A friend of mine said if he was a Minority he would own most of the Radio Stations he applied at because of how he was treated


Reid Reker and I were very lucky attendees of a Super Bowl Party with great looking Cheerleaders. Lindy Rome was there looking as fine as ever with her friend the always delicious Margo Hunt. Too Tall Hall also showed up sporting some very nice new accessories.

Speaking of the Super Bowl I loved hearing radio playing the Shangri Las Leader Of The Pack in honor of Aaron Rodgers’ MVP Award

Tracy Johnson has a new book out called Morning Radio Revisited he wants to send me a copy because he claims he mentions me a few times. OH OH !

If it’s true that supply and demand is what sets the price shouldn’t Wine be about 50 cents a bottle.

What you think your image is, what your position used to be, and where you used to work has little to do with where you’re going in radio today. You might as well just get the job you always loved doing and become the best in the world at it.

Air talent need to go through 3 steps to become somebody but most start right at the 3rd step ( entertaining ) and fail miserably. You know, folks who have never told a joke in their life start telling bunches of them on the air.

Sports Dynasties are real good for the city where they occur but real bad for the league. Hence the creation of free agency.

The year after your Super Bowl win is when the real coaching begins. (Sung to the old Elvis tune “That’s When Your Heart Aches Begin” ) Come on Sean work with me now.

Jack Collins GM of the first CLASS FM station in America once told me … George what you don’t get about radio sales people is they don’t work for the radio station. I said Jack what you don’t get about me is I don’t work for the radio station either. I work for the listeners.

Sometimes I just feel like the Shop Steward for the Listeners Union.

I think every mans quest should be to become the man his 4 year old daughter already thinks he is.

In a day filled with decision making I think the person who is not paying the bill should be the one deciding where we are eating.

My Daughter Candis while growing up said she was always confused about whether or not I was sexist. Her conclusion … I was, but just not with her.

I remember going to a radio convention in Vancouver with my Brother Reg. At the time we owned a couple of Radio Stations, were consulting almost 40 other stations who were running our CLASS/CASSY stations and were putting another format up on Satellite. So of course we were staying in a nice suite in one of Vancouver’s finest hotels. An old radio buddy of mine Doc Harrispopped over for a visit and after a lot of conversation about the places we used to work at together he said, George I never read about you in the trades, I guess your move to the U.S. didn’t work out for you. Eh ?

If it’s true most talent comes from the dark side, how come I’m not more talented.

Most people don’t want to listen to the radio to further their education nor do they want to be preached at just ask Glen Beck.

The device used to get the product to the consumer soon becomes yesterday’s news. The product if any good lives forever.

A real good friend of mine who is looking for a radio position said if he were a Minority he would own most companies he was applying at because of how he was treated. Names and Places coming soon.

My brother has often told me that I should give up the A** Hole part of my personality because I’m not very good at it. He claims he has met the best and I’m not in their league. But now as I sit here thinking about how radio is now treating good folks not to mention the listeners, I think I just need to get a lot better at it.

Have you ever noticed that commercials that sell some form of entertainment don’t sound at all like commercials.

Jerry Del Colliano says in the PPM World of drive by listening AM Radio is dead meat unless it can attract passionate listeners.

John Picano told me that growing old is inevitable but growing up is just an option.

My old friend Mark Hubbard once told me that radio should be run like the World’s oldest profession is run … Ask the customer what they want, how they want it, then give it to them exactly that way. How Mark knows all this is none of my business.

How come Men have to ask for permission to have a “Boys night out”. Women just inform us when they are going out for the evening with their Girlfriends.

Is there anything more exciting than being invited by the person you are buying a Valentines gift for at Victoria’s Secret to join her in the dressing room.

2 thoughts on “A friend of mine said if he was a Minority he would own most of the Radio Stations he applied at because of how he was treated

  1. George, I just stumbled across your web site and I really enjoy it. Brings back fond memories in Indy at Fairbanks – we really had a one / two punch with WIBC / WNAP. What a group of talented people! Probably my happiest time in my professional career. . . thanks to you and Jim Hilliard.

  2. Bill, Thank you for your nice comments. I remember telling you that you shouldn’t leave WNAP to go to Memphis because your Super Star morning man, Rick Dees was going to LA. But as usual you sales types never listened to me. (: geo.

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