Do The Wealthy Own The DOJ ?

Just how do I explain to Cami that everything she does or does not do this her final year of High School will impact and have a dramatic affect on the rest of her life where as what ever she may be doing instead of what she should have been doing won’t even be important enough for her to remember a couple of years from now.

Sometimes when opportunity knocks you may have too much stuff piled up in front of the door and be unable to answer it in time.

A compromise is never a permanent fix for anything.

When did the ultra rich buy the Department Of Justice and why weren’t we notified.

Speaking of the rich … If their vote counts more than mine why do they keep trying to convince me we’re all equal.

I finally figured out that when Women were loudly demanding equal rights, they were really talking about having the same rights as the beautiful ladies have. Ain’t gonna happen, get back on the f**king StairMaster!

If a Woman is beautiful enough she can set for life with very little effort on her part. I know of no Man who has that kind of deal.

I love beautiful smart Women and I don’t age discriminate. Damn, I’m becoming very liberal Bobby will proud of me.

About a month ago I was going through a bunch of my mortgage stuff from the bank and discovered they had attached a cheque (a little Canadian for ya) to one of of the documents for $150.00 back last December. I had it turned out overpaid my escrow in that amount but unfortunately the check was only good for 90 days. I sent it back to them with a note asking them to reissue it. A couple of weeks later I got a terse letter in the mail claiming my check was returned for insufficient funds so they wanted a new one reissued immediately with a penalty of$15 added to the total amount. I had forgotten all about the check I had sent them back and thought my mortgage payment had some how gone bad. I looked a little closer at the total amount and suddenly realized they had bounced their own check.

Sometimes I wish I was just a mobster so I didn’t have to feel so bad about wanting to kill some folks and just do it like Tony Soprano did and not worry about the consequences.

Speaking of mobsters, I understand a lot of Italian folks didn’t like The Sopranos, they preferred the way Francis Ford Coppola portrayed them in The Godfather.

I know very little about Obama care but if they run it anything like the DMV, the Post Office or the Sun pass operation in South Florida which took two hours of my time both on the phone and online to activate the new device they sent me for the toll roads, they can just jam it!

Speaking of the Post Office, the way they got rid of not delivering on Saturday which would have cut back their work force by 1/6 th and save a ton of money was to announce they were gonna do it right away. Congress jumped in and said you can’t do that without us taking it under consideration and that ended that much to the union’s relief.

My Doctor finally told me what’s wrong with me, my testosterone level is that of a 35 year old male. So it’s Mother Nature’s fault not mine so stand back ladies!

The way this Radio thing is supposed to work is, concept first details later. Not the other way around.

If you do a talk show and talk about what Rush, Hannity, and Savage talk about, they’ll kill you.

Negativity is the killer of creativity!

Some folks believe we all evolved from Monkeys, if that’s true why do they still exist or were they just smart enough not to come along.

Hugh Heller once told me it was very difficult to mix black and white singers because whites tend to sing a little sharp and blacks a little flat resulting in a dis chord.

Rhody Bosley once told me that if he ever owned a radio station he would figure out where the signal was the loudest and cleanest then go door to door asking those folks what they would like to hear. Rhody, that’s too simple, Radio people need it to be much more complicated than that.

When the trail behind you is longer than the one in front it’s time to start writing.

I’m pretty sure most sales folks are very similar but I do believe that on air talent are unlike any other human beings I have ever met.

Back when Jim Hilliard owned WRMF and Tim Reever ran sales we billed well over a million a month and were the #1 biller in West Palm Beach. WRMF I understand is still the #1 biller but the number now is less than half. Surely that can’t be true!

If unsolicited advice is really just abuse, no wonder Cami gets upset with me.

During the Olympic Hockey games I understand the language of choice for the smack talk is English. I guess the F-Bomb just doesn’t sound as good in any other language.

If life doesn’t go according to plan then it’s fairly obvious you didn’t have one.

60% of Americans believe that if we allow the oil companies to drill off shore gas prices will drop. The oil companies are silent on this subject.

The only way to change a persons behavior is by changing their beliefs.

Only two types of people want Radio to change, those who listen and those who don’t.

The only people making good money in Radio are the ones who are making the decisions.

Have you ever noticed that the more things that get deregulated the more regulated we become.

I remember when John Hayes was President of Fairmont Communications and was make his first tour of his stations and was in Albuquerque, he asked a staff member of KKOB to drive him downtown. When the staff member informed him he was already down town John told him to just drive him to the airport then.

If Radio charged the listeners to listen I doubt many would pay.

A large ego is not a very pretty sight!

A lotta people love to be told what to do. Case in point is when Arbitron dropped the word please from the diaries more people filled them out.

Recently while having dinner with my friend Jarl Mohn in LA he told me that even though they named the 24 million dollar studios of KPPC in Pasadena after him his only job at the station was to write the liners.




4 thoughts on “Do The Wealthy Own The DOJ ?

  1. They’re all good but love the one about Albuquerque! May be quiet downtown but the I-40 and I-25 make it a disaster on the highways around and through ABQ.

  2. Whether Hugh Heller used white singers or black singers doesn’t matter…whatever he and the amazing Dick Hamilton created, were the most incredible radio station jingles I’ve ever heard coming out of the radio.

    • Dougie, I love when the “Radio Legends” like yourself check in and you’re absolutely right about those jingles. I recently heard an old air check of Chuck Riley on WIBC in ’68 or ’69 and the jingles were much better than the music.

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