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The other day I was thinking about my good friend who sadly passed away in 2016.
We had some great times together and but two of them stand out. His induction into the Canadian Radio Hall of Fame and our weekend together in the Big Apple.

We were both huge fans of Brett Farve who was playing with the Jets at the time so we picked out a game we thought they could win and booked a hotel
Anyway, after arriving in New York around the same time on Friday evening, and after checking into our hotel which was right on Times Square. Then we had a quick late-night supper at a Deli and it was off to bed.

Come Saturday morning we were up bright and early and off to Central Park for a little run.
It was a brisk cool morning just like you would expect in New York in early November but the iridescent brightness of the different colored leaves on the trees made our run breathtaking in more ways than one.

After showering we met downstairs for some breakfast and then we were off to explore Times Square.
While strolling by all the Broadway theatres we almost did the unmanly thing of buying a couple of tickets for a Broadway musical but the $350 dollars price tag to see “Jersy Boys,” kept our manhood intact.

After lunching at another incredible Deli we headed back to our hotel to clean up for what we hoped would be a fun night.
Little did we know that it would turn into an adventure that we’d never forget.
 Once we were all spiffed up and ready to rock it was time to check in with the hotel’s concierge and get him to recommend some decent restaurants and maybe a fun blues club or two.
He told us that there were a bunch of good places to eat on “restaurant row” which was within walking distance, and a couple of blues clubs that were only a short cab ride away so we were all set.

As we were about to leave he said, “Hey and you guys might want to check out a bar that’s across the street from all the restaurants called, Don’t Tell Your Mama.”
Once we got to “Restaurant row” we checked out all the menus hanging on the windows and finally decided on Italian which turned out to be a superb choice.

As we were leaving the restaurant I noticed that the bar the concierge told us to check out, “Don’t Tell Your Mama” was right across the street so even though it was still early, we decided to pop in for a “quick one.”
Little did I know that we’d end up closing the joint.

When we walked into the place it was dimly lit and surprisingly, full of women.
When we found a couple of stools at the bar we ordered up a couple of house reds and as we looked around we noticed that even though the women didn’t look like they played for the other team, the only guys in the place were a couple of sailors and us.

Wow, not a bad find for a couple of single guys who just flew in for a night on the town. Hey, I’m thinkin’ maybe we should have another glass or two before we head out to a blues club. No sense rushing out into that chilly New York night.

The entertainment was a guy who played piano and sang some Broadway tunes along with some Elton John and Billy Joel.
As we sat there listening to the music while checking out the excellent view the patrons were providing all of a sudden a server reached over me and grabbed a microphone and started singing harmony.

After several other servers did the same, we finally figured out that all the hired help were really Broadway talent in between gigs.
There were microphones everywhere so they all sang background parts as they walked around serving food and drinks.

“Hey Gary,” I said. maybe we should hang in here for a while, this is getting good.
Then it started getting even better after I returned from the restroom and discovered a woman sitting on my stool chatting Gary up.

What a great night and what a great place, just me, Gary, a couple of Sailors, and a ton of women buying us drinks.
Hell, even the sailors sang a couple of tunes as all the ladies yelled, “Take it off, take it off.”

Oh what a night was the tune pounding in my head as we were invited to join some ladies at their table.
I don’t remember much after that but when I woke up late the next morning with my head pounding and asked Gary what the hell happened he said, “Well we were having a wonderful time until the ladies started buying us Tequila Shots and had their hands all over us.”

Then, Gary said, after the ladies invited us back to their place and I asked you what you wanted to do, you stood up and said, “I think I wanna leave!”
And leave we did and as we wobbled our way back to the hotel, Gary told me that it was 3:00 am.

I’m not sure that leaving was a good decision, but deep down I know it was a wise one.


It takes a hell of a woman to distract a man from his destiny and I think I may be ready to be distracted.

Speaking of strong women, Cami’s Grandma once said to me, “Any man can be a father but it takes a hell of a man to be a Daddy.”

Success is not measured by how much drama it took to get there.

It’s not your parents, your teacher, or your mentor, it’s you.

Is Johnny Depp really the first man ever to win an argument with a woman?

According to Hollywood, soon, all the presidents will be females, and all the armed forces commanders plus the judges will be black. Good fucking luck.

Regrets, yeh I have a few; I wish I hadn’t divorced my wife, had a better relationship with my son Curt and hadn’t gone 10 years without talking to my brother. Other than that, I’m rockin’ man!

Everybody looks at their situation from their side of the table but it’s those who see both sides who own the table.


Eugene Ferraro: George, ball of confusion, Phil isn’t a family member of Bill and his brothers…I don’t want to cause any discord between Bill and yourself.
Geo: Not a problem, Eugene.

Barry O’Brien:2 white women and 28 white guys. Boy, have times changed! (Fairbanks Management Conferences)
Geo: They sure have, Barry along with ratings and billing.

Cat Simon: Your Blessed George. Enjoy! (Reg&Geo’s Most excellent Adventure)
Geo: True Dat Cat!

Jim Hilliard: “Time is not for sale.”
Please explain your reasoning Uncle Geo’? Energy, Matter, and Time are all that are for sale. Eggs-sell-ant as usual! (War)
Unc Geo: You can’t buy any extra time from Father Time, Little Jim. Tick Tock, Tick Tok.
Jim Hilliard Jr.: Ahhhh, now grasshopper understands…
Unc Geo: Knew ya would! 🙂

George Ferko: Your post is loaded with factual errors. Big ones too (War)
Geo: Probably a lot of my blogs are like that George because it’s the way I see things, kinda like how all the TV newscasters do it.

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