2 Outta 3 Ain’t Bad ! (new Blog for week of April 13/15)


Long before I even imagined that I would ever try to write any my own stuff I had the privilege of meeting Victor Gold. Mr Gold who is a brilliant political strategist also happens to be an author, and I believe the Crimson Tide’s biggest fan.
Most of Victor Gold’s adult life has been involved with politics either as an advisor to the White House or as a political consultant to others while also writing several successful fiction and non fiction books whenever of course an Alabama time out permitted him to do so. 
I first met him at his home in Falls Church where I saw some great pictures of him and Bear Bryant taken in the very room I was standing in. His daughter Jamie had earlier informed me that not only did Hollywood pick up one of his novels but they also retained him to write the screenplay. When I queried him about what he left out seeing as the screenplay was so much thinner than the book he claimed that he had left out absolutely nothing. Recognizing though that I was a mere civilian he quickly went on to say that it almost took him a whole chapter to describe what the scene looked like to the wife of a prisoner who was visiting her husband in prison one dark and dreary day, the camera would show all of that in two or three seconds so dialog was the only thing necessary in the screen play.
Many years later when I first began to scratch out a few words of my own I recalled our meeting and wished I had taken some notes that day but nonetheless I did leave with a few things that I have never forgotten. (1) Make the reader see what you are trying to say. (2) Publish or Perish! (3) Pray that somebody actually reads your stuff.
Well I kinda publish my own stuff and there’s a counter on my site that that tells me how many people read my Blog so the way I figured it is … Two outta three ain’t bad.
The reason you have friends is to give you some relief from your relatives.
Is it just me or do Rock Stars seem to die younger than everybody else. 
Because tech is soulless it’s sole purpose should be to deliver art full of soul. Is that just a tad too cute?
Only your enemy decides when the war is over.
Bob Christy claims that owning a Ferrari is like loving a beautiful woman who doesn’t love you.
I’m sorry Tony but you just don’t have the magic that Dandy, Roger, and Troy had.
If the bartenders in Florida ever moved to California they would soon starve to death.
The amount of time you spend in planning will be subtracted from the time you will need to spend in execution x 3.
Most people just want a benevolent dictator, they’re tired of trying to figure out what crook to vote for.
It strikes me as quite odd that in Nashville which is the the home of Country Music there’s not a country station in the top 7 of the ratings.
You need to focus on all the things you do have instead of what you don’t have otherwise you’ll always feel like you’re behind.
Are men allowed to file sexual discrimination charges.
Speaking of women are they really ready to give up what they have in order to be equal to men.
If the taxes on cigarettes are designed to discourage smoking then what do you suppose income tax is for.
Even the Chinese don’t speak Chinese.
The topic youthful people talk about the most is music.
It is 10 times easier to sit down than get up.
Is there anything finer than hearing a beutiful woman tell you that she loves you when you wake up in the morning.
I remember when I first moved to California how horrified I was to see all the taxes that had come out of my first pay check which made me feel like I was back in Canada again.
When you wake up one day to discover that you’re finally an adult you may also realize that you’ve already made some life changing adult decisions and are out here swimming without a lifeguard.
As you go through life you will soon discover that the hardest things to find are True Love and Loyal Friends.
I’ll be ready in 5 minutes and the game only has 5 minutes left, take roughly about the same amount of time.
You may only be one person in a 7 billion person world but if you’re lucky enough you may get to become one person’s whole world.
One special tune is worth a 1000 memories.
Brent Farris claims that back in the days of Black & White TV there were a hell of a lot more Whites than Blacks.

Wow Coach K is quickly catching up with legendary John Wooden as the greatest College Basketball Coach of all time isn’t he.

So after not so subtle hints from my youngest daughter, my grandson, and my son, the beard is gone.

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8 thoughts on “2 Outta 3 Ain’t Bad ! (new Blog for week of April 13/15)

  1. By the way, if any of your readers want to hear, or purchase my latest effort, they can go to walkerbruce.bandcamp.com It’s spreading out. I would like some up and coming bands to hear the songs and perhaps use some.

  2. George: Coach K has a bit of a way to go before catching up with John Wooden. Wooden had ten NCAA Titles to his name while “K” has five. Of course, Wooden is from Indiana, and that explains a number of the additional wins.

    • Didn’t know Mr. Wooden was from Indiana Norm, that makes him even a bigger deal than he already was with me. I’ll never forget running with my daughter Candis through the campus of UCLA where she was a senior when we were training for the LA Marathon. I had to stop dead in my tracks when I spotted the basketball arena which was named after him and he was still alive, how cool was that.

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