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Sitting here in the middle of the political scene as a Centrist I get to see both sides of everything but there appears to be only one side to the Donald Trump story. So even though I’m not a big fan of his as I’m not of most businessmen or politicians, the way the Liberals have been pounding him has made me grow more than a little suspicious. I don’t remember reading bad stuff about Obama, but I do remember that he pissed me off several times. In fact, as I recall, his first term didn’t go all that well and had the Republicans, stupidly, not run a rich guy against him when the one percenters were not the soup du jour, he may not have had a second term.

Knowing though that enough people liked Trump to elect him as our new president, I thought, there’s got to be another side to this story, so I went looking for it. Finally, I came across this article written by Liz Crokin who is an award-winning author and a seasoned journalist who is also an advocate for sex crime victims. She began her journey at the University of Iowa where she received a bachelor’s in journalism and political science.

Trump DoesThe Unthinkable by Liz Crokin.


Donald Trump is a
racist, bigot, sexist, xenophobe, anti-Semitic and Islamophobe — did
I miss anything?….Oh Right he is also deplorable. The left and the
media launch these hideous kinds of attacks at Trump everyday; yet,
nothing could be further from the truth about the real estate
mogul. As an entertainment journalist, I’ve had the opportunity to cover Trump for over a decade, and in all my years covering him I’ve never heard anything negative about the man until he announced he was running for president.Keep in mind, I got paid a lot of money to dig up dirt on celebritieslike Trump for a living so a scandalous story on the famous billionaire could’ve potentially sold a lot of magazines and would’ve been a Huge feather in my cap.Instead, I found that he doesn’t drink alcohol or do drugs, he’s a hardworking businessman.On top of that, he’s one of the most generous celebrities in the world with a heart filled with more gold than his $100 million New York penthouse.Since the media has failed so miserably at reporting the truth about Trump, I decided to put together some of the acts of kindness he’s committed over three decades which has gone virtually unnoticed or fallen on deaf ears.
• In 1986, Trump prevented the foreclosure of Annabell Hill’s
family farm after her husband committed suicide.  Trump
personally phoned down to the auction to stop the sale of her home and
offered the widow money.  Trump decided to take action after he
saw Hill’s pleas for help in news
In 1988, a commercial airline refused to fly Andrew Ten, a sick
Orthodox Jewish child with a rare illness, across the country to get
medical care because he had to travel with an elaborate life-support
system.  His grief stricken parents contacted Trump for help and
he didn’t hesitate to send his own plane to take the child from Los
Angeles to New York so he could get his
In 1991, 200 Marines who served in Operation Desert Storm spent
time at Camp Jejune in North Carolina before they were scheduled to
return home to their families.  However, the Marines were told
that a mistake had been made and an aircraft would not be able to take
them home on their scheduled departure date.  When Trump got wind
of this, he sent his plane to make two trips from North Carolina to
Miami to safely return the Gulf War Marines to their loved
In 1995, a motorist stopped to help Trump after the limo he was
traveling in got a flat tire.  Trump asked the Good Samaritan how
he could repay him for his help.  All the man asked for was a
bouquet of flowers for his wife.  A few weeks later Trump sent
the flowers with a note that read:  We’ve paid off your
In 1996, Trump filed a lawsuit against the city of Palm Beach,
Florida, accusing the town of discriminating against his Mar-a-Lago
resort club because it allowed Jews and blacks.  Abraham Foxman,
who was the Anti-Defamation League Director at the time, said Trump
put the light on Palm Beach not on the beauty and the glitter, but on
its seamier side of discrimination.  Foxman also noted that
Trump’s charge had a trickle-down effect because other clubs followed
his lead and began admitting Jews and
In 2000, Maury Povich featured a little girl named Megan who
struggled with Brittle Bone Disease on his show and Trump happened to
be watching.  Trump said the little girl’s story and positive
attitude touched his heart.  So he contacted Maury and gifted the
little girl and her family with a very generous
In 2008, after Jennifer Hudson’s family members were tragically
murdered in Chicago, Trump put the Oscar-winning actress and her
family up at his Windy City hotel for free.  In addition to that,
Trump’s security took extra measures to ensure Hudson and her family
members were safe during such a difficult
In 2013, New York bus driver Darnell Barton spotted a woman
close to the edge of a bridge staring at traffic below as he drove
by.  He stopped the bus, got out and put his arm around the woman
and saved her life by convincing her to not jump.  When Trump
heard about this story, he sent the hero bus driver a check simply
because he believed his good deed deserved to be
In 2014, Trump gave $25,000 to Sgt. Andrew Tamoressi after he
spent seven months in a Mexican jail for accidentally crossing the
US-Mexico border.  President Barack Obama couldn’t even be
bothered to make one phone call to assist with the United States
Marine’s release; however, Trump opened his pocketbook to help this
serviceman get back on his
In 2016, Melissa Consin Young attended a Trump rally and
tearfully thanked Trump for changing her life.  She said she
proudly stood on stage with Trump as Miss Wisconsin USA in 2005.
However, years later she found herself struggling with an incurable
illness and during her darkest days she explained that she received a
handwritten letter from Trump telling her she’s the bravest woman, I
know.  She said the opportunities that she got from Trump and his
organizations ultimately provided her Mexican-American son with a
full-ride to college.
 Lynne Patton, a black female executive for the Trump Organization, released a
statement in 2016 defending her boss against accusations that he’s a
racist and a bigot.  She tearfully revealed how she’s struggled
with substance abuse and addiction for years.  Instead of kicking
her to the curb, she said the Trump Organization and his entire family
loyally stood by her through immensely difficult times.

