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I live on the 19th floor of a tower in a community with 2 golf courses. Now they are going to tear one up one of them and put in a resort hotel(pictured) plus a hundred new homes. My view wont change but the folks who live in the other towers will be staring at houses. I lucked out but you never know with these kind of things because when politicians are involved a little cash can always change hands and plans.

Speaking of politicians don’t you sometimes think our country is being run by a bunch of used car salesmen. Wait a minute maybe they could do a better job.

Sometimes it’s best to just let it go for the night it’ll look so different in the morning.

A good marriage will make you much happier than being successful ever will. Put another way a bad marriage will make you miserable and ruin your success.

The dilemma that needs to be solved is to be successful one must be obsessive but to be happy one must be balanced. Being a romantic I’ve always felt maybe love could make up the difference. So far it hasn’t worked but I remain optimistic.

If you want to study modern history all you need to get are Johnny Carson’s monologues.

I don’t believe it’s one way or another that’s why I think Mitt and Obama are both wrong.

Cynthia Segal says you can’t start the new chapter in your life if you keep on re reading the last one.

The only thing bad about a beautiful sunrise is how early you have to get up to see it.

Just because you’re not blind doesn’t mean you have vision.

Rich Stevens says he is on a hell of a come back when he went to bed he was down 7 to nothing to Lance Armstrong for Tour De France victories. When he woke up this morning he was tied.

You should only run promos that point out what’s unique about your Radio station. Boy that should cut out a lotta clutter on most stations huh!

The only thing great Radio stations had in common was they all sounded different.

In my home town of Transcona the biggest sin of all was being a phony. A lot of our current Radio executives wouldn’t make it through the night there.

Most people aren’t listening to the Radio they just hear it. The trick is to get them to listen.

The ratings always go up when the word “You” is used more often than the word “I”

The thing about slogans is they have to be true or they just don’t work.

The thing that made America great was the middle class we pay all the taxes. If the government stopped worrying about the rich and the poor for a few minutes and took care of us instead of just mentioning us like a buzz word in speeches, I have a feeling the economy would be fine.

I like research because it tells you what tunes most of the folks like. The thing that research cant do though is tell you in what order to play them. That takes talent!

Speaking of research I only have one question about PPM … Is It True?

I’ve never had much time for Dee Jays but I have all the time in the world for all the characters.

The smartest people in the world only hire people smarter than themselves.

Matt Greeney was saying at lunch the other day that pedophiles make up almost 5% of the population now. He was wondering how soon they were going to form their own group and demand some special rights.

Local radio to the folks means stuff about their community not their city.

Their are only two types of Women, those who want kids and those who don’t.

Their are only two types of Radio … Background and Foreground.

Jack McCoy once asked me when recycling stopped working on Radio.

Joe Amaturo told me that people listen to Radio one person at a time.

Ron Chapman asked me if the Hunny Bunny was a good Woman … You know the kind of Woman you can tell your stories to over and over and over without them ever flinching. He claimed that’s why he married Nance

Every great radio station always had a cause but paying down debt was not one of them.

Radio thinks the GRAMMYs is the best awards show on TV the folks think it’s the ACADEMY AWARDS.

The number one tune out on Radio is a song the listener doesn’t like. They would rather hear a commercial.

In the early days of radio the producers would audition the voice talent without seeing them and they would mark down black hat or white hat beside their name based on the character in their voice. The listener still does that today.

Why is it so hard to say “I Love You” to somebody for the first time. Hearing “I Love You” from someone for the first time is always easy on the ears.

10 thoughts on “Radio Radio Radio..

  1. The Transcona statement is true. And in the many job descriptions and sales manuals I have done for companies over the years I always have the line. “Tell the truth, It’s a lot easier than remembering the lie.”

    Read the blog all the time George, Like it lots.

  2. Hi George:)

    This is why the world loves you, and so do I….you are humble, tough, classy, and very funny:)
    Your blog always makes my day…and it always makes sense.
    See you soon….we can watch the ocean

  3. I dunno – it seems to me that playing everybody’s favorite song is only possible in the Bizarro World. However, playing those songs that everyone will tolerate is sadly, the key to radio. Hence, Pandora rules.

  4. Have they told anyone how the traffic in our little corner of paradise WON’T quintriple? We may need traffic reports just for the ride to the front gate.

  5. I have an idea about how to LISTEN to the radio rather than HEAR. Go back to those good old days. Talk, laugh, good music and be real… YOU know what I mean. Howard Stern doesn’t cut it. You guys knew how to make magic. Let’s have that again.

    • The only good thing Lorraine is seeing as the Radio doesn’t do this stuff anymore I’m using it on the ladies I hang with they claim I became funny and smart. You know how important that is(-:

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