4 Guys & A Radio!

IMG_2094Gary Russell, J Robert Wood, George Johns, and Chuck McCoy, four guys who just happen to have four things in common.
All 4 are from Winnipeg.
All 4 started at CKY.(3 as board ops)
All 4 were influenced by Jimmy Darin.(Hilliard)
All 4 went on to huge Radio careers.(two are already in the Radio Hall Of Fame)

People form both good and bad habits but only good habits form great futures.

If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life then you better make other Women jealous of your Wife rather than her becoming jealous of them.

Ideas are a dime a dozen everyone has them. Doing the idea is where the money is at Jack.

Who are “They” and why are they so all knowing.

Seems to me the only people having a better year are the rich and the poor. I don’t have any extra money in my Jeans this year do you?

The first thing you should do everyday is that which you are most afraid to do.

Women who fall in love tend to disappear, am I right Lorenda & Rai.

The only way to get the credit is to also accept the blame.

What if Mother Nature intends for us to screw everything up so she can get on with what’s ever next.

I’ve actually been in love six times now and the sad part is I can hardly wait for number seven to show up. I must be totally insane.

John Lennon described being pussy whipped the best when he said … The Beatles are just a band Yoko’s my life.

So I’m reading this article that claims that 70% of the disposable income in America is controlled by people over 50 and they also buy 50% of all products but only 5% of the advertising dollars are spent chasing them. I guess Radio isn’t the only industry that has more than a few idiots in it.

Most businesses do things as cheaply as possible but after doing the math I’ve discovered the cheap way takes a lot longer so in the end it all costs the same anyway, except we are all older.

The greatest motivational technique I’ve ever come across is “Inspiration”.

The best inspiration you can give an air talent is to clearly explain how well things will go for them once they complete your mission.

My Mother claimed I shouldn’t stay alone too often because I had Hermit like tendencies. She’s right, I’m really starting to like the no errands, eat what I want to eat, drink what to drink, drink as much as I want to drink, watch as much football as I want, go where I want to go and go as often as I want to kinda life style. Definitely time to meet somebody new and get miserable again.

During the courtship money doesn’t come up very often, during the marriage it comes up a lot and during the divorce it’s the only thing that comes up.

The difference between a good Woman and a great Woman is … A great Woman loves all your stories so much she never ever mentions that you’ve told her the same story over and over again.

I’ve never really been a happy person but I do know when I’m excited I am definitely not sad. Time to get out there tonight and find me a little!

After reading one of my life stories Jamie Gold’s only comment was that “Editing Was The Essence Of Art”. Huh!

I think that the main cause of divorce may be marriage.

I’ve noticed over the years that the Sales folks in Radio are pretty well paid. I’ve also noticed that the people who decide how much they make are from sales also. Is that anything like judges are lawyers so somehow the lawyers fees are one of the first things taken care of in the court room.

I love a lot of passion on the Radio but I love real emotion even more.

You should never listen to your ego it lies. It’s to be used only as fuel so someday you can become as good as you already think you are.

It’s been said that all Women are exactly the same, they just look different.

Holding on to what you have keeps you from having what you want.

If it’s not going to change your life style it’s not important enough to worry about.


6 thoughts on “4 Guys & A Radio!

  1. In my humble opinion George, all 5 of you (George Johns, J. Robert Wood, Gary Russell, Chuck McCoy AND Jimmy ‘Darin’ Hilliard) should be in Radio’s Hall of Fame, not just Chuck and Gary (two brothers as well).

    You’re all legends in my book.

  2. That was a great night! One of the best days of my radio life, surrounded by most of the radio heroes I had the privilege of working with. Thanks for the pic Geo.


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