Blondes Have More Fun!

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I​f you’ve ever noticed any of the photos on my Facebook page it becomes fairly obvious that I must have a thing or two or three for blondes. That being said here is one of my absolute favorites as Cami prepares to start her new life at College as the world’s newest blonde.

Learning how to handle embarrassment eventually leads to maturity.

Have you ever heard a Woman say that she got lucky last night.

Speaking of Woman if you want a shot at the pretty​ ones and you’re not good lookin’ you better learn to dance your ass off.

Bob Pittman is exactly right when he says that Radio Personalities are a key element in defining what makes Radio different. But I would caution all the sales types who before getting excited and running out into the street to sell a bunch of live reads need to heed Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent words on the subject … “There is no Actor nor Director alive today who can make magic out of a bad script”.

Most sales departments can dismantle your Radio Station much faster than any of your competitors can.

Since airlines no longer trust flight attendants with cash is there anything else about them we should be​ aware of.

Several Ladies have asked if I have any plans on growing up soon! Seeing as I still don’t see very many happy grown ups I think I’ll pass.

Egos other than giving you the courage to crawl up onto the stage to perform are fairly destructive.

Is the reason Psychics don’t win the lottery because they feel they have an unfair advantage so they don’t buy any tickets.

Hey I figure you might as well live it up because as Jim Morrison said many years ago, none of us are getting outta here alive.

Have you noticed that since we’re all armed with cameras in our cell phones now, UFOs have virtually disappeared.

Do Women ever say they’re sorry first.

Nobody can ever take away the memory of your breathless moments.

The only problem with becoming wise is that by the time you become so it’s of no use.

A couple of signs that you may be growing old is you stop falling in love and also stop chasing your dreams but of course when you stop making love you’re already dead.

Old people only like the music they already know.

As Frank, Elvis and the Beatles discovered, once you achieve fame it’s relentless.

Life is a great teacher but you’ll remain it’s student forever coz you’ll never teach it anything.

The only thing better than sex is sex with someone you love.

Most people live three lives …. Public, Private and Secret!

Jealousy provides a hell of a lot more information than the truth ever does.

One must learn how to handle success for it is not a natural occurrence but if you’re standing around waiting for it to happen, you won’t have to worry about it.

The only people who deserve your tears are the only ones who’ll never cause you any.

Have you ever noticed how many pictures of your first born you have around.

Some Of the Best/Worst self motivators of all time are … Embarrassment, Fear, Revenge, Love, Hate, Envy, Jealousy, Anger, Pride, Lust, Disgust, and Rage which all can be rendered useless with one word. Apathy!

Tough Restrictions = Strong Creativity.

Anybody can say it but few can do it. Time moves at different speeds depending on whether or not you like the situation you find yourself in.

I know a lot about a little and a little about a lot but like most folks I have an opinion about everything.

Kindness will get you a hell of a lot further than a college degree ever will.

What fork you use doesn’t really matter, the only manners you’ll ever need is your sensitivity towards others.

You may have freedom of speech but you’re certainly not free from the consequences of which you speak.

​​Sinatra claimed that the only choices in shoes Men really have is black or brown. Lose the brown at 6.


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8 thoughts on “Blondes Have More Fun!

  1. Wait a second George, isn’t Bob Pittman the guy who’s fired hundreds of air personalities, PD’s, GM’s, GSM’s and sales people recently with more out the door practically every day?

  2. When The Cakes was flying A (in charge of the cabin crew) she had to handle the money. Her accounting was perfect. On the other hand our boat had a fully stocked liquor cabinet. All miniatures of course and we enjoyed a lot of wine from First Class. Her bag was heavier coming home than it was when she left.

    • Can’t imagine Bobby why that part would change with the credit card only policy. As the Hunny Bunny who was in charge of training bartenders at Duffys told me … All bartenders steal, the trick is to hire the ones that steal the least.

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