Sometimes You Win By Losing (new for Oct 17/16) #12 of my 12 most read Blogs in 2016.

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I still remember the year when the news team from the big TV station in Dallas challenged KVIL to a tug-a-war in Dallas. The charity event was to be held on the banks of the Trinity River so we got ourselves ready by purchasing some snow white sweatshirts for the staff and printed KVIL in huge red letters on the front and back. Our team was very up for the battle until surprisingly just before the start Ron Chapman gathered the staff around him and said … We lose! The The staff was horrified until Ron explained that if we win we may or may not make the evening news but if they win we’re guaranteed at least 5 minutes of airtime. Our job today gang Ron went on to say is to drag the tug-a-war out for as long as we possibly can.
Sure enough later that evening on both the early and late news there we were just a huffing and a puffing as we were slowly being dragged into the river. Even though our staff was covered in mud somehow you could still see those big red KVIL call letters peeking through and the best part was that you could see them for at least 10 minutes on both newscasts.


So here’s how I see it. The Democrats beat up on the rich as they throw a few more food stamps at the poor in order to keep them in line. The Republicans help out the rich a little claiming that they’re the ones who build the companies who employ the poor but both ignore the middle class. Who neither of them ignore is the wealthy, you know the folks whom you’ve never heard of who spend their winters in Palm Beach living in cabins bigger than Hotels. The Republicans nor the Democrats would ever do anything that would hurt them and oh yeah these people believe in a one world economy with them in charge.
Seeing as left wing politics don’t work very well on radio, I wonder why they think it would work any better on TV. Oh I see they cleverly diguise it as news.
Have you ever seen a picture of Pete Townsend of The Who laughing, what the hell could he possibly be pissed at?
It’s a hell of a lot easier to change than grow.
Have you ever noticed that no matter what despicable names we call politicians they never fight back? That either means they totally agree with us or they don’t care what we think.
Why does the US only snuggle up to the countries who want our money? I’d much rather have Putin as an ally than most of the rest who are sucking us dry.
I often wonder if people who always thought that they were kind of important ever came to realize just how unimportant they always were.
I know dogs hear what we’re saying but do cats?
You believe the easiest what you want to be true.
A lot of folks are threatening to move to Canada if the election doesn’t go their way but so far nobody’s threatened us with their move to Mexico.
The only people more arrogant than college and professional athletes are their coaches.
The bad things that happen to you either make you better or bitter but it’s always your choice.
Having a good quarterback is very important but not as important as having a good team so you’re foolish to overpay them. Right, New Orleans, Indy, and San Francisco.
Success awaits you just outside of your comfort zone but so does a lot of adversity and discomfort.
Today everyone is a reporter and they’ve all got cameras. Good luck with that sneaking around stuff.
Ugly people are the reason God created booze and closin’ time.
It’s easy to balance the budget if you don’t have the power to do so.
If you’re unable to change things around you, you may want to consider changing yourself.
Trump may not become President but he’s already changed how politics are gonna work in the future.
You have to be stupid when you’re young, you can’t afford to be smart.
The lust for money is so powerful that it can actually change your view on morality.
Creativity can be used in many ways. If you really want something bad enough you’ll create a way to get it but if something sounds like too much work you’ll create a good reason why you can’t do it.
We always appreciate a little scolding from our friends now and then but from others, it’s called insolence.
My brother Reg and I were much more successful than our father but neither of us was a better man.
How many people you helped become successful is another way of measuring your own success.

It used to take a whole season for the NFL teams to figure out a rookie QB but now it only takes a few games as New England and Denver found out.

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10 thoughts on “Sometimes You Win By Losing (new for Oct 17/16) #12 of my 12 most read Blogs in 2016.

  1. Here’s how I see it: Human beings are naturally drawn to authoritative voices. And if that authoritative voice also happens to be entertaining and a good salesman, a portion of those prone to follow will believe almost anything if it’s repeated enough. Intelligent human beings throughout time have shown they are willing to suspend their own critical thinking to believe almost any concept sent their way by politicians, teachers, theologians and, yes, even broadcasters.

        • Kenny Keny Keny deep down you know all I did was just support what you guys wanted to do. 🙂 As far as controversial subjects it may be time to ease up on Trump and Hillary, they’re too easy. geo

          • I think you misread my reply. No inference implied. Just goofing around with a little word play. I’ve always appreciated your input, George, and the station(s) certainly needed an outside influence from time to time through all the changes. If I have a regret it’s that I didn’t ask for salary bumps more often! 🙂 But I retired well, on time and happy so can’t really complain.

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