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Back when I worked for Fairbanks Broadcasting we believed in inspiration more than motivation.
The problem with motivation is how time-consuming it is, whereas if you inspire someone, maybe they’ll self-motivate themselves right into the Hall Of Fame as many of them did. 

What we used was some basics from Maslow’s Pyramid. (shown above)
As most people at a radio station were usually at different levels, we couldn’t treat them all equally. Hey, There’s no sense trying to talk someone into becoming all they can be if they’re worried about where their next meal is coming from.

Once the basics are taken care of care of they usually move up to (safety) where they then start to worry about how to protect what they’ve got and some may want to start a union.
However, once some good ratings show up, all of a sudden, they love how they’re part of a winning team, and their co-workers become their best friends. (Love and Belonging)

What usually happens after they feel secure is, they need to be somebody. (Esteem) They start asking questions about what they have to do to become the Music Director or Assistant Program Director.
Then when they get a title, the next thing that happens to some of them is the need to be the very best. They know how to do everything, and they know how to do it well. It’s a kind of Conscious Competence sort of thing. (Self Actualisation)

The level above Self Actualisation is Self Trandsendance, and if you reach that, you’re in very rare air; only folks like Mozart, Sinatra, Elvis, The Beatles, and Howard Stern live here.
They can’t really explain how they do what they do; they just do it. It’s kind of like trying to explain how to tie your shoes or how to ride a bike. They’re gifted and operate in a state of unconscious competence.

The only problem is, if anything is threatened at a level below, they immediately fall back down the pyramid.

When my consulting business exploded after launching “The Class/Classy” format in San Antonio, I definitely needed Maslow’s Pyramid to help keep things moving along.
There was no way I had time to motivate folks; they had to motivate themselves.

With 40 markets back then, I was very fortunate to have my brother Reg and my buddy Reid Reker helping me out.
Not only were they two of the best in the business, but they also believed in the same kind of radio that I did.

One of my favorite things that I loved to do was sit down with a new morning host and ask, “If you could have any car in the world, what would it be?
Once I found that out, I would explain that all he had to do was follow a few simple guidelines and before he knew it he’d be buckling up in his dream car. Then, when I heard any on-air progress, I would call him up and say, “Man, I can smell the leather from here!”

Then one day, I got a desperate call from Reid, who said, “Hey, man, what do I do now? The morning guy just told me that he wants a Ford Taurus. Hell, he can afford that now!”


Revenge may be wrong, but it sure feels right.

First, it was “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never shame me” to go down. Now Simone Biles has torn up. “Winners never quit, and quitters never win. What’s next?

For whatever reason, men seldom talk about who they’ve bedded, whereas women brag about it.

What beautiful woman has ever been intimidated by a man?

Women don’t want equal rights; what they really want is what beautiful women already have.

The thing about men is, we’re ok with being jived until we’re not.

It’s our mistakes that make us who we are.

What you think can only be used against you when you say it.

In China, they don’t watch the news because it’s propaganda. Listen up, America!

So how many countries do you suppose would elect a black president?

I love watching movies where a guy’s children become bigger than him.

The fewer the words, the larger the impact.

When sons leave home, they leave.

A great idea without action is just another idea.

I hear that it’s so hot up north that the folks are coming down here to South Florida to cool off.

When is the last time somebody defected from Russia?

Freedom ain’t free, and it also has its responsibilities.

Radio has to bottom out before it will change because the executives who run radio do it one year at a time. Their only mission is to hang on to their enormous salaries, which they do by making cuts each year. In other words, they’re not trying to fix radio.

What I don’t get is, the whole world was shut down for a year and a half, and yet Climate Change got worse?

Don’t you find it a little strange that the same old shit is still going on, but now that Trump’s not President, you don’t hear about it anymore?

Can anyone truly leave a marriage without somebody else waiting in the wings?

Politicians are pretty simple folks; they’ve for everything that gets them elected and against everything that doesn’t.

Your reputation only comes from your walkin’ the talk.

You’ll never solve the mystery of the universe by using what you already know.

Running in place gets you nowhere.

Winnipeg wins its opening game against Hamilton. Go Bombers!

Speaking of Canada, the Canadian Women just won their first gold medal ever in soccer at the Olympics.

Speaking of gold, do I have this right? The US women’s soccer team thinks that they not only have the right to dis America but also dis Canada’s team who won the gold?
Doug Herman: George, I had a pretty damned good career as the “detail guy” with my business partner and super “idea guy” Jack McCoy. I always enjoyed the challenge of figuring out how to “make it happen.” The position offers zero time in the spotlight but a ton of satisfaction when a project takes flight. (This Isn’t For Publication, Right?)
Geo: Without guys like you, Doug, no project would ever get off the ground.

Kay Wright Dante, aka the former Mrs. Chuck Riley: I must admit, I find myself looking forward to your blog. I love reading about the days of radio past, especially the names of those people in the business I had the pleasure of meeting. I’ve lost contact with so many over the years but have managed to hang on to a few who are near and dear to my heart. Thanks for some wonderful memories, George. (This Isn’t For Publication, Right?)
Geo: Thanks for the reads, KT.

Jed Duval: It may be that after F.D.R., the only Presidents who left office and lived without the trappings of wealth were Harry S Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower. They would occasionally give speeches, but I don’t think they received much other than their pensions. Of course, Eisenhower’s military pension was much more than Truman’s. (It Was 34 Years Ago Today)

Ken Barnett: Good read, as usual, George. The part about your career going by in a flash is one of the truest things ever said! (It Was 34 Years Ago Today)
Geo: And it did, Ken!

Jerry Baker: George: I assume you have heard by now that that genius programmer, Jeff Smulyan, has killed off 1070. I guess I simply have little or no understanding of today’s radio or what’s left of it.
Geo: Sadly, I have, Jerry. Big Mama was real good to a bunch of us.

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2 thoughts on “Geo’s Media Blog (Self Transcendence) New 8/9/21

  1. Larry Macinnis: George, you are so right about “The fewer the words, the greater the impact.” All good comedy writers know that. So did Lincoln. So did Churchill. It was the first and best lesson by my first boss at CHUM, Mike Kornfeld. (Under Construction)
    Geo: Ahh, watching me while I work, Larry. 🙂

  2. Reid is the best!

    The 1070 towers are now gone. I could walk out of my front door and see the twinkling array.

    Sad indeed.

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