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What with all the controversy about concert ticket prices lately, it couldn’t help but remind me of the time Cami and I not only saw the biggest act in the world but the admission was reasonably priced too.

Our big adventure began early one Saturday morning when I picked Cami up at her Grandparent’s house in Wellington.
Once I had her all strapped into her car seat, we made our way to the train station where we would board Tri-Rail, which would take us to the American Airlines arena in Miami.

Unfortunately, while we were waiting for the train’s arrival as he was pulling into the station, the engineer blew his horn which terrified Cami
Needless to say, this made Cami’s getting on the train very difficult and not a very good start to what was supposed to be a fun adventure. (On our way home, though, of course, she said, “Daddy, can you make the train man blow the horn again?”)

Anyway, after our long train ride, we finally arrived at the A/A arena, and after we located our seats, I looked around and discovered that there wasn’t an empty seat left in the house.
Not only that, but I later found out that not only was the show sold out, but it was also sold out for two shows a day for the entire week.

Hey, there’s no way Sir Paul, The Stones, Garth, nor The Eagles could do that, but “Barney” sure did!


I really miss the times when both my daughters were just little girls. I think Cami may have explained it best when I asked her, “What happened to my little girl,” and she responded, “She went to pictures, Daddy.”

Most Men have two weaknesses, money and women. Which of the two is more powerful, you may ask? Well, that’s determined by the beauty of the woman in question.

Now, let’s see if I’ve got this right, Jewish and black people have been voting left for years because their grandparents did.  However, now that the left has been attacking religion lately and a lot of black folks are very religious, I wonder if their vote is up for change.

You’re the boss of you, so you’re totally responsible for your behavior.

Most people don’t realize how much we’ve let them slide by, so when we finally have had enough and call them on it, they’re in total denial.

Good enough is the mortal enemy of great.

A Philosophy that isn’t logical isn’t operable.

I’m not sure how it works today, but I’m hoping that virginity is given up for more than a momentary thrill.

If you want to become better at what you do, do that which you’re uncomfortable doing.

When you stop learning, you’ve pretty well stopped down everything.

Does being good ever result in having faster cars, older whiskey, and younger women like being bad does?

Ladies, if you wanna be known for your brain, don’t lead with your tits.

Wives are the best when you’ve got nothing and the worst when you do.

I wonder how many high-ranking officers in the military deserve the respect they demand.

As the ticket prices rise, do the performers share in the extra profit or just the promoters?

The extreme left only represents 7% of the Democrats, and the far right only 7% of the Republicans unfortunately though they make 100% of the noise.

Being #1 in your market is still a very big deal for radio folks ’cause nobody wants to explain demographics at a cocktail party.

Lost time can never be found again.

The thing that makes my brother different than me is that he often ventured into situations that he knew he couldn’t control. I’ve never had the balls to do that. 

So Deshaun Watson just got suspended for six games, huh? Not exactly what you would call “A Happy Ending.” (Pun intended)

The big problem with religion is that you can’t prove that any of it’s true, but you can’t prove that it ain’t either.

As Jerry Bobo and Roy Laughlin, both said more than once, “Who the hell can’t sell a promotion that the programming people buy into?”

The word that doesn’t fit when you talk about most superstars is gracious. 

Speaking of words, the one being used to describe the economy today is “Greedflation.”

I don’t like jokes, but I do love humor.

The problem in America isn’t with the immigrants; it’s with the people born here who claim that they’d rather be somewhere else.

Most fights are not about what you’re fighting about.

Live and local is merely a slogan used by a lot of radio stations that are neither.

We’re all allocated the same amount of time for each day, it’s what we do with that time that makes the difference.

So how did it work out being a Beatle? Well, when John died, he was worth 200 million, Ringo is worth 350 million today, which makes him the richest drummer ever, George was worth 400 million when he passed, and Paul is worth 1.2 billion now. I guess that kinda proves that writing silly love songs ain’t so silly.

Henry Ford and Steve Jobs were right, you don’t give the people what they want; you give them what you want them to want and then figure out how to get them to want it. ARE YOU READING THIS RADIO? No, I didn’t think so!

How come Randy Bachman is never mentioned as one of the top guitar players in the world? Is it because he, like his fellow bandmates in The Guess Who and BTO who are not in the Rock & Roll HOF, are Canadians?

How do you continue to fight the good fight without applause?


Doug Thompson: GEORGE wrote: “Hey, even Neil Young claims that Winnipeg is the Rock & Roll Capital of Canada. Why the hell is it in Calgary? Who the fuck ever came out of Calgary?”
That would be The Stampeders, Keith Hampshire, and Jann Arden, to name three. (The Royal George)
Geo: Not a big enough list to have the “Hall” in Calgary, I’m thinkin’, Dougie.

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3 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (Sold Out) 8/15/22

  1. Bob Glasco: “The word that doesn’t fit when you talk about most superstars is gracious.” I agree, but I’m guessing you would exclude Country folks, right? You spent at least a little time in Nashville, George. I know because I saw you and Reg there in the early 90s at a CRS. You even had boots on! (Sold Out)
    Geo: Wow, the legendary Bob Glasco checks in.
    You’re exactly right, Bob. I remember being at a few of those when I was doing WKLB in Boston. At one of them, I was lined up with a bunch of others to record some liners with Garth. When it was finally my turn, and I introduced myself, he got up and gave me a big hug and said, “Thank you, George, for bringing Country to Boston.”
    Now that’s fucking gracious man!

  2. Jed Duvall: I did not know that one of the criteria for being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is American citizenship. Randy Bachman is a great guitar player, and The Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive belong in the H.O.F. It is the musicianship and sound that matter, in my opinion. (Sold Out)
    Geo: People from all over the world are in the H.O.F Jed, but for some reason, Canadians are underrepresented. It kinda reminds me of the H.O.F. in Indy where the folks from WIBC/WNAP are underrepresented too.

  3. Jim Wood: Well said, George. It’s complex but then again, simple. I am a results-oriented person who refuses to allow my emotions to rule my priorities, my business judgment, and in turn, my life. In our business, a radio station might be a “Critical Success (based on emotional responses versus ratings”) and their success or lack of it in (“The Ratings” AND also their success in the Business of making money.”)….. People tell me often…”Well, my opinion matters and should be heard”…I say yes, your opinion matters to you but not me unless your opinion is measured in Radio’s Business Metrics…… Your detail is a lesson in common senses, experience, and logic…..Sadly often enough missing in the mind of our leaders and the general population. We are seeing the results of this failure today…..Have a Good week.(Sold Out)
    Geo: Thanks for the read, Mr. Wood. Yeah, the thing that maybe prevents us from doing what we should is the word “Cool.” Was what we did on the radio appear to be cool to our peers?
    I was lucky; when I moved to America, I had no peers here. All mine were back in Canada and couldn’t hear Kay-Vill, so they didn’t call to say, “What the hell are you doin’, Man? I was free to create.

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