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When I moved to America in the early ’70s, even though the Viet Nam war continued to rage on and the economy wasn’t all that healthy, America still seemed to be a happier place then, than it is now.
There was very little politics, no political correctness, no pandemic, and we weren’t yet aware of climate change.

Now all I hear about is climate change and how it’s adversely affecting our planet.
Not only are there more Hurricanes where I live but there are droughts in some places of the world that are causing the deaths of thousands of people because they can’t grow any food.

How can that be? Years ago, my teachers taught me that we could grow enough wheat in North Dakota alone to feed the entire world.However, the politicians claim that we can’t do that because it will affect the price of wheat.

So, of course, we send money which immediately gets ripped off by the local politicians, and very little if any make it to the folks who desperately need it.
Hey, no wonder politicians are rated less trustworthy than a used car salesman, huh?


The world is not black or white; it’s gray.

According to Brent Farris at KZST in Sonoma County, a hundred-dollar bill is referred to as a California twenty.

What’s the one thing that the leaders of all countries have in common? They become rich!

Bob Christy’s father told him, “Don’t treat the hired help like the hired help,” and mine said, “Stay away from the bad girls.” I think Bobby had the easier task.

When you become an actor in Hollywood, one of the first things you learn is; don’t fuck with the lighting guy.

Wisdom usually comes from pain.

Bruce Walker of The Jury asks, “How come only two people get to run for President of the United States whereas fifty run for Miss America.”

The problem I have with the wealthy running our country is that they spend too much time making sure that we don’t get to live like them.

In the beginning, the only soft thing on KVIL was the music.

I adore beautiful and intelligent women who don’t need my help.

If You’re not learning something new every day, you’re regressing.

I’m not too fond of appointments, but if you don’t make any with your listeners, you’ll fade away.

Love and hate are but a heartbeat away.

Speaking of love & hate, does hate ever turn into love?

It’s the little things that make or break you.

A few more losers became winners when they decided to give it one more try.

The way our archaic voting system works is:
Mostly walk-in voting – Advantage Republicans.
Mostly mail-in voting – Advantage Democrats.
Mostly Computer voting – ???
If we used the computer to vote, millions more would do so but this scares both parties because they don’t know who has the advantage.
Hey, but, shouldn’t it be about what we want, not what they want?

One of the ways to measure success is by comparing a list of all the things you’ve got against the list of what you gave up to get them.

It takes a hell of a lot more than just doing your job to become successful.

Putting an (R) or (D) behind someone’s name changes everything.

One of the very few things that the Democrats and Republicans agree upon; “Greed is good.”


Doug Herman: George, I’ll bet there is a large herd of us who got into radio while creating very concerned parents.  I know I did.  Mine got to old age, still wondering when I was going to get a real job.  They didn’t live long enough to see that in the end, after 50+ years in the trenches, radio had made a comfortable retirement possible and provided a hell of a lot of fun along the way. (It Was A Very Good Year)
Geo: Doug, when my Mother heard me on the phone with the owners turning down the GM’s job at their brand new bowling alley because, as I said, “I’m a radio guy now” (15 bucks a week), she cried. When my Dad got home and heard the news from my mom, he said, “Betty, it’s the only kind of work that he actually likes; let’s see what he does with it.” Thanks, Dad.

Bruce Walker: Well, this is good. After all these years, I was not aware of how you got your job at CKY. I came in late to the group and just assumed that you worked there. I must admit I was pretty impressed with the staff of DJ’s. They were excellent guys. (It Was A Very Good Year)
Geo: They were excellent, Bruce, but when they all left to go back to the States, radio wasn’t fun for me anymore, so I decided to do my own.

Bill Gardner: “Some gypsy called,” was spoken by my father-in-law long ago, but that story STILL makes me laugh out loud! And I guess if you look at my resume page at, in reality, I think I’m more qualified to be the gypsy! Stay well, brutha and thanks again for making me laugh. (Damn Gypsys)
Geo: And thank you, Bill, for always being there when I needed you.

Paul Cavenaugh: Hi George
An interesting set of observations as always. While I enjoy various viewpoints,  I do take issue with the comments posting by Earl Mann.  Obviously, a man can only see one view while leaving behind any shred of integrity at the Sales Department door.
I became a ‘broadcaster’ 50 years ago.  Back then,  “Freedom of Speech” somehow meant something different.  A journalist’s freedom of speech was based on uncovering truths,  sorting out facts from fiction,  and transmitting those facts to a vulnerable public.   Being given the right to be on the air came with profound responsibility.  That responsibility has been slowly chipped away to the point where the lines between fact and opinion were obliterated more than 2 decades ago.   January 6th was the fruition of what the actual ‘Fake News’ created.  Mr. Mann’s perpetration of those lies and half-truths only exacerbates the problem.
Those who believe the cleverly targeted buzzwords like Socialism and Venezuela could use a better education.  Let’s start with the FBI’s discrediting, The CIA, the Justice Department, and Legitimate Media.  Followed by a mistakenly elected leader who attempted to discredit a free and fair election. The same leader who tries and incite an angry and misinformed mob based on 30,000 lies.  What about the denials regarding Coronavirus? The silencing of the Centers for Disease Control?  How about the completely mismanaged vaccine distribution?  All being run by the most corrupt and incompetent administration in the History of this Republic.
That sure sounds like Venezuela to me!  Hey,  what about those blood-sucking Pedophiles? If you look it up, that was the same scenario Hitler used to support his version of Populism in Germany in 1932.
Are they expected to ‘move on’ from a deadly Insurrection caused by a wanna-be Dictator and his complicit minions?  All in a calculated quest for money and power?
I have 3 words for you. Marjorie Taylor Green.  Embrace her. She is who you are! (The Dating Game)
Geo: Thank you for your insight, Paul. Now, do I have this right? Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is OK, but Marjorie Taylor Greene is not?

Bruce Murdock: Sensei, thought-provoking questions as always. Doing my retired guy show prep, I looked up CDC death figures for 2020/2019/2018. Only had 48 weeks of 2020 on the books, but it looks like, for whatever reason, 48 weeks of 2020 had 200,000+ more deaths than all in 2019 and 400,000+ more than all of 2018. #forwhatitsworth #yourmileagemayvary. (The Sting)
Geo: Thanks for the fact-checking, Bruce; however, I think my real point is that maybe it’s not as horrific as they lead us to believe?

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3 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (The Climate She Is A Changin’) New 3/08/21

  1. Hi George
    In response to your response. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is NOT OK either. Both of these women are complete idiots on opposite sides of the spectrum. AOC is clueless. MTG is evil. Both are dangerous extremists. I suggest we give Texas back to Mexico and build a wall around that! That would be a start!

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