Deaf People Listen To The Radio Too.


As I write this I am sitting with Bobby Cole at a bar sipping a very nice red at Francis Ford Coppola’s winery in Northern California. The lovely Casey is behind the bar over serving me and even claiming she has to have me and she has to have me soon. I really had no choice because as beautiful as she was I had to give her what she liked and I gave it to her real good just like I knew she wanted it in the form of a very nice tip.

Log this under perfect timing. The new ARB monthlies just came out today in San Francisco and Gordon Zlot’s 3 stations in Santa Rosa, 60 miles North of San Fran beat his competitor’s 5 stations 1.8 to 0.6. Happy 40th anniversary Gordon and what a 40th party it was. With some careful maneuvering of the place cards on my part it turned out that I was lucky enough to sit between the 2 most beautiful woman in the room.

Lew Dickey surprised me somewhat when he told me that he had done some work at WRMF in the mid 80’s and was a very big fan of the station.

93% of Americans listen to Radio but 11% of the folks are hearing impaired. Hmmmm so lets do the math here. That has to mean deaf people are listening to the radio too. Hey turn it up everybody, we are on to something.

If you don’t have a Facebook account you are officially part of the minority because Facebook now reaches 51% of the American population.

My brother Reg showed me a growth chart that shows Smart Phone Aps as the fastest growing New Media download of all time. The 2 1/2 year graph shows Aps off the charts and makes the I Tunes graph look like nobody ever bothered to download them.

If you can give up worrying about being embarrassed you can handle anything and be in charge of everything.

Right now I feel a lot of Stations have a lot better Website than they do a Radio Station.

Speaking of Websites I think Radio is the only medium that can truly direct people to the important ones and we should charge accordingly.

Jeff Blazy is doing some real neat work with some stuff that can make your radio station sound as current as last night.

It is said that if you can walk away from any airplane landing it was a good landing. Paul Cavenaugh proved to me though that it is much better to limp away as he sits aboard his large yacht sipping a very nice red.

There is a huge difference between a woman wanting you and a woman needing you. The combination though is a wonderful experience and I guarantee you will never forget it..

All the no smoking signs only make sense to all of us who don’t smoke.

Do all people who gamble smoke.

I see a lot of women kindly pushing people around in wheel chairs and I salute them for their very generous behavior. I see very few men doing similar activities. What’s up with that.

I’ve always felt that the music on a Radio Station should be national but the content should be local.

Are there Bi-Polar men ?

I have reached the age where younger women really don’t notice me until I get between them and their career goal then they claim I’m kinda cute.

Do African Americans care whether the President has a US birth certificate or not.

In my last Blog I wrote that Blondes earn 7% more money than other woman. On my recent visit to Santa Rosa I couldn’t help but notice that the gorgeous Mary Ptak has now gone Blonde. I wonder if Tom Skinner is going to pony up the extra 7%.

Be careful of what you dream for some dreams do come true.

I’ve started to notice that the CC boys all seem to have a certain look and I can spot them at a hundred paces. Even though they only seem to hire folks with “the look” I cant figure out what that has to do with ratings&revenue but I’m working on it and will report back in.

Being too cool on the radio may be a barrier to real communication with the audience.

Bobby Cole told me now that he is no longer in radio and is just a listener, most of the music sounds very unfamiliar to him.

Cris Conner claimed that anybody that has “The Mail Bag of Hate” has a preponderance of edginess.

I know very few beautiful women who are not doing fairly well but I also know a bunch of guys who kinda have nothing going on no matter what they look like.

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