Camera Anne Johns Summerfield.


It was twenty-two years today 
when Camera Anne came out to play.
It doesn’t seem that long ago

since I first whispered in her ear that I loved her so.

She came into my life a little late
but God had a plan which I call fate
My life was going by much too fast

so she slowed it down and made it last.

She’ll always be my little “wee one,”
who has somehow managed to keep me young
I’m just proud to be her crazy daddy

and I think she knows I love her madly

We’ve enjoyed a few adventures while she was growing up
and been a lotta places since she was a pup.
Got some more bucket list things I’d like to do

here’s hopin’ she’ll join me on maybe a few.

She’s a serious girl that’s for sure
but when I make her laugh it sounds so pure
When she visits from school, it’s never enough 

putting her back on the train sure is tough.

Now she goes to college in Tampa at USF
but she’s home for her birthday which is just the best.
Time to do a little shoppin’ for my little lady

so all I have left to say is…

Happy Happy Birthday Baby
you’re such a special lady
My birthday advice to you
is never let anyone make you blue
Happy Birthday, Babyeeeeeeeeeeeee!





8 thoughts on “Camera Anne Johns Summerfield.

  1. What a beautiful tribute to Cami, you are quite a wonderful Dad! Cami is very lucky to have such a devoted Father. Happy birthday Cami!

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