“Bad Girls” (a new geo Blog for the week of Dec 11/17)

While growing up in Transcona, my father always told me to stay away from the “bad girls” which sounded ludicrous. I mean, how were you supposed to get any action from a good girl? Years later while visiting my buddy Bob in West Palm, it all became very clear. At the time he was living with a pretty woman named Beatrice whom I affectionately called Miss Venezuela. One day while Bobby was outside cleaning the pool Beatrice turned to me and said, “Jorge, you ever been with a Latino woman?” You mean like a Cuban” I innocently asked?” Phew, she spat, “Venezuela girls five Miss Worlds, Cuba none. “What makes the Venezuelan girls so special I enquired? “Cucha Majica” was her reply. (I have no idea how you spell it) At that moment in walked Bob and Beatrice said to him, “Roberto, you tell your friend Jorge Cucha Majica.” He smiled and then turned to me and said, “Magic Pussy.” That was when I finally understood what my Dad was talking about all those years ago. You don’t ever get to choose whom you get hooked on, and in fact, you won’t even know your hooked until it’s too late. Your first clue will be if while making love you wonder whether or not this beautiful creature sleeps with anyone else. That my friend is the beginning of the end and also your last chance to run as your life begins to spiral downward.
Case in point. My friend Carl at one time was living with a beauty I referred to as “Snookums.” (I only called her that because she was so not that) One evening after having a few too many adult beverages Carl felt compelled to say, “You don’t have the only pussy in town you know.” She responded with, “You’re right I don’t, but unfortunately for you, I have the one you want.”
Hey Mr. Radio, seeing as 85% of all communication is done with the eyes, whatcha got for me?
What I wouldn’t give to see a band formed in Winnipeg called Bachman Turner Cummings & Young.
The only thing Democrats and Republicans seem to agree on is doing what big business wants to do.
The only reason I can come up with about why we continue to send free money to nations all over the world which we can ill afford must be because Mr. Businessman is involved somehow.
The mere passage of time does not change any rules.
Advertising agencies usually want the demo you don’t have.
In Florida when we hear the words, “Winter’s coming” we get excited.
When the ratings show up it takes about a year for the money to show but only about half that time to disappear when the ratings do.
When the folks see a huge column of smoke on the horizon, which radio station do you suppose they tune to?
Whenever management asked if I believed in community involvement, I would answer that I did, but I didn’t believe in remotes.
I wonder other than a few more people dying, how the recent FCC ruling that you no longer had to have a main studio in the community you were licensed to would have helped the folks in Santa Rosa?
Whenever I was told that we were the only radio station in town that rejected a particular commercial, I said, “Yes I know, isn’t that great.”
Somehow, even though Fairbanks Broadcasting was programming oriented, the sales folks all lived in big houses and drove fancy cars anyway.
Can you imagine the ticket seller sitting in the box office outside of a Broadway theatre telling the actors that the play sucks? It happens every day in radio.
The first time I ever heard about station trade was when I got a memo telling me not to use it anymore.
Ratings take time to catch up with the actual listening. The trick becomes, knowing when to stop screwing with the product.
If you launch a new radio format and the people at the radio station “get it” unfortunately it usually doesn’t last very long.
I believe that at least 50% of greatness comes from concept and philosophy while the other half comes from implementation.
If you want to attract males to your talk station, there are four topics they’re very interested in. Sex, Sports, Business, and Sex.
If you want to be a better lover and broadcaster you need two things, “Passion & Imagination.
The way you win is by losing first.
One of the best things about being #1 is when it starts to happen again you recognize it.
Everyone thinks that their part is the most important part.
Only blood gives you unconditional love.
When did recycling on the radio stop working?
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3 thoughts on ““Bad Girls” (a new geo Blog for the week of Dec 11/17)

  1. Geo,

    1. I wasn’t living with her, she occasionally stopped by.
    2. She never referred to herself as a Latina.
    3. She always referred to herself a Venezuelana.
    4. She hated Cubans, Mexicans, etc
    5. Her dad descended from an English family, her mother from Spain.
    6. Her family owned the biggest container shipping company in Venezuela.
    7. She was a staunch and strict Catholic girl.

    So thanks, now I’m going have to go through the agonizing process of explaining all of this to The Cakes.

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