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Not so long ago my daughters, Candis and Cami, threw me a wonderful birthday party in San Diego where they even brought in Ron Chapman to MC it. I was very honored and surprised with how many of my Canadian and American friends showed up to roast & toast me. (pictured on top, Candis & Cami & me) (next, left – right, Nance & Ron Chapman, me, Linda Duffy, Cami, Brynn, and Candis.) (next down, me and Gary Russell RIP) (last photo, Jack McCoy and me)
I live in West Palm Beach so I booked four airline tickets to San Diego and upgraded two of them to first for Cami and her friend Bryn. My date Linda Duffy and I sat about halfway back where my plan was to have a couple of cocktails and relaxing before having to change planes in Dallas. Unfortunately, that was not to be. As I sat there chatting with Linda while sipping on my CC and Coke, I hear, “If there’s a doctor on board would they please make themselves known by pressing the call button above their seat.” I remember thinking, God I hate when that happens, I hope it’s not serious. However, when a flight attendant who was hurrying back locked her eyes with mine, I knew it was serious for me! 
When I got up front, I found Cami laid out on the floor half in and half out of the restroom. She was shaking and throwing up and I was beside myself, the only Doctor on board was a psychologist who thought that she may be suffering from an allergic reaction to something. After getting an antihistamine in her, she settled down a little and we got her back in her seat for our landing in Dallas. However, once we landed, she started again so they had to take her off on a stretcher. (she may have had a reaction to the nuts they serve in first class.)

We had a couple of hours before our next flight so she got to rest but she had to tough it out when we boarded our next flight because they wouldn’t let us on if she didn’t appear to be ok. Thank goodness Linda was along because I was just a basket case, so when we finally boarded, Linda sat up front with Cami. Upon landing in San Diego, Linda told me that Cami had thrown up a couple of more times during the flight and I was really worried because she looked white as a ghost. However, after picking up our luggage and hailing a cab, as we headed to our hotel, I heard the sweetest words I’ve ever heard, “Daddy I’m hungry, can we get a pizza?”


I would think that the chromosome count XX for females and XY for males would better determine what category athletes should compete in rather than them deciding. 

Do liberals or Socialists ever laugh?

Do I understand this correctly, medical marijuana doesn’t get you high?

Why do people who escaped from their homeland still proudly wave the flag of the country that they left behind?

A lot of white people marched with Martin Luther King but I’ve never heard it mentioned?
Why don’t they have production people in the Radio Hall Of Fame? What was better on the radio than the promos Jack McCoy created and voiced for the last contest?
How come it never gets as good as it gets bad?
Didn’t we all wonder just how long it would take Jameis Winston of Tampa Bay to get in trouble again?
Speaking of thugs, don’t they all wish that we were as tolerant of them as the NFL is? Well, we’re not!
The only women I love unconditionally are my daughters; I have questions for the rest.

Speaking of daughters, I wonder how scary it is for my daughters to rely on me as their rock after hearing how irresponsible I was from their mothers?

I’ve heard that the reason that Canada wants to legalize recreational marijuana is to better cope with their neighbors to the south.
I think Hollywood writers should have to disclose their political leanings so we can decide if we want to see a movie that lectures us by making fiction look like reality.
People tend only to reveal themselves when you can no longer help them.
America wasn’t created for the rich; it was designed for the folks who wanna be rich.
The 97% who gave up, all work for the 3% who didn’t.
Determination and perseverance are what changes the world, thinking that others are going to pitch in and help will only slow you down.
We only agree with statements that are about what we already believe.
You have to work at it to stay stupid.

The big difference between Michael Jordan and LeBron James is … When down by 1 with seconds left, Michael wants the ball, LeBron doesn’t.

What the left still doesn’t get is the fact Hillary lost the election more than Trump won it. If the Democrats don’t get some good leadership soon, Trump bashing is just gonna get him reelected. 
Because you’re left doesn’t make you right.
It should be against the law to report the stock market falling if you don’t report when it’s climbing.
All a revolution does is change the people at the top which doesn’t change the same old shit happening below.
I wonder what America would be like if the white middle class voted as a block like everybody else does.
The only people who understand how government assistance programs really work are those who abuse them.
So Washington, on a scale of 1-10 how goes your war on drugs and terror?

You would think that eventually, politicians would get bored with lining their own pockets and want to share some with the regular folks? Nope!

After watching Billy Bob Thorton in a few things like Goliath I’m convinced that he and his ilk make a good script a great script. Unfortunately, even a great script can’t make a bad actor good.

Now I hear that they want to expand the nominees for the Grammys so that more people can win. Hey, why don’t they just hand out participation trophies and be done with it?

I think that the reason instrumentals aren’t popular anymore is because the jocks on the radio can’t figure out how to hit the post so they don’t play them.

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  1. Not to pry, but I assume Cami was tested for food and other allergies since that traumatic flight(s) ? Having a family member with various food allergies made me aware of it, although it seems that it was when we were in Tampa that the effects appeared. On another note, again observing and assisting family members suffering the side effects of chemotherapy a few days after infusion, from what these afflicted individuals tell me, there is no “high”, just a relief from the waves of nausea and pain. Two members of my close inner-circle of family do not have Rx for medical marijuana (It is not legal in Indiana, yet, but C.B.D. oil is legal.) but do untilize the cannabis oil when the side effects of the chemo are at their peaks and at their worst. The C.B.D. oil seems to take the edge off the suffering.

    • Jed, I think they need to educate the non-toker like me about medical marijuana. I assumed that they all stood around toking a joint.

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