Reg&Geo’s Most Excellent Adventure. 6/18/22

Saturday, June 18
Geo leaves West Palm Beach @ 8:00 am on American Airlines and arrives in Toronto @ 2:20 PM.
Reg arrives from Ottawa at 2:29 PM
Staying at the Royal York Hotel and meeting some radio and record folks at the lobby bar around 6:00 PM.
Sunday, June 19George & Reg board “The Canadian” bound for Winnipeg @9:45 AM.

Monday, June 20
Reg&Geo arrive in Winnipeg @ 7:30 PM (probably later)
Staying at the Fort Garry Hotel for 3 nights.
Meeting family and friends at the bar each evening.
Breakfast with Jim Quail @ 9:00-9:30 and maybe a few of the famous Transcona Nationals.
Renting a car for day trips to Transcona to revisit our roots.

Thursday, June 23
Geo&Reg leave Winnipeg on “The Canadian” bound for Vancouver @9:30 PM (probably later) (see photo on top)

Sunday, June 26th
Reg&Geo arrive in Vancouver @8:00 AM (probably much later) Staying at the Executive Hotel Soleil.
Meeting friends at the bar.

Monday, June 27
Reg&Geo leave for San Francisco at 12:35 on West Jet.
Arrive at SFO @3.00 PM.
Dinner with the Hilliards and Smiths.

Thursday, June 30th
Geo leaves for Oxnard Ca. @10:26 AM on Amtrak to visit with Bob&Jan in Camarillo.
Arrival in Oxnard @7:20 PM

Sunday, July 03
Geo leaves Camarillo @10:09 AM on Amtrak and arrives in Burbank @11:14 AM.

Dinner with Candis, Charlie, and Prince Nathaniel.

Monday, July 04
Geo leaves LAX @12:08 on American and arrives back in West Palm Beach @10:32 PM.

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6 thoughts on “Reg&Geo’s Most Excellent Adventure. 6/18/22

  1. Terry Kenny: Hey George, what day would you prefer us in Winnipeg to come and visit during your visit? (Excellent Adventure)
    Geo: I’d love to see you every night we’re there Terry but I’ll check with my brother who has a lot of band guys from his era hooking up with us too.

  2. Warren Cosford: Great Trip guys. I might still do something like that. Considering some people are living on Cruise Ships, do you think I could live on Trains? (Reg&Geo)
    Geo: I don’t know about you, Warren but I sure could.Ron Chapman had a condo on the ship called The World which sailed around the world every year. After two years, he said to his wife Nance, “Can you get me off this fucking Mery Go Round?”

    • My Father was 90 when he Bused Winnipeg West to Vancouver and then Motorhomed to California. The Advantage of Busing was that every 24 hours another Bus would arrive. This meant that he could visit in Regina as long as he wanted providing he left at 4PM on whatever day he wanted to leave. Could I do that with Trains? I’d take a Train over a Bus if only because, with a Train I could likely take My Bicycle. That’s what I did while Truckin’.

      Of course, another advantage with Trucking was that they paid me. Until Elizabeth had her Heart Attack we were thinking of Retiring in The Truck and then living in a Senior’s Home…wherever.

      My Deal with Dispatch was…I’ll live in The Truck, I have no ‘Home’ to go to. But I expect you to take me wherever I want to go and let me stay there for, at least, 48 hours.

      They agreed.

      Then when Dylan was drafted into Junior Hockey in Oregon he played from between Calgary/Vancouver to Las Vegas/LA. and Dispatch would get me Wherever providing I gave them a week’s notice.

      Meanwhile, thanks to all the Markets I was driving through. I was also doing a little Radio Consulting…..which is how Liz Janik and Bob Segarini got jobs at Slaight’s Sirius Canada.

      Trains may be on the way
      Within a few years, we’ll be welcoming Canadians on board a new fleet of trains in the Québec City – Windsor corridor. Read the latest news. Sustainable … VIA Rail Canada

  3. RJC: The proprietors of the Belleza Street Bar and Grill are looking forward to your arrival. We’ll send a car to the Amtrack station to pick you up.
    Cakes, asks, “Do you want the burgundy sheets or the striped on your bed in the guest room?” (Reg&Geo)
    Geo: I’m thinkin’ Burgandy, Bobby, and I can hardly wait to see ya both.

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