Donald Trump’s
kindness knows no bounds and his generosity has and continues to touch the lives of people from every sex, race and religion. WhenTrump sees someone in need, he wants to help  Two decades ago, Oprah asked Trump in a TV interview if he’d run for president. He said: If it got so bad, I would never want to rule it out
totally, because I really am tired of seeing what’s happening with this country.
That day has come.Trump sees that America is in need and he wants to help. How unthinkable!

On the other hand, have you ever heard of Hillary or Obama ever doing such things with their own resources?

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27 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog. (Unthinkable Trump) 1/11/18. #1 in 2018.

  1. Excellent article, George. It is appalling to see the media’s continual attempts to castrate and crucify this man! Trump has actually done an amazing job, especially considering the slings and arrows the Left has thrown at him. The economy is booming! More people have more money in their 401K’s than they ever have before! The stock market is higher than it has ever been thanks to Trump’s deregulation and his cutting of corporate taxes! “Yuge” amounts of money are now flowing back into the U.S from overseas; creating jobs and improving infrastructure! Illegal immigrants are no longer flooding into the U.S because they know Trump means business! And, finally, instead of ‘leading from behind’ as Obama did, Trump is telling the world 2 things: “America first” and “Don’t fuck with us”! Btw, getting China to begin to seriously pressure North Korea is the result of Trump’s leadership no less. Gone are the “Kumbaya” days of a feckless and impotent globalist – Obama!

  2. Truth Or reports: “Conklin makes a number of specific claims about Trump’s good deeds, and they mostly check out. But the idea that Trump didn’t get any attention or press coverage or credit for them is false since we found endless media reports about almost all of them.”

  3. Interesting info about his reported good deeds.
    However, I will never be able to get past how Trump mocked a disabled person.
    Any respect held for him flew out the window that day.

    • I don’t like him for that Jo and many other things he does but I also don’t like people who have been voting for the same party over and over again just because their grandparents told them to, telling us what to do and who to vote for. I don’t care about their grandparents but I do care about you and hope you are well? xogeoxo

      • Mike, Trump himself supplies the left with his own fake news and as they run around chasing it, he does whatever he wants to do without scrutiny.

        • Wait a minute. He get’s to run around and do anything without scrutiny?

          Surely you jest.

          Special council, illegal wiretapping, plants inside his campaign, then presidency… and who knows how many illegal leaks during his election campaign and then in his presidency until he found all of the traitors.

          Fake Dossier paid for by the DNC, FISA abuse against him and anyone two steps from him (hundreds, if not thousands of Americans illegally spied on).

          I could go on forever with actual verifiable facts like above that you haven’t a clue about, or you would not spoken as you have and made such immature claims and statements.

          Maybe, just maybe you should research before spouting off lies and deceptions, because there is no other way to classify the comment I am replying to.

