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I became a fan of Country Music back in Canada when I was just a kid in a Rock & Roll band.
My band was called the Jury and almost every weekend we’d be playing in small towns all over Manitoba, North Dakota, and Minnesota which sometimes necessitated our having to drive back to Winnipeg in the middle of the night.

Driving all night was bad enough, but seeing as I was the designated driver I needed the radio to help keep me awake.
Unfortunately, in those days, the radio stations played nothing but Country and Western Music overnight and my not being a fan of the Western part, the already long drive seemed even longer.

However, I must admit that whenever the likes of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee, Carl Perkins, Johnny Horton, or Buck Owens came on the radio, I’d turn them up and sing along. (pictured above)

One of the things I learned when Bob Christy and I talked Jim Hilliard into launching Boston’s first Country Station, WKLB, on the ’90s, was that the ladies who wear boots don’t seem to like female singers very much.
What they want is manly men singing their favorite tunes because as they say, “It’s the only time they ever hear a guy whimpering and whining about a love gone bad.” However, their girlfriends, I guess whine about this kinda stuff all the time so the last thing they want is them singing about it too.


South Florida, one of the few places in North America where we, the residents, actually look forward to the winter.

The only person who can stop you from making any progress is you.

Do you have to be dead before becoming a legend?

When and why do the folks who run for office suddenly want to send free money to countries who hate us?

The only thing that’s bad about good luck is figuring out how and why you got lucky.

Men attract women with their success; women attract men with their beauty, but I believe that men may have it a lot easier.

I feel sorry for the liberals who think they have intellectual superiority over conservatives because they believe that they’re only dealing with rednecks and hillbillies. Be prepared to be embarrassed.

Is there anything sweeter than revenge?

How come I haven’t seen the new ‘Vette’ on the streets yet?

We don’t like bad guys, but we sure love bad girls.

Who do you think would better handle discovering that their spouse had a one night stand, the wife or the husband?

What I find hard to believe is why my learned liberal friends think that the leftist rich are different than the ones on the right.

Is there anything loftier than being envied?

There are three types of beautiful women; those who suck the oxygen out of a room as they enter, those you’d kill for, and those you’d die for. However, if any of them show up anywhere near you, I suggest running.

Speaking of the threes, most of us are three different people, the person you think we are, the person we think we are, and the person we really are.

I wonder how many potential immigrants bailed after reading the fine print in the American dream?

Wow, I just heard that KVIL in Dallas billed $67,000 in August, that’s a long way from the almost two million the ‘A’ team used to do during the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.

Jack Schell: Howdy, George! This particular blog was sent to my email this morning (8/24/20)…and, most likely to bunches of other radio pals you have acquired over the last few years…uh OK, DECADES! Anyway, one of your LIFE-LINERS caught my attention, like a shout! It was, “Without a script, there’s no movie, no play, no TV series, no actors, no agents, no assistants, no money, no nothing. I thought, “Hmmm, what about R A D I O??” To me (at this time), “script” means FORMAT. When I think back about formats (some that worked…some that didn’t), it seems to me that formats (as presented to the listening world) were pretty much defined by the music. In a way, like…uh…like, how loud the drums and guitars were played…and, like, did the lyrics have a message that, in so many words, said, “I love you.” (BTW, using the power-word “like” 2 or 3 times per sentence is SO TODAY!…are you, like, chuckling?). Having listened recently to some major-market stations, I’m not sure any WORDS (song lyrics) came through. Mind you; I do NOT require Julian Bream’s sound…but I do miss hearing a great riff played on a Tele. YOU would know what I mean! What’s the POINT of all this? GEORGE! Think FORMAT! Formats that have NEVER existed. I thought of one just the morning but not for publication at this time. I really did, not sure why. BTW, you’re right about Bill G! Have I spoken past the allotted 20 seconds? Sorry, be right back after this break. (Ideas Are A Dime A Dozen)
Geo: Do you have the “single” version of this, Jack?
Jack Schell: No, but, I DO have the “elevator” version… Don’t modify the past; go for an “Out-of-the-box NEVER done like this before!!” Alrighty now, 3-1/2 seconds!” The second floor, Mezzanine, ladies’ sportswear, children’s shoes, gift wrapping, and complaint department. Thank you for shopping George’s Surplus Warehouse” (SURELY, you’re NOW chuckling…if just a little?)
Geo: I am, Jack, I am!

Liz Rivera: George, you rock! Trying to catch as many of these as I can. Of your posts that I can. Some of the best content out there. On a side note, “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before”… Bravo! To tears… L. (Rules To Teach Your Son And Grandson)
Geo: Thanks for the read, Liz, and also for checking in.


4 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog. (Whimpering & Whining) New 9/21/20

  1. 1986 KVIL billed 22.5 million $.
    Mel took over in July 87. His first year billing dropped to $16 mil.
    The prize catalog was replaced w free movie Friday. Listeners could win 2 movie tix and a tub of popcorn.
    We used to pull 11’s and 12’s in the ARBs 12+. Much higher in women.
    Today they pull a 2.
    Like the jingle said: it’s a shame what happened to radio but they can’t afford to do it anymore. (Whimpering and Whining)
    Geo: Yep, when Mel took over, Nick, I was dismissed like Hop Sing on Bonanza. Mel knew better!

    • Bill Gardner: Interesting numbers, Nick and George! Thanks. May I add in the heyday of KOOL 94.5 Phoenix, while my morning show and the entire station dominated 25-54, KOOL was billing $50,000 a DAY, or a million and a half a month. I wonder what they’re billing these days? (Whimpering and Whining)

  2. Robin Blair: Hi George, hope you are well? (Whimpering and Whining)
    Geo: I am, Robin, but I’m thinking that a couple of prayers on my behalf couldn’t hurt.

  3. Tom Hoyt: KVIL, $67k!!! Huh? Do they have any salespeople? That’s the dumbest number for a station in Dallas I’ve ever seen!!! (Whimpering and Whining)

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