All Men Speak Several Different Languages..



It sure didn’t take long to evolve from Flash Dances to Flash Riots did it.

So it turns out the Borders book stores closing had nothing to do with Kindle type devices taking away too many sales. They closed simply because the new owners knew nothing about selling books. Kinda like Radio huh!

Social Media is not you telling people about you it’s people telling other people about you.

In California the old folks are jogging in Florida a lot of them use walkers or is that just a New York kinda thing.

Speaking of the elderly Rich Stevens and Dave McBride were doing a show on 850 WFTL recently about tipping for good service. A lot of the service people called in whining about the whiny attitude of older people. One of them said she no longer says to them would you like something. She says instead … Did You Like Anything?

3D movies seem to be going through what early Stereo did. Remember when all kinds of things were flitting back and forth in the speakers like ping pong balls. 3D can’t seem to give up hurling things at us.

Men believe it or not all speak several different languages. They use one language when speaking with their Grandmother, Mother, and Daughter. A different one is used in conversations with Wives, Sisters or Girlfriends. In the presence of women in they dont know they even have another. They use a special language when they are alone with each other.

Radio sales people are convinced they are going to sell a ton of spots when ratings show up. Unfortunately they are going to find out you never have enough ratings and if you do it’s not the demo the agencies are looking for.

When only listening to the woes of the rich and the poor it is very difficult to figure out who is who.

The thing that rich people all have in common is over valuing risk. They get away with it only because they can.

Research cant help you determine what the Monster News Story of the day is, you have to figure that out all by yourself.

Speaking of top news stories there are very few news types that can tell you which ones the folks think they are.

One of the things that Radio has to come to grips with is the fact that eventually the advertising campaign you are running for a client has to work. It’s not all mathematics like the accountants who are running radio at the moment think.

A lot of history is written by the winners but most of it is written by the people who just write it down.

If make up can make a guy look like a beautiful woman I guess we should go with the old expression … Buyer Beware!

Henry Miller claimed the only way to forget about a woman is to turn her into literature. I know a couple who just hope I keep on remembering them.

Have you noticed that young people don’t bother to wear watches. Everything they need is on their cell.

Most people turn out to be a lot different than we originally thought.

Bruce Munson commented after reading about the fact that my Daughter Cami doesn’t want me to speak to her friends that even my eldest Candis may not want me speaking to hers either out of fear of me trying to make one of them her new Mommy.

Doug Herman said my advice to my Grandson Nathaniel about faster cars, older whisky and younger women being the meaning of life might be faulty. He claimed if you just chase the money you can have all three. I responded with the fact that the money would probably all go to the older woman after you found the younger one.


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  1. always a great read george… the way ted tevan a great montreal sports talk host from the 70’s..80’s passed on yesterday…a really good guy..



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