Pink Nipples. (New For August 31/15)


Having a few drinks at BJ’s with my new friend Sharonda, (pictured with old friend Lindy Rome) she explained to me that the real reason there were very few Daddies in “the hood” and projects was because if there were, the Baby Mamas wouldn’t get their welfare checks. The Daddies have to sneak in and out undetected in the middle of the night because if the feds ever find any evidence of them being there, the welfare money is cut off immediately. Eventually the Daddies tire of it all and move on.


For some people creativity begins immediately upon hearing the word no.

To be outstandingly creative you have to give up your fear of being wrong.

Why is it no longer right to be against something. 

Two of the things that women desire the most:
1. Losing weight
2. Eating

Men insult each other all day but don’t mean it where as women spend their day complimenting each other but also don’t mean it.

Friendship should never be taken lightly.

To communicate correctly on the radio one must use punctuation.

If you fit in on the radio, radio doesn’t need you.

Radio for me is just like smoking was, I don’t like it but I can’t quit.

Ayn from Duffy’s told me that all women have pink nipples until they have children, is that true?

Without laws I believe that most businessman will cheat you.

Can you imagine John and Paul telling the other two Beatles that while on tour they wouldn’t be making as much as them as Fry and Henley told the rest of the Eagles.

Logic will take you from a – b, but imagination will take you everywhere else.

Ivan Braiker once told me that it was what I didn’t do that created the sound on the stations I was involved with.

The biggest selling records of all time usually have a black person sounding white or a white person sounding black on them.

Any words other than yes mean no.

I’ve never hear the word true being used to describe PPM.

I think Custer may have been the last General in America to lead his troops into battle.

Say something out loud sometimes takes on a whole new meaning than when you think it.

Without commitment and accountability, good intentions are simply that.

The only time a creative meeting goes smoothly is when the room is filled with mediocrity.

Answering any question is easy if you’re not lying.

I wonder what God thinks about gifted people who don’t use their gifts.

To become successful it’s a way more important to write a song than play it, ask Ringo.

Nothing stays pure without rules.

Life and death take on a whole new meaning if you can sue someone when somebody dies.

If you just leave out the truth are you still lying.

The best days of your life usually follow the worst.

In order to get something you’ve never had before your gonna have to do something you’ve never done before.

You’ve begun to grow old when you stop laughing.

Your rights end at the tip of my nose.

I don’t think they should plea bargain Jared it would be much more fun for us to watch him squirm everyday throughout a long drawn out trial. Why should all the guys who are waiting for him in prison have all the fun.

So I understand that the new formula for fixing radio is that you simply yank two guys off the air (Charlie Tuna & Shotgun Tom) who have their own stars Hollywood Walk of Fame, hey that should do it. I wonder why the Hollywood Movie Moguls aren’t as smart as these radio clowns and pull Tom Cruise from “Mission Impossible” and Vin Diesel from “Fast & Furious. Talk about f**king savings!

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8 thoughts on “Pink Nipples. (New For August 31/15)

  1. Creativity seems to have a lot to do with energy and/or the hormones of youth. Even the outrageous Neil Rogers became less listenable during his final years. “W-O-L-D! “

    • I agree Ken, That’s why I really don’t like husband and wife teams, there’s usually no sexual energy so they have to compensate in other ways, kinda like what you had to go through to do a show to sound “up” compared to Buzzy.

      • Ha! Nobody was as up as Buzzy. A fun guy to be around. Not sure what you think I was “having to go through” but it was not to sound like Buzzy. Might well have been the other way around, though.

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