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Dave Fulton told me he is in the process of making his new “Naptown Rock Radio Wars” Movie/Documentary a little more current by moving his film towards the “Wars” part of the story and somewhat away from the nostalgic aspect. He feels this will make it a little more appealing to people living outside of Indiana which hopefully will enable him to enter his great production into a few more Film Festivals. All of us old Fairbanks folks wish him well!

During those same Rock Wars Dave’s film is about we got one of the best rating books we ever produced in Indy. Arbitron showed WIBC #1 25-54 adults and WNAP #2 in the money demo for the first time. As wonderful a moment as that was for Fairbanks Broadcasting it unfortunately was the beginning of the end for the Buzzard.

One of the few things I’ve learned over the past few months about the wants and needs of women as it pertains to their Radio listening habits are … (1) You’ve got 4 seconds to get their attention. (2) There are 5 subjects they are interested in the most. (3) They have 6 primal emotions which you will need to touch before they will ever become a fan of yours. All of this of course is very old hat to Law&Order.

Just saw a new Billboard that read … Wine Is Now Cheaper Than Gas So Drink Don’t Drive.

Arnold Segal says that for one to be truly happy they must have the ability to be able to say what they mean and mean what they say. I would also advise not to be too mean while saying it though.

If God didn’t like humor even when it’s about him he wouldn’t have given us the talent to create it.

Speaking of Religion I hear tell there are ancient scrolls locked up in the bowels of the Vatican supposedly written by Jesus where he says … It’s not about me or the Church, it’s about my Father.

The thing I dislike about socialism the most is it doesn’t seem to benefit all the people.

The truth you speak is part of your past the lies are part of your future.

Speaking of lies according to a study done at California Berkeley and Toronto’s Rotman School Of Management rich people are more likely to cheat, lie, and break the law. Hmmmmmm I wonder what Harvard who taught most of them has to say about this.

Greed like Sex makes you immune to fear!

You don’t ever get to leave a Woman they have to leave you!

For some reason our Government acts like it is afraid of Pharmaceutical companies, Banks, and Oil Companies. The result is these guys seem do what ever they want to us. Isn’t that why God invented guns and the Constitution gives us the right to bear them. Sweet!

To this day I still use something Mr. Fairbanks taught me in the mid 70s. We like a lot of stations in Indianapolis carried the network feed of the Indy 500 but the air crew was mostly from our stations. Arbitron back then didn’t survey past the middle of May and with the race being at the end of May we didn’t have any statistics to prove that most people listened to the race on WIBC. I came up with a plan to buy an over niter from Arbitron for Race Day only. Now seeing as Jim Hilliard was busy flying around the country trying to sell the Indiana Pacers which he was President of, I had to take my very expensive plan to Mr. Fairbanks. I put together an extensive presentation about how if the survey came out in our favor we could jack the rates up the following year etc., but If it didn’t we could just dump the whole project and play dumb. Into his office I go and begin with the fact that I want to buy a special survey to be done by Arbitron which I think will prove we are the station everybody listens to the race on. Before I could even start into my presentation he says … Do it! I nod but continue my presentation anyway and he interrupts me by saying … George you’ve already got a yes from me, continued talking on your part can only lead to a no. To this day when I hear a yes at a meeting I just get up, walk out and put the prerecorded promo on the air before buyer’s remorse sets in.

The greatness of a project is determined by the genius of its subtleties.

The thing I’ve noticed most about smart people is they’re not very predictable.

Has anyone else noticed that Axel Rose stole some of the moves he makes on stage from a dead Monkee.

Before quickly dropping all Chinese words and references from our vocabulary when talking to and about Jeremy Lin why don’t we ask what he finds offensive.

Because the truth may be inconvenient to your quest doesn’t change anything!

I don’t think too many marriages survive when the Woman is the financial provider which means not much has changed.

How would you like to be the PR Person who has to explain to Danica Patrick that seeing as she is doing less than well at racing the bikini shots are not enough anymore and we’re going to need a stolen sex tape to keep this movement going.

Frank Sinatra as great as he was never quite changed the World like Elvis and The Beatles did.

At least once a year Rush Limbaugh does something controversial which gets the rest of us like fools to talk about to talk about him which causes a whole bunch of folks who grew weary of him to check his show out once again.

The main reason gas prices are going up is because they can.

I finally tracked down my old friend Chuck Booms who I found hiding on the Radio in Cleveland. Seems he is reunited with his long time air partner Kevin Kiley and they are tearing it up in the mornings. I have to figure out how to explain to Booms that he would be much happier down here in Florida because it’s much warmer and more beautiful than Cleveland and so far I’m only talking about the Women. Chuck would be perfect for a new talk concept we’re doing on Big Talk 8-50 in Ft. Lauderdale.

Wow how sad another legend leaves us! Steve Rivers whose radio work I much admired is gone. Even though I only met him once I still remember how kind he was to me on that occasion. Radio will miss him but he will be remembered always as being a big part of Radio’s Glory Days.

10 thoughts on ““NAPTOWN ROCK RADIO WARS”

  1. Axel Rose stealing moves from a dead monkey… How rude. I must, however, correct you, RadMan – in that, J. Fred Muggs is indeed still alive. The sometimes vicious simian and his perennial ‘live-in girlfriend’ Phoebe B. Beebe, presently co-habitate in Citrus Park, FL and are rumored to be looking for a radio gig in the West Palm area. Axel Rose is a bad, bad man. Call me. I have his number.

  2. Lot’s of stuff to comment on: Hope PBS decides that this is a good show to syndicate so everyone can see it.
    Rush’s audience is aging like he is and he had to do something to stay in the discourse. What the folks who write about him don’t factor in is ratings and that his company is owned by clear channel so he is not about to be fired or suspended. Former top 40 jock that rush was knows that they’ll tune in to see what he’s going to say next. (the howard stern effect)
    I didn’t know that Steve Rivers had numerous strokes, and was living in assisted living, sad way to go out.. Nice guy..

  3. I don’t need tea leaves to predict what’s going to be on my Facebook page tomorrow — the Danica comment, OF COURSE with proper attribution to you, George. Unless you say no. Please say yes.

  4. Someone emailed me and said the ‘dead monkey’ you referred to was Davy Jones. My bad. J. Fred, however, is still looking for a morning gig, but only if there are a lot of trade accounts.

    • Yes it was Moto! If you watch any old videos of Davy he does the exact sorta dance that Axel does but I think Davey was first by a few decades.

  5. Regarding rich people lying, cheating and breaking the law Jesus also said, “Again I tell you it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.” Matthew 19:24

  6. I can get you a good deal on Costa Rican bananas direct from the factory..
    A zip line (some assembly required) is included plus Costa Rican blend coffee.
    Everything an outrageous morning monkey needs..

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