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Jim Hilliard once asked me why I was so anti-sales. Here is my reply.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the sales folks for my whole career.
However, some of my best friends today are sales folks, and I now empathize with those who are still in the streets trying to sell spots on the radio in the new media world we presently live in.

I think my mistrust of sales folks may have begun back in Winnipeg, where I was the production board op at CKY.
One of the sales guys would sneak into the production studio when I wasn’t there and put his stuff on top of my to-do pile.

Not only did that Sneaky Pete stuff irritate me, but what he wanted was always very complicated, so it took a lot of time to produce.
To add insult to injury, he’d reward me with a movie pass for one whenever he liked what I did. Fucking One!

Then a couple of years later, I moved to Saskatoon to become a program director.
After some pretty lean months, we finally got some great ratings, but unfortunately, the salespeople convinced management that the station was unsalable, so I was ordered to change it. I left instead.

In Sudbury, the sales department pretty well left me alone so I don’t even remember their names.
When I made my way to Ottawa, once again, as I did in Saskatoon, I had to do a phone sales call each week with our national sales reps so we could discuss the sales promotions that seem to come with every buy. You know, the old “Added Value” trick.

On the second call, I finally said to them, “You don’t remember me do you?
You guys once told me that if I ever got any good ratings, I wouldn’t have to do this shit anymore. Well, I got ’em, so I’m gone, and, with that, I handed the phone to the GM and walked out.

When I moved to Indianapolis to be the National PD of Fairbanks Broadcasting, the WNAP sales staff revolted.
They were all pissed about the changes I was making on the Buzzard, so they marched into Jim Hilliards’ office and said, “Him or us.” Jim responded with, “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.”

As I’ve said many times, I like hangin’ out with the sales folks, but I just don’t like working with them.
Not only do they lie for a living, but they also don’t work for the radio station; they work for the client.

However, that all being said, I could have never accomplished half of what I did without the help of the sales royalty that I had the honor of working with.
Dick Yancey in Indy, Jerry Bobo in Dallas, Tom Skinner in Santa Rosa, Tim Reever in Boston, and Jim West, who took me Nation Wide.

Hey, here’s to all of you guys, and thanks for everything. However, I’m still not gonna take my eyes off of you even for a second.
(Dick Yancey is shown on top, followed by me, with Jerry Bobo, Tom Skinner, Tim Reever, and Jim West.)


You’ll get all you desire just as soon as you deserve it.

Very few marriages are strong enough to withstand the passing of their offspring.

Is it any surprise that some old white guys are finally starting to push back?

Wow, the American dollar is worth $1.36 in Canada, which means it may be an excellent time to visit the Motherland again. Wait, what’s that you say, it’s already snowing in some regions. Sorry, already did my snow time!

What you don’t know is much more important than that what you do.

I think it used to go God, Country, and Family, but it’s always been Family, God, and Country for me.

One of the few​ good things about being my age is that I no longer have to be careful about what I say.​

The only heartbeat that matters is your next one.

Do Hispanics get discriminated against less, or do they just complain about it less?

I wonder what kind of Dads the fathers of pole dancers are?

Over the years, I’ve noticed that the more spectacular the woman, the less spectacular the dress needs to be.

Men are completely in charge until they utter the words, “I love you.”

Even though I came where the era of radio where ratings were everything, they still paid the sales folks more.

Sadly, only radio folk have time to listen to our radio stories.

Men are willing to die for their causes, but I’m not so sure that women are.

Within a hundred years, 7 billion people will die of natural causes.

Recognizing beauty is one of the four ways that you prove you’re truly alive.

If last-minute changes take more than a minute to complete, then bad planning was the culprit.

Do the cops harass folks who’ve never done anything bad?

Winning is much more important to losers than it is to winners.

Ok, let’s see if I’ve got this right, only rich old white guys are bad?

It’s always been difficult for me to accept advice because most of it seemed so self-serving.

In ancient times the duty of the King was to the realm, but I’m not sure that’s true today.

I wonder if any of the world’s leaders realize their biggest and most important responsibility is to avoid war until it is unavoidable.

Unfortunately, more freedom always leads to less Security.

Be careful who you share good or bad news with because, as Dick Yancey told me years ago, nobody’s for ya, Man!

When asked what weapons will be used to fight World War III, Einstein said, “I don’t know, but I do know that World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

Respect is limited to those who deserve it.

Even a bad plan is a hell of a lot better than no plan.

Most times, dreams are just dreams, but sometimes…

According to Jordan Peterson, women grow up faster than men do because they have to. They, unlike men, run out of choices by the time they turn thirty-five.

Absolutely nothing is risk-free.

It appears that politicians can escape every scandal except a sexual one.

If the truth is politically incorrect, do you still have to say it under oath?

So, if female nurses outnumber male nurses, 20-1, and male engineers outnumber female engineers, 20-1, how do you bring that into line?

A real leader hires people smarter than them and then gets the hell out of their way.

Do mothers really not understand that some fathers have to kill the person that killed their child?

I wonder what happens when those old rich white guys who run America get tired of hearing how bad they are?

Speaking of old rich guys, not all of them are white, but they definitely run the world.

Having the ability to make people see what you’re saying is a learned skill.

You can get rich a lot quicker if you don’t mind who gets the credit.

I believe that most of the problems in America are caused by a small but very loud percentage of Americans, the radical left and the extreme right.

I understand why there was a need for unions back in the day, but I don’t get why the unions needed the Mob.

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1 thought on “Geo’s Media Blog (Sales Savages) 10/24/22

  1. Jed Duval: George: Your comment about Hispanics not complaining about discrimination as much as perhaps other groups at this time is really something true about most immigrants in this country. The truly exploited and downtrodden ethnic groups in this history of this country (from the 1630s to today) have mostly found that despite the barriers of language, social customs, discrimination at many levels and so forth, men and women found that they had freedoms to work around those barriers, much like youpoor in your journey to radio stardom. When one reads of the poor Eastern European Jews, for example, who came to the U.S. and Canada at the turn of the 20th Century, like Adolph Zukor (Paramount), the Warner brothers, Louis B. Mayer, Samuel Goldwyn and Carl Laemmle (Universal), to develop the film industry on the west coast and elude the Edison patent police, one can make the case of how oppressed immigrants, once given opportunity to grow and prosper can do just that. When I lived in Des Moines, Iowa, working at KIOA-AM and a couple years later at WHO-AM, it was resettled Vietnamese refugees that had developed a thriving community for small businesses that were catering to the neon cornfield crowd. On the southside of Indianapolis, political asylum refugees from Myanmar (Burma), have in ten-years begun to assimilate and prosper (with many of their children in my K-12 substitute teaching classes within Perry Township now grown up working in businesses and attending college). Sadly, our national, regional and local news coverage focuses on the bad things that involve a few immigrants (and I do believe that Bill O’Reilly’s statement that 10 % of the human race is truly evil is likely accurate), but ignores the achievements of those, like you George, who took great simple ideas and became an outstanding success. I see many Hispanics and other immigrants who find ways to contribute to the great story that is this country. We are, except for the Native Americans, who greeted the explorers when they came ashore, a continent of immigrants, and God bless us all in peace. (Sales Savages)
    Geo: As usual, good stuff, Jed.

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