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When I was working out of Boston, Bob Christy (pictured with me) and I used to frequent a few restaurants and bars in the Back Bay. One of our favorites on Newbury street was called Ciao Bella and was located upstairs from Daisy Buchanon’s. Daisy’s was filled with pretty things from the surrounding colleges so there was always an ample supply of Boston’s best pro athletes sniffing around.
Not only did we know the whole staff at Ciao Bella we also knew most of the wait staff at all the nearby watering holes like the Capital Grill, Skip Jacks, Charley’s, Joe’s, and Legal Seafood which of course meant that we never had to wait for a table even when the town was crawling with tourists. 
One night while sitting at Ciao Bella’s bar waiting for Bobby the bartender approaches me and says, “George you’re in radio right” and when I answered indeed I was, she asked for my help. (of course, she was good looking) She went on to say that her nephew was graduating from broadcasting school soon so she was wondering if I could help get him a job. I told her that I would be glad to help but first you need to get him to write down everything he wants to say on the radio, then you bring it to me and if I like it I’ll put him on the radio that very night. A few weeks later back at the bar once again I asked her what was up with her nephew. She told me that when she excitedly told him who I was and what I had said, he claimed that he didn’t really have anything he wanted to say on the radio and besides that wasn’t it guys like me who supplied all that stuff anyway.
Santa’s the only one who hands out free stuff without making you dance for it.
AS listed below there are several ways of expressing your love but only one of them is the “I would die for you” kind.
1. Love ya!
2. Love ya Man!
3. Love ya Babe!
4. Love you.
5. I love you!
The early imperfections of Rock&Roll were what made it great.
How come there are no Muslim attacks in Russia, they must be onto something.
The only time a man should get married is when he’s smitten otherwise he’ll wake up and realize one day that his new life resembles his bride’s old life.
As Garth Brooks once said, “I was wild in high school but not as wild as I wanted to be, I was too afraid.
Is there anything quieter sounding than crickets?
Swapping an I for a U usually results in a rating increase.
Rules are intended for the people who can’t tell right from wrong.
After getting into radio I began to dislike weekends because that’s when I got to do normal things and why would I want to do that.
You are measured by what more you did after doing what you were expected to do.
When a woman says you’ve done something wrong one would be wise to just apologize and move on.
Learning to say no will be more useful to you than ever learning algebra was.
In order to have a long career, one must be as easy to work with as they are talented.
After visiting the DMV and/or Post office would you vote for increased benefits for them?
As the airlines know the price of a seat is based on supply and demand but radio thinks it’s based on adding more seats.
I wonder how frightened the lobbyists in DC are now that Trump is in power.
What we imagine Trump is gonna do and what he actually does is probably light years apart.
Despicable words when whispered into your ear by a beautiful woman take on a whole new meaning.
Unfortunately, I’ve come to that phase in my life where some young ladies actually hit on me but of course they’re only looking for a sugar daddy. Am I obligated to tell them that they’re too late because others beat them to it.
Everything that happens is not good but there’s some good in everything that happens.
As long as things are going well private things stay private but then…
Has big oil, banks and pharmaceutical companies ever heard the word no from the government?
I see said the blind man to the deaf man who responded with … And I hear where you’re coming from.
You can’t overplay someone’s favorite song.
The first rule of show business is to get noticed, have you noticed any radio stations lately.

Speaking of radio, it’s pretty difficult for a national act to get people to shop at a local store.

I wouldn’t be rushing out to buy any stock in “Politically Correct” after Jan 20/17.

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