About George Johns

 12065716_10154297378074307_8724853718214231715_nBorn and educated in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

The mid 60’s – Musician. Formed a group called The Jury and released four singles.

The late ’60s – Began my broadcasting career at CKY in Winnipeg.

The early ’70’s – Program Director of CKOM in Saskatoon, CKSO AM & FM in Sudbury, CFRA in Ottawa and CFTR in Toronto where I also was the Station Manager.

The mid-’70s – V/P of Programming for Fairbanks Broadcasting who owned and operated WIBC/WNAP Indianapolis, WVBF/WKLB Boston, WIBG/WZZD Philadelphia, WRMF/WJNO West Palm Beach, and KVIL FM/AM Dallas.

The early ’80s – Formed The Johns Company and began syndicating the “Class/Classy” format which was modeled after the very successful KVIL in Dallas.

The mid-’80s – Merged the Johns Company with the Fairwest company which syndicated programming to over a hundred radio stations in the US and Canada.
Purchased KLLS San Antonio, K103 Portland, WZPL Indianapolis, WMET Chicago and STAR in Milwaukee.

The ’90’s – Today – Continuing to consult radio stations, create formats, and coach talent.
Write Geo’s Media Blog weekly @ GeorgeJohns.com plus three books.

Highlights Of My Music Career
Of the four records, the Jury released, “Please Forget Her/Who Dat” became the #1 Canadian Record in Canada.

Opened for legends Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison and some early British Invasion acts, Peter & Gordon, The Zombies, and Manfred Mann.

Highlights Of My Radio Career
Created America’s first Adult Contemporary format at KVIL Dallas which was syndicated in over 40 markets in North America
Created a radio sales/programming promotion called “The Magic Ticket” which was syndicated.
Involved in the creation of a radio program called Fantasy Park.
Helped create and launch Boston’s first Country radio station, WKLB.




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  2. George, I knew you via Don Garrard (dandy) back in the late 70s/early 80s. I was married to him while he was in Indy at the buzzard through his stint with you in San Diego. I still have a note you sent him asking, “Don, you haven’t caused any trouble for a while…are you ill?”
    I only met you a handful of times, but you were just delightful to talk to and Don thought very highly of you. I spotted your blog while trying to see what Tom Cochran and buster are up to now, and thought I’d just say hello and wish you well. Take care! Dee (Garrard) McGinn

    • Dee, how nice of you to reach out to me. Don truly was a memorable character which I’m sure you’re well aware of. The thing that made me successful Dee was surrounding myself talented people like Don and handling them as best I could. They, in turn, were very loyal and I fondly remember them all.

  3. Hi George…after listening to the KVIL piece and the Great Race…hope you (or someone) protected the name and concept for later in TV history.

  4. George,
    Please give us a bio on Jim West. I always wondered what happened to him.
    He was a friend and great Pam’s jingle salesman. Like so many others in our industry they are gone but not forgotten.
    I programmed for Stoner Broadcasting and Ken Greenwood.’s ventures

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