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A couple of days ago, my daughter Candis who lives in LA, sent me a video of my grandson Nathaniel playing with the Pasadena Youth Symphony Orchestra at a recent concert. They sounded great, and I couldn’t believe how much they’ve improved since I last heard them, which was about a year ago.
As you’re probably very aware, I’m very proud of my grandson who enters high school in the fall as a straight-A student. Not only is Nathaniel scholastically gifted, but he’s also on the debate team and has won several “gavels” (top speaker award) in the tournaments. Just recently he finished in the top 8 of the National Geographic California GEOBEE. Oh, and did I mention that he’s also an all-star baseball player? What’s not to be proud of?

However, as well rounded as he is, as a grandparent, my job is to give Nathaniel sage advice even though it probably bores him to death. After watching the video of his concert, I texted the following, “Nathaniel, never stop playing the violin, it makes you special.” 
When I was growing up in Winnipeg, I went on to say to him, I like you was also pretty good at baseball and even made the dream team. When I entered High School as you are doing this fall, not only was I the running back for our football team, I also started my own band.
While growing up in Transcona where your mother was born, I had a bunch of different part-time jobs and hated them all. However, after leaving the Manitoba Institute Of Technolgy, (should I just go with MIT?) I lucked out because I discovered radio. Not only did I love it but I became very successful at it. As I’ve told you, the secret of life is figuring out what you love to do and then finding somebody to pay you to do it.
However, as good as I was at baseball, football, and radio, nobody wants to hear about it. The only thing they want to hear from me is what it was like to play guitar on stage with friends like, Neil Young, Randy Bachman of BTO, Burton Cummings of The Guess Who, and legends like Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash? 
This is how it works buddy unless you make the majors, nobody will care about your baseball career, so enjoy it for yourself. The thing that will be interesting though to all the new people you’re going to meet is what school you went to, and that you play violin in the Symphony Orchestra. It’s so special that it makes you special.

No response is a very powerful response.

The best thing about having money is getting to spend it on the people you love.

As I said to a guy at Duffy’s the other night, “Even though Canada invented Hockey, and have the best players, no Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup since the early ’90s. Somehow out of the blue, the Toronto Raptors are the basketball champions of the world. What’s up with that?” He claimed it was because none of the Raptors are Canadians. I responded with, “You mean like in St. Louis where the Blues are not all Americans?”
You’ll never get rich working 9 to 5. 
I doubt that even gay guys can resist tapping their toe when “La Grange” comes on. 
The definition of radio art – “Your exaggerated comments about life as you observe it.”

The government doesn’t give you anything more than what you gave them. 

Is there a good looking woman out there who isn’t sleeping with somebody?

Familiarity breeds contempt.

What made Woodstock so famous 50 years ago was all the people who showed up, not the artists. The bands all thought of it as just another gig.


Ron Below: As Midwest Regional Promotional Manager for about a decade for various labels, I never had the pleasure of crossing paths with you until my strange side journey at WNAP. So, as a “once was” record guy, what does it take to get into your exclusive circle of record guys :-)? I only crossed Charlie Minor’s path a couple of times at industry events, but he was very well known to just about anybody, connected to or in the record biz… magnetic charisma, more than gracious host, beautiful women around at his beckon call, quick to pick up the tab and all the perks that record/showbiz (radio) enjoyed. If the perfect Record Man Robot came out of a machine it would be a clone of Charlie.

Geo: Mr. Below, I’ve only known four record guys during my whole radio career, Al Mair and Doug Chappelle in Canada, and Jerry Brenner and Charlie Minor in America. The reason I know them is, they figured out how to find me. (Good Time Charlie)

Pat O’Day: Thanks so much George for another great year of fun, enjoyable, knowledgeable, reading. As I write this, I can still see you sitting in my Seattle living room where I was trying to hire you as a consultant and you said, “Pat, why would you want to hire me, you already know more than I do.” What a humble statement and it’s typical of you.
Give my best to Jim Hilliard when you get a chance. Tell him I’m alive and well, busy with my real estate practice and deeply involved with a Seattle Addiction Hospital. Still in great health, living on San Juan Island, Washington.
Merry Christmas Sir! What a winner you are!!!
Pat. (Seasons Greetings)

Doc Harris: Cami, like many others here, I have never met you but have spied on your life through your Dad. He and I worked together in Saskatoon, Sudbury, and Toronto, and he helped me build what turned out to be a very successful career.
As you go through life, always know that man will be there for you.
He loves you very very much. That’s obvious. With that behind you, there’s nothing you can’t do!
My Best Wishes,
Doc. (Camera Anne Johns Summerfield Graduates Today)

Robert Woyna: Hey! Just a terrific blog.  I grew up with you guys and Burton Cummings back in those great days. We lost you to the states but got now have you back again via your blog but witty and smarter. Great on the Canadian shit, keep it up, my friend. (CKY Reunion)

Bobby Rich: Geo, you’re right–probably not. Not that it matters as the item is still inspiring. They aren’t his final words and it’s not proven that they are even his words. According to his sister  Mona Simpson’s eulogy “Steve’s final words were: ‘OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW’.(The Last Words Of Steve Jobs)

Bruce Buchanan: Thanks for the mention…those years at KVIL, WRMF, and KLLS were my favorite during a 28-year radio career.  I credit you, Chapman, and Hilliard, with forcing me to approach programming in an entirely different way. To this day I’m not sure the industry really knew what happened when KVIL went #1 in 1976.
Someday I’ll tell you about the time I entered KOGO/KPRI, at midnight, with a Colt .45 and asked three drunk staff members to leave the building. Oh, the good times !!! (Thank You)

Jeff Roper: Now the definition of “copy” is just that…repeat, cut and paste, even the movie industry can’t find any new ideas, just reboots, do-overs, and prequels of sequels.
I write the best copy, now if someone would listen…Get off your phone!!!! (White Guy With Privileges)

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