13 thoughts on “Love Ya!

  1. This has troubled me for years. And I risk exile. I love and respect you. But what you say about women is what other men will say about Candis and Cami. To them, they aren’t your daughters, they are just estrogen to gritch about. Every women who gets gritched about from radio men was once their daughter. It won’t stop until you stop. Merry Christmas, Geo. And I really mean that.

    • Kelley I love women as you well know but that does not mean I unconditionally accept all their motives to be on the good side. But I definitely know yours are. (-:

        • I think she may have been referring to my overall writings Mary in which I mention women quite a bit. Seeing as you beautiful creatures are one of the few things that can distract me from my given task I study women a lot and learn some amazing things about them that even they are not aware of.

  2. The SNL Skit had it right, Christ was too busy on Sunday hence the Pats killed Tebow and the Merry Men of Denver.
    Speaking of radio fights, CBS moved the WNEW calls to DC AND 99.1 FM, which after Jan 1 becomes all news..taking on WTOP…which has the CBS Network until 2013. This one should really be entertaining.
    Will be listening this week on my new toy a Kindle Fire..sorry Mr Jobs but the guy who has taken your place in Mr Bezos..

  3. Poor Tim Tebow. No Miracle this week. What the hell does he expect??? Hannukah is Tuesday! Christmas is less than a week away for God’s sake! Doesn’t he realize Jesus is BUSY right now??? The Nerve of Some people…

    God already figured out that the Denver Broncos won’t need any “Divine Intervention on Christmas…they’re playing the Buffalo Bills!

    The people I really feel sorry for are the Sports Media Guys who had the cover the Dolphins/Bills game in my hometown of Buffalo on Sunday. I heard it was SO COLD…it took 45 minutes to undress a hooker!!!

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