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The most popular music in the world was created when the music industry blended together the perfect combination of black and white. What this blend produced was brown, not gray and this somewhat magical “brown sound” only happens when a white person tries to sound black, or a black person attempts to sound white. More often than not the sound they create becomes what is known worldwide as pop music. A case in point; when the early Beatles tried unsuccessfully to sing like the girls of Motown they failed but that failed attempt produced a sound so unique that it changed the world.
For the longest time, I used to think that the folks in the music world were much further ahead of the rest of the world regarding race relations. All that changed for me the day George Martin died. (shown above) I happened to be sitting next to a black guy I know at Duffy’s whom I’ve talked music with many times before. At some point during our conversation, I said, “Hey that’s sad news about George Martin Huh?” He surprisingly responded with, “Who’s that?” Hey, even I know who Quincy Jones is, are you fucking kidding me?
That experience at Duffy’s that evening made me see the music world as it is, not how I thought it was. As I look around now with my new eyes, I’m beginning to see the things I hadn’t noticed before. Like how few if any white musicians are in black bands or when interviewed, they only talk about other black performers. I mistakenly thought that musicians and singers were a way ahead of the rest of society and were already color blind. However, I’m now beginning to realize that even though the creation of Rock&Roll finally welcomed the black artists to the previously white world of entertainment, we are still not welcome in theirs. It’s kind of like you always see a few black people in a mostly white bar, but there’s sure no whites in a black one. What’s up with all that?


Is there anyone more disrespected than a politician?

The Muses don’t fly coach, I know because I never came up with a single idea when I had to sit back there. However, whenever I sat up front, I ran out of paper long before I ran out of copy.

You certainly know when someone is hurting you but they may not.
Even the biggest stars owe somebody for helping them somewhere along the road, nobody discovered themselves.
Why has every president since Jimmy Carter bought into the oil shortage scam wants to drill in places we don’t want them to? We’ve already got more oil in North America than we can ever use.
I wonder how many of the “kneelers” will end up in the hall of fame?
I’ve never believed the often said, “What’s good for big business is good for America.” Hell, the only thing that has always been good for big business is war.
If you don’t feel that you’re worth anything, the people around you think that you’re worth even less.
I wish all the guys in Hollywood would stop being gentlemen and start naming all the starlets who offered up their bodies for career advancement.
Great moments produce even greater memories.
There comes a time when it’s best to stop the sellin’ and get on with the helpin’.
I wonder why Democrats think that mainstream media is not left-leaning news service. From where I sit here in the middle, they’re as far left of me as Fox is to the right.
I seem to attract broken women unless I can count the Russian, Filipinos, and Africans who try to friend me on Facebook. But then again, they’re broke.
I think Mr. Trump might be playing us. All the things that he’s doing that have some folks all riled up, may, in fact, be covering up what he’s really doing.
It’s impossible to change the beginning of your life but relatively easy to change the ending.
Even though the dark side is usually ten times more powerful than the bright side, I would think that “Oh Wow” easily trumps Oh No!
Have you ever wondered why your rearview mirror is so small compared to your windshield? It’s because where you’ve been is not a big deal.
What with vacation days, holidays, maternity leave, paternity leave, sick days, personal days, etc. Who the hell is supposed to do all the work?
No matter how bad the thing is you find out about the Republicans, there is an equally objectionable thing out there about the Democrats.
If there is no Mexican music blasting out of a radio in the kitchen of a restaurant, it’s not real Mexican food.
Bigger ain’t necessarily better, ask the dinosaurs.
Being the best does not come from living a balanced life, it comes from living an obsessed one.
I have no idea how this works but when Obama was in office he claimed the economy was boomin’ and now Trump claims the same. All I know is that I’ve got the same amount of money in my jeans that I’ve always had.
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  1. Actually, the often misquoted “cliché” about what’s good for business is good for the county, is was really an answer given by General Motor’s president, Charles Erwin “Engine Charlie” Wilson in early 1953 to a question from a U.S. Senator of the Senate Armed Forces Committee during Wilson’s confirmation hearing as Eisenhower’s Secretary of Defense. The question concerned if Wilson, if confirmed, could make a decision that was adverse to the interests of General Motors but was in the best interests of the country. (After all, G.M. had large defense contracts for aircraft, tanks, vehicles, weapons, and so forth.) Wilson’s response was affirmative, according to author Ed Cray in his history of G.M., “Chrome Colossus”, adding that Wilson said that he could not conceive of that situation “…because for years I have always thought that what was good for the country was good for General Motors…and vice versa.” Wilson did grudgingly sell his extensive G.M. stock holdings valued in 1953-dollars at $ 2.5-million, as the price to serve his country. After the Korean Conflict was de-escalated from it’s “police action” status, Wilson eventually cut the Defense Department budget as he and Eisenhower reorganized the military. The misquotes and out-of-context references are legendary, especially by journalists whom never did the research. Wilson publicly gave up trying to set the record straight in 1957 after years of trying to correct the misquote. No wonder that it has become a cliché. And while it is true that the automobile industry benefited from defense contracts, their profits were limited by those contracts, and during 1940-1946 and again during the Korean conflict, there were raw materials shortages that stifled automobile production and drove down profits during those years. G.M., Ford and Chrysler’s profits zoomed after 1955 as war-materiel production dropped back to “peace” time levels and the main business returned to making cars and trucks. – Jed Duvall (P.S.: My late father who was a program administrator at G.M.-Allison Division was sent to Cleveland in 1968 and 1969 to shut down the G.M. tank plant that still manufactured the by-then obsolete late W.W. II-vintage Sherman tank with either 1940s-era Cadillac flathead V-8s or Detroit Diesel engines and Hydra-Matic transmissions. The W.W. II-era Defense (War) Department contract to build the tank was finally fulfilled and production ended. He was also able to witness first-hand the flames of the fire on the Cuyahoga River !)

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