Geo’s Media Blog (War, What The Hell Is It Good For?) 6/06/22

Being born during World War II, I’ve always been intrigued about the war.
You know, what causes them, and what did any of them ever accomplish other than to make a few of my neighbors across the bridge in Palm Beach a little richer?

As I recall, Canada entered into the second World War in 1939, but the US didn’t participate until almost 1942 when (D)Franklin Roosevelt declared war on Japan after they bombed Pearl Harbor.(The bombing was a little too convenient, I’m thinkin’)
Also, I wonder what Hitler said when told about Japan’s surprise attack which he knew would awaken the “Sleeping Giant.”

Hitler was right, the giant was now wide awake and we must have liked the wake-up call because we’ve been warring ever since.
Not only did (D)Harry Truman, Franklin’s successor, drop the Atomic Bomb on Japan, but he also sent our troops to Korea.

Next up, (D)JFK got us involved in Viet Nam, and then when he was assassinated, (D)LBJ escalated the war.

Then along came (D)Jimmy Carter got us involved in the hostage situation in Iran that Texas businessman Ross Perot had to get us out of.

Jimmy was followed by (R)Ronald Reagan who geared us up for war with Russia which scared them so much that they brought down the Berlin Wall even though no shots were fired.
Then (R)George Bush Senior actually got us into a war with Iraq where not only were shots fired, but people died. Then a couple of years later (R)George Bush Junior not only got us in even deeper when he went after Saddam Hussein, but he also added Afghanistan to the mess.

We’ve been at war for almost 80 years now, and for the life of me, I can’t find anything good that’s come of it
Oh, and all the protests and marches about the war in Viet Nam turned out to be about the draft, not the war. Noticed any protests lately?

The best thing about (D)Biden’s botched withdrawl from Afghanistan is that it will be long before any politicians are stupid enough to try send us to war again.
I bet they’re itching to go to Ukraine though?

Hey, as I have often said and written, “We always have to support our troops, but we don’t have to support the fools who sent them.” 


The window of opportunity doesn’t open up by itself.

Didn’t Dick Chaney always look evil in photos?

Your word is who you are.

How much booze does it take until your heart doesn’t hurt anymore?

Unfortunately, the emotion I display the easiest is anger. However, I also love to laugh, which is difficult to do when you’re upset.

Is there any better feeling than the one you get from revenge?

Do women ever hold out for the love of their life?

The only certainty that nobody’s certain about is death.

When you’re old is the wrong time to wonder if you were a good parent or not.

My parents put politicians up on a pedestal, and now I can’t believe how far they have fallen in such a short time.

Speaking of family, I wonder why our fathers thought that their upbringing had anything to do with us?

Just ’cause it’s legal, don’t make it right.

I don’t believe that the Mob, the Mafia, or the Cartel hurt people they’re not involved with. However, I do believe that thugs will hurt everyone.

I also believe there’d be fewer wars if we reverted to the age-old ritual of men following the Generals into battle.

Oh, and who thought that when they educated our nation that we’d buy the same bullshit our parents did?

You can only not say so much.

Ok, in that vein, I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard a black person acknowledge that a white person ever helped them.

Speaking of help, if the rich athletes don’t help, why should anybody?

You see lots of 20 and 40-year-old ladies in bars, but very few 30-year-olds. Oh, and if you do come across any, I rather doubt that you’ll be introducing them to your Mom.

Why do those in charge always say, “Why don’t you just go home and let the police take care of this.” What have they ever taken care of?

Speaking of the police, If someone raped your daughter, would you leave it to them? Hey, you don’t have to read anybody their Miranda rights.

Speaking of rape, what I can’t understand is, where are all the outraged fathers?

The only control you have over change is how you react to it.

When John first brought Yoko into the once sacred recording sessions, I wonder if the rest of the Beatles ever took him seriously again?

No matter whose side you’re on during a divorce, they’re gonna get screwed. The lawyers take all the money.

The three worst words a man can ever hear are, “I love you,” because he has to defend her with his life for the rest of his life.

There are two types of people, those who take charge and all the rest.

Does anybody other than corrupt politicians think that lobbyists are necessary? Speaking of politicians, do you find it as strange as I do that they never call out or say a disparaging word about all the corrupt politicians in DC. Maybe it’s because they all eat from the same trough?

Where you are isn’t as important as where you’re going.

The best way to start writing is to start writing.

Time is not for sale.

23% of the population are born leaders; the rest are followers. If a follower is put in charge, expect disastrous results.

Becoming old is not the right time to wonder if you were a good parent or not. That ship has sailed.

If you met yourself, what would you think?

Father Time sure fights dirty.

Don’t pray for rain if you don’t pray.

Wow, Johhny Depp won his trial.


John King: George, your and Doug Herman’s promotional exploits in radio were a delight to work with from an FCC perspective because of one primary criterion: creativity. We worked together to make it a success, from an audience, sponsor, and regulator’s point of view. (New Mother Nature)
Geo: And per your request, John, we did have a winner. 🙂

Jerry K: This is one of your best.
Good work. I think you might have a future doing this …(War)
Geo: Unfortunately, Jerry, I’m already in my future.

Jed Duvall: Actually, George, it was “The Ragin’ Cajun”, James Carville, who was Clinton’s pre-presidential run campaign advisor, who told Clinton again and again in 1992, that the “bimbo eruptions” were just a distraction and that the post-Desert Storm recession was key as “It’s the economy, stupid!” (It Was A Very Good Year)
Geo: And it still is, as the Dems will find out in mid-terms, Jed. You can’t allow the oil companies to price gouge us like they are (48% more profit this year than last) without being hurt.

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5 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (War, What The Hell Is It Good For?) 6/06/22

  1. Jerry K:This is one of your best.
    Good work. I think you might have a future doing this …(War)
    Geo: Unfortunately, Jerry, I’m already in my future.

  2. Jim Hilliard: “Time is not for sale.”
    Please explain your reasoning Uncle Geo’? Energy, Matter, and Time are all that are for sale. Eggs-sell-ant as usual! (War)
    Unc Geo: You can’t buy any extra time from Father Time, Little Jim. Tick Tock, Tick Tok.

  3. George Ferko: Your post is loaded with factual errors. Big ones too (War)
    Geo: Probably a lot of my blogs are like that George because it’s the way I see things, kinda like how all the TV newscasters do it.

  4. Ron Below: To answer your headline question- War, What The Hell Is It Good For?… Absolutely nothing! (War)
    Geo: Uh huh, uh huh!

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