to the second speaker position.

The next morning after stumbling out of bed and hurrying to the meeting room, they were taking a coffee break. So after gulping down a couple of cups myself and while they were refilling theirs, I slipped up on stage and wrote on the board, “The two secret words that will enable you to bed beautiful woman.”

When the coffee break was over, Frank, with a few kind words, introduced me, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what my topic was.
Although I do recall near the end, a dozen hands shot up when I asked if there were any questions.
Surprisingly, they all wanted to know the same thing, “What are the secret words?”
“Ahh, yes,” I replied, “I didn’t forget about them, but at the last minute, I changed my mind about the topic. However, if Frank thinks we have time, maybe I can do the Readers Digest version?”
Frank replied, “George there’s no way you’re getting off that stage without giving those words up.”
Ok, I said, “And now that I see that we have two experts in the house, I feel a lot better about discussing this topic.” (I’d noticed earlier that two of Frank’s management people were women.)
I began by confessing that I’d accidentally stumbled onto these words after dining with my fiance at Chuck and Harolds in Palm Beach.
As we were leaving the restaurant, Kari (shown above with me) asked if we could pop into the holistic bookstore next door?
Kari, (shown above with me) who was a practicing psychotherapist, was always on the lookout for any new books on the subject, so in we went.
As she began leafing through a few of the books, I wandered around to see if they had anything that would be of interest to me.
Ahh, and there it was!
Lying on a table amongst a collection of other books was one entitled, “Drive Your Woman Wild In Bed.” Now being more than just a little curious, I checked out the index.

The first chapter not only asked the question, “Are You A Stud Or A Dud,” but it also included a questionnaire that was to be filled out by your significant other.
Hey, and if for no other reason, I had to buy it for that, right?
However, as I continued to browse through the index, another chapter caught my eye, “The Two Secret Words That Will Enable You To Bed Beautiful Women.”
Had to have that book, man!
Later that same night, while Kari was completing the quiz, I went looking for those elusive secret words.

What’s that you say, “You wanna know how I did on the stud or dud questionnaire? Silly you, that was never in question.

You can only imagine when I finally found the secret words, how shocked I was. I thought that those words would be about sex, but they turned out to be about radio.
“Wow, not only will the words provide you with a beautiful woman to keep you warm at night, but they’ll also give you the ability to do a great radio show the next morning.”
Sensing that it was time for the killer close, I then said, “Here they come, PASSION & IMAGINATION.”
As I left the stage, I couldn’t help but notice that our two experts were smiling as they nodded their heads in agreement.



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