  4. I really appreciated you putting this article into your blog. I have nothing against Trump. I was just on a cruise and several people brought up Trump’s name and then went into a rant about how much they hated him. It’s a wonderful practice to stay quiet. You can’t change anyone’s mind. Even with this blog, you probably won’t change the negativity towards him. I voted for Donald and I don’t mind saying it. I could not vote for HC and I’m still happy that I voted for the Donald. Being president is a thankless job with tons of criticism. Kenny met Donald Trump a couple of times and really liked him as a person. Most of us have not met him, but yet choose to hate him and everything that he does, but that is what makes the world go round.

    • Well said Jenn Jenn and quite surprising. I didn’t think you New Yawkers were allowed to vote anything but Democratic. 🙂
      PS. I love smart beautiful women but you already knew that didn’t you. xogeoxo

  5. A Centist? Really, George?? That’s a label you’ve assigned to yourself so as not to turn away a small percentage of progressive readers, isn’t it? LIz Crokin is like Joyce Kaufman proclaiming Trump to be a sweet guy. There are just as many negatives she could have listed on his resume, some of which we’re just now learning about.
    Pre-president Trump was, at the very least, a con man; more than likely a criminal and possibly a traitor. But, oh, let’s not disparage the poor man.
    This is the same guy David Letterman chose as his favorite baffoon during The Late, Late Show era. They’d get him to do and say all sorts of ridiculous things because Trump simply loves attention. That’s the key to all of it.
    I’ll admit The Donald’s immigration policies are similar to what I agree with which also happen to be very similar to Obama’s – other than the wall. But I think it’s important to remember, too, that Obama came into office with a serious global financial crisis on his plate in 2008 inherited from W who foolishly suspended banking/housing regulations. Obama and the legislative branch got us out of it, thank goodness. When Trump took office, all he had to do was tear Obama a new one. And so he has.

    • Actually, I am a Centrist Mr. LeMann, I’m left on some issues and right on others, I refuse to blindly follow a Mr. Obama or a Mr. Trump down a path. As for who reads my Blog, I don’t give a damn. I write it for my own therapy to get rid of my frustration so I don’t kill someone. Each and every line is personal and means something to me and I don’t care if anyone else gets it. I hate all politicians including Mr. Trump but I must admit that Trump is easier for me to understand because he acts like a businessman and I’ve had to deal with them all my life. I hate businessmen almost as much as politicians. Now, what Obama’s game was, I have no idea but he did come out of the Whitehouse a lot richer than he went in. Take deep breaths Kenny and thank your lucky stars Hilary didn’t get in. Bernie would have been fun! geo

      • Forgive me but I don’t read your blog/memoirs/therapy sessions as often as before. But, in the past, shaming the Right was not something I remember you doing as often as you would ridicule the Left. Maybe you can fill me in.
        I agree with you regarding Hillary. She makes my skin crawl and I wish Bill would disappear as well. Bernie is too far Left which might make his philosophy unworkable in our country’s present form. Trump picked the perfect time to run, right? And you can expect him to come out of the White House richer than when he went in as well.
        Democracy isn’t supposed to move in a straight line. It wobbles down the road – a little to the Left then a little to the Right. All civilizations inevitably move steadily forward. Conservatives are there to slow it down a little. I’m all for that – to a degree. Both parties (and maybe a third) are important to do what they do to keep America on track. Too bad they can’t find a way to do it together.
        You hate politics? Join the club. Unfortunately, the name Trump happened to be in the title of your email this time and I read on. It riles me up when somebody like LIz Crokin tries to convince me that Trump is anything but a clown. Sorry.
        How are you, George? Does anyone under 40 still listen to local radio? “Local” used to be the primary ingredient in our recipe. Now, nobody seems to pay much attention to anything but their devices. Then again, I could be wrong. Don’t much care anymore. Let someone else figure it out!

        • Wow, one of America’s best mid-day guys who was #1 on WRMF for over 20 years talking politics. Jim Hilliard once claimed that the biggest mistake he made was not putting me on the air. I told him that the best I could ever be on the radio would be as a sidekick. I could never be a host because I’ve got nothing to say, I have to be provoked. I hate all politicians equally but the Democrats provoke me more often than the Republicans do so I’m sure it looks out of balance.
          One of my favorite lines still Ken was hearing you say on the radio, “If you get up on your tippy toes you can almost see the weekend from here.” 🙂

  6. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever read. Where are the sources for any of this information?

    Dumb. If someone doesn’t back up an article with facts and statistics from verified sources, how can anyone trust what a person says? It’s heresay at best. Cool…